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Everything you need to know about looking and feeling your best on your wedding day!

The power of a pre-wedding sleep routine

Aside from looking radiant and well-rested on your wedding day, getting enough sleep offers additional benefits that extend beyond the surface. In this article Alison Hughes, Interiors Director at Coast Road Furniture, shares her tips for a healthy sleep routine ahead of your nuptials. As the excitement builds and the countdown to your wedding begins, there's one often-overlooked aspect of wedding planning that can significantly impact your overall experience: sleep. Amidst the whirlwind of preparations for your big day, it's easy to neglect this essential component of self-care. Establishing a pre-wedding sleep routine not only ensures you look your best for your wedding but also sets the stage for a calm and joyful celebration. Here, I'll take you through some of my best tips for getting the rest you need ahead of your big day.

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 16 April 2024

Helping brides and grooms usher away the pollen this summer

HayMax organic drug-free allergen barrier balm can help brides and grooms usher away the pollen this summer with its pollen blocking attributes. Hay fever symptoms can be a complete distraction in spring and summer, with constant sneezing, runny nose and sore eyes. HayMax works as a prevention, helping stop or lessen the symptoms, and is drug-free with no drowsy side effects, letting you get on and enjoy your wedding day and honeymoon. Hay fever is an allergic reaction to pollen and other airborne particles. Most people who suffer from hay fever are allergic to grass pollen, whose season runs from May to August with peaks in June and July.

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 27 March 2024

Podiatrist expert reveals how to have perfect feet on your wedding day

With the average wedding lasting somewhere between 7 and 10 hours, your feet are going to get pretty tired. From pinching heels to dancing the night away, your feet are likely to take a battering when it comes to the big day. Sarah Bryning, wedding coordinator at Lake District Country Hotels, says: "Looking and feeling your best should be from head to toe on your wedding day. Many people consider booking a hairstylist and makeup artist for the day, but we often forget our feet deserve the same care. Nothing can ruin your day more than discomfort. So, avoid getting cold feet by caring for them in the run-up to your wedding."

Lake District Country Hotels pairs up with local podiatrist Sally Wilson at James Pittam Health and Fitness to give you some top tips for your feet during the big day.

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 20 March 2024

Anabel Kingsley, Trichologist at Philip Kingsley shares her expert advice ahead your big day.

Anabel Kingsley, Trichologist at Philip Kingsley, shares her expert advice ahead your big day. If you're prone to a flaky and/or itchy scalp, your scalp flaring up just before or on your wedding day may be top of mind. While it's true that dandruff commonly pops up during times of stress (even when it's linked to a very happy occasion!) - luckily, there are many things you can do to help ensure your scalp is calm and comfortable on your big day. I don't recommend trying out new products right before a big event, so it's best so start prepping your scalp in the months before. More severe cases of dandruff (called seborrhoeic dermatitis) may also take a few weeks to get under control.

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 15 March 2024

New fragrance launches from Issey Miyake, Serge Lutens, Tory Burch and Zadig&Voltaire

In 2024, Issey Miyake introduces two new and intense Eaux de Toilette: L'Eau d'Issey Solar Violet and L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Solar Lavender. Serving as an ode to nature's beauty, these olfactory narratives now commemorate the fusion of water with two innovative materials. This unique occasion celebrates the transformation of water after encountering the sublime, now infused with luminous violet and striking lavender.

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 13 March 2024

Elie Saab launches Le Parfum Bridal

Elie Saab launches La Perfum Bridal, created by Aurelien Guichard of Takasago House, who worked around beige, the emblematic colour of bridal creations. Evoking an idea of movement the texture of lace, the rustle of satin, the skin grain, beige comes in an infinite number of textures and hues. A floral bouquet composed of Ylang-Ylang and Orange blossom, as precise and delicate as lace, these dazzling notes are enveloped by Madagascan Vanilla and Ambroxan to bring volume to the creation.

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 11 March 2024

Biomed®’s new Natural Mouthwash Collection

Say goodbye to ordinary oral care products and embrace a new standard in dental hygiene with Biomed®'s groundbreaking formula! With scientifically tested effective formulas powered by natural origin* active ingredients, we understand the importance of a confident smile, and that starts with fresh breath, healthy gums, and comprehensive protection against oral issues. The new mouthwash makes the perfect addition to the existing line-up of oral-care products. With a distinctive flavour of mint and herbs, this natural mouthwash contains essential oils of anise, clove, eucalyptus, rosemary and cedar to promote gum health and deliver a fascinating aroma to transform your routine and healthy gums after just four weeks of use!

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 4 March 2024

Introducing Batiste’s smartest dry shampoo yet – 24H Active and 24H Fresh

New research from Batiste has found that 44% of women have avoided working out to save their hair. With on user stating 'washing my hair is such a hassle and my weekly schedule is built around it. I often change my plans to save my hair from sweat, oil or smell and I wish I did not have to compromise between saving my hair and doing what I love!' After listening to their customers, Batiste has found the solution no compromise on workouts and great hair days with it's latest innovations that provide up to 24-hour freshness with new sweat-activated technology! The new 24H Active and 24H Fresh Dry Shampoos are powered by Batiste's sweat and touch-activated technology.

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 1 March 2024

Green People’s new scent free hair and body care collection

Experts in sensitive skin since 1997, Green People firmly believes that everyone should be able to wash without the worry of skin irritation and has reimagined its scent-free hair and body care collection with new Prebiotic formulations that soothe, balance and protect. Naturally free from SLS, fragrance and essential oils (all known triggers of skin irritation), the certified organic collection is eczema-friendly and formulated with gentle, natural actives chosen for their ability to calm, soothe and repair for healthier skin and scalp balance.

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 28 February 2024

ghd launches the holy grail of styling - introducing Chronos

The pinnacle of more than 22 years of mastering how to heat style, has landed: ghd Chronos! This ultra fast HD styler delivers one stroke styling, for fast curls, waves or straight looks that last 24HRs, for an enhanced and simplified styling routine. With ghd Chronos a powerful goddess is born to empower the world with ultra fast styling, ghd unveils British body positivity advocate, model Charli Howard as the global hair and face of ghd Chronos, embodying the power of the new tool.

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 26 February 2024

Let your hair bloom with Hair Syrup’s new hair oils

Enjoy healthy hair in a hurry. The cold, harsh chill of the winter can cause brittle breakage and split ends but Hair Syrup's impressive range of TikTok-viral pre-wash treatment oils can offer a radical transformation from the very first use.

The best-selling brand has just dropped their hotly-anticipated new leave-in hair oils and customers are already going wild. Having launched in January, The Hair Syrup Rose Bloom, £24.99, is a real multi-tasker. The perfect primer, finisher and protector for your locks, it can be applied to damp hair to lock in moisture or dry hair to offer some hydration between washes. The blend of rose hip, wheat germ and calendula also creates a floral cocktail that smells delicious.

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 23 February 2024

Newly launched Narciso Rodriguez for her Musc Nude & for him Vetiver Musc

New fragrances for him and for her from Narciso Rodriguez parfums. Created to complement and celebrate the wearer's own skin, this sublime fragrance embraces the body like a second skin. A radiant new interpretation of the timeless chypre structure, for her MUSC NUDE infuses the iconic heart of musc with delicate flower petals and warm facets to create an addictive scent that celebrates the sensuality of one's own skin.

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 19 February 2024

Clinically effective oral care, for whiter, glossier, healthier teeth with Krush

KRUSH, a leading UK-based oral care company, is proud to introduce the launch of an innovative 6-in-1 toothpaste in an easy-to-use, travel-friendly, tablet format. Redefining oral care, the new product is not only waterless and plastic-free but promises an unrivalled level of convenience and environmental sustainability. With the introduction of the term 'waterless brushing' into the mainstream, KRUSH aims to highlight the eco-benefits and user advantages of minimising water usage in oral care routines. While dentists have long advocated for 'dry brushing,' conventional toothpaste products still heavily rely on tap water, contributing to unnecessary environmental harm. Moreover, traditional toothpaste formulations often list water as the primary ingredient, leading to concerns about excessive water usage and environmental impact.

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 16 February 2024

Pre-Wedding pamper timeline

Data shows that Brits spend over £22,500 on their wedding, on average. From everything from the venue to beauty treatments, getting the most out of your money and easing some of the preparation stress means knowing when to plan everything. Sarah Bryning, wedding coordinator at Lake District Country Hotels, a wedding venue in Windermere, says: "You deserve to look and feel your best on the big day. The stress of planning everything is enough to make anyone sweat, but making sure you're planning your beauty treatments in the right order is essential for making sure everything is done smoothly, so you can enjoy your big day without worrying about a faded tan or suffering from a bad hair day."

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 14 February 2024

New Face Oil from Suanne Kaufmann

Known for her beloved bath and body oils, Susanne Kaufmann introduces her first ever Face Oil (£65), a light-weight formula designed to repair, nourish, and soften skin. Clinically proven to reduce moisture loss, reinforce the skin's barrier and improve skin firmness, this beautiful oil is enriched with bilberry seed oil and astaxanthin, a potent antioxidant derived from blood rain algae and apricot kernel oil to promote suppleness. For the ultimate mini facial treatment at home, prep skin with the Susanne Kaufmann Enzyme Exfoliator once or twice a week to help remove dead skin, maximising the efficiency of the oil. For ultra hydrated skin, add the Face Oil into your favourite moisturiser or body care.

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 12 February 2024

Lush launches a Saltbomb, for salty, milky bath water fit for a stately splurge

The fresh, handmade cosmetics company has launched a new, limited edition bath bomb which promises to create salty, milky bathwater fit for a Hollywood A-lister. This salt doesn't burn, it's mineral-rich, blended with soothing coconut milk powder and a fragrance it shares with the brand's moisturising bubble bar, 'Milky Bath'. After inventing the bath bomb back in 1989, Lush has now concocted a perfect blend of sea salt, which is packed full of moisture and minerals, and coconut powder, which produces a soothing and creamy milk when added to water, creating a tub fit for an aristocrat. Feel like Hollywood royalty with this milky bath bomb that never kills the groove, leaving the bather with silky smooth bath water they'll want to treasure every last drop of.

Posted by Kelly Andrews on 9 February 2024

Townhouse launches its latest Valentine's Day collection

Townhouse is thrilled to introduce its alluring Valentine's Day Collection. Presenting three mesmerising designs: Queen of Hearts, February Baby and Cupid Calling, this collection is designed to captivate, infusing a romantic and glamorous allure into your manicure. Launching on the 30th January 2024, this collection seamlessly fuses romantic hues and dreamy designs, capturing the essence of love. The Palette, inspired by the classic Valentine's Day colours, transitions effortlessly from daytime elegance to nighttime allure. GET THE LOOK. QUEEN OF HEARTS. Immerse yourself in the allure of 'Queen of Hearts', featuring an elegant composition inspired by the romantic symbols of love. The design captures the essence of Valentine's Day with intricate heart motifs and French finish, creating a captivating and timeless manicure.

Posted by Kelly Andrews on 7 February 2024

February treats from & Other Stories

Whether you're a lover or a hater of Valentine's Day, we're always after any excuse to celebrate our loved ones from best friends and colleagues, to siblings and parents. After all, everyone deserves the odd token of appreciation no matter the time of year. No matter if you're recipient is romantic or otherwise, an indulgent beauty treat is the perfect way to show your affection. From an invigorating candle to cleanse your space and a classic red lip for upcoming 'Galentines' celebrations, to the gift of a good night's sleep with a satin eye mask, & Other Stories Beauty is all about showing the love this February and beyond.

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 5 February 2024

BPerfect Cosmetics launches full impact concealer

Leading Irish makeup giant, BPerfect Cosmetics is thrilled to announce the launch of its Full Impact Concealer! Created with diversity and inclusivity at the forefront, the Full Impact Concealer comes in 26 different shades to conceal discolouration and hyperpigmentation, and smooth and illuminate the skin. Founded in 2012 by Brendan Mc Dowell, BPerfect Cosmetics is the award-winning beauty brand taking the UK by storm.

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 2 February 2024

The Carmex classics you need this season

Our lips might need a little extra love at this time of year, and with winter weddings on the rise, this is even more important for those tying the knot at this time of year! With the low temperatures and high winds in the UK, it's important to keep your lips hydrated and moisturised to the max! That's why Carmex classics are on hand to soothe dry lips, whilst providing that trademark tingle you know and love.

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 31 January 2024

Five foods to improve your skin and hair before your wedding

Five beauty-boosting foods to help brides-to-be with their skin and hair ahead of their big day. Wellness experts at Simply Supplements have named the five foods to keep skin and hair in a healthy, nourished and hydrated condition before wedding season. Carrots are packed full of beta-carotene which turns into vitamin A once eaten - this encourages cell growth which helps to hydrate skin and hair and stop any flakiness. Avocados support collagen production in the skin due to vitamin E and C to keep skin strong, and biotin to promote healthier hair. It's not just fruit and vegetables that improve skin and hair - dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids and minerals like zinc which boosts blood flow to nourish the skin and scalp.

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 29 January 2024

Organic lip balms for winter!

With temperatures dropping as low as -5°C this week, the demand for a good, moisturising lip balm to prevent lips chapping is high. In fact, "best lip balm for dry lips UK" is currently a breakout google search! What's more, with couples looking at winter months now to tie the knot to help with the budget, there are plenty of those newlywed first-kiss moments on the horizon too. Some lip balms contain preservatives, flavours, or fragrance which can sometimes irritate the lips and makes them feel more chapped, meaning you constantly have to reapply, so whilst your lip balm will give you immediate relief, you're also exacerbating the problem!

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 25 January 2024


Bold & Grit is a brand that stands for inclusivity and self-expression and its vegan nail care products are a powerful reflection of its beliefs! It's new SOS Nail Care Serum isn't just any serum; it's a powerhouse packed with vitamins A, C, and E to stimulate growth and repair. Mastic gum - yes that's right - is its secret weapon for super-strong, resilient nails that scream, 'I'm here, and I mean business!'. The Serum, is designed to keep your nails in check, preventing splits, peels, breaks, and flakes - a look you definitely don't want on your wedding day.

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 23 January 2024

The Body Shop is the first global beauty brand to achieve 100% Vegan products

The Body Shop has become the world's first global beauty brand to achieve 100% vegan product formulations across all ranges including skincare, body care, haircare, makeup and fragrance. The entire product formulations portfolio has been certified by The Vegan Society. The trailblazing beauty retailer has achieved the ambitious target it set itself in 2021, when 60% of its products already carried The Vegan Society trademark.

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 16 January 2024

Veganuary beauty and lifestyle buys

For many, January brings new year's resolutions but if you're struggling to pick one, or want to add another to your list - shopping vegan for your beauty and lifestyle products is a great resolution. With UK Google searches for 'Vegan Beauty' up by 70%, it's clear Veganuary has created some motivation to shop more animal and eco-friendly. Check out these vegan-friendly products you'll want to add to your cart and to your beauty regime this January and beyond!

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 11 January 2024

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Dawn Clarke Designs

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