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Let your hair bloom with Hair Syrup’s new hair oils

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 23 February 2024

clear bottle of products displayed on a floral backdrop Enjoy healthy hair in a hurry. The cold, harsh chill of the winter can cause brittle breakage and split ends but Hair Syrup's impressive range of TikTok-viral pre-wash treatment oils can offer a radical transformation from the very first use.

The best-selling brand has just dropped their hotly-anticipated new leave-in hair oils and customers are already going wild. Having launched in January, The Hair Syrup Rose Bloom, £24.99, is a real multi-tasker. The perfect primer, finisher and protector for your locks, it can be applied to damp hair to lock in moisture or dry hair to offer some hydration between washes. The blend of rose hip, wheat germ and calendula also creates a floral cocktail that smells delicious.

Feel like the ultimate Queen Bee with the Hair Syrup Honey Dew, £24.99. Honey is an amazing natural product that can smooth frizz and restore shine. This syrup also features vitamin e for that hydration hit and coconut extract for protection. And if you're struggling to choose between the two, why not treat yourself to both?

The Perfect Couple Leave In Duo Gift Set, £44.50 offers both syrups for the ultimate hair hero. Allow the Rose Bloom to revive, nourish, condition and restore, whilst the Honey Dew can soften, plump, hydrate & restore.

One of its best-sellers is the Rapunzel Syrup, which has been described by customers as 'magic in a bottle' and by some as 'the best product' you can purchase. It's aptly named, as the blend of pink grapefruit oil, sweet almond and flaxseed smells gorgeous and promotes a healthier scalp and faster growth.

The Original Syrup looks like nectar of the Gods and has so many rave reviews. Customers say it can give dry and damaged hair a big make-over and you'll be showered with compliments. And let's not forget Grows-Mary - the ultimate rosemary oil reviver for hair that needs some extra length and volume.

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