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Bespoke retailer Jake Allen of King & Allen has stellar advice for grooms-to-be

Renowned bespoke retailer Jake Allen of King & Allen, shares eight simple rules for choosing your big-day attire

Bespoke retailer Jake Allen of King & Allen has stellar advice for grooms-to-be: Image 1
1. Don't compromise on your wedding suit. Your bride would never compromise on a dress that she didn't love. In the same way, you should not 'settle' on anything that you're not 100 per cent happy with – your wedding suit is just as important as the bride's dress! It should make you look and feel your absolute best; highlighting your best features and hiding your worst. Anything less than that is doing you (and your bride!) a disservice.

2. Will you regret choosing hire-only? Wearing a hired suit on your wedding day is an option, but why pay to wear a suit for only one day when you could invest in a fantastic suit that you'll wear for many years to come? Additionally, suit hire stores hold a limited number of styles and colours, living little opportunity to show off your personality.

3. Your suit needs to fit you beautifully. Your wedding day is one of the occasions in your life when a well-fitting suit is an absolute must. Even the most expensive designer creation can look cheap if it doesn't fit properly. It's unlikely that you'll be able to wear a suit straight off-the-peg. Your wedding suit will need some form of tailoring, whether that means going bespoke or adjusting an off-the-peg find. You'll be very happy that you made the effort to do so.

4. Your wedding suit should have longevity. Unlike your bride-to-be's wedding dress, your wedding suit has the potential to be worn for many years to come. Keep this at the back of your mind when deciding upon the style, it's not self-indulgent when you plan to wear it for the next 10 years!

5. Don't fall into the business suit trap. When you're accustomed to wearing suits for work, it's easy to make the mistake of choosing a corporate-style for your big day – you'll blend with the guests and even worse, it shows little care and attention. Instead, wear something that shows your style and personality and that makes you feel different to the everyday style you're used to!

6. Your suit should be a reflection of you and your wedding. Getting married in a big country barn? A rustic tweed stylewill look fantastic. Getting married in a town hall in the middle of the city? Something more refined and sharp would be better. Additionally, the climate of your wedding should steer the weight of cloth you choose. Don't make the mistake of wearing a heavyweight three-piece suit at your beach wedding, you'll be rather uncomfortable!

7. Make it personal. If possible, take advantage of any opportunities to customise your attire. Personalised details, such as the date of your wedding embroidered on the inside lining of the jacket, are a lovely way to mark the occasion. When you go bespoke, details such as this are often free of charge!

8. Don't leave finding your attire until the last minute. So many grooms leave their suit shopping to the last minute, leading to unnecessary stress and panic-buying. Don't make this mistake! Instead, start looking for at least six months before your wedding date. If you're having a bespoke design made, this will be well within your tailor's lead times. If you're purchasing off-the-peg, it will give you time to make an unhurried decision on the right wedding suit for you.

Check out www.kingandallen.co.uk