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Grooms' news, with fashion, grooming and styling tips for the stag

Wedding days are important for grooms too so make sure you look resplendent alongside your beautiful bride! Here you will find style advice to help you achieve your very best look. Don't forget your best man and page boys who all contribute to make your Big Day as perfect as can be!

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Giovanni Raspini is launching a new ring collection for spring/summer 2024

For spring/summer 2024, Giovanni Raspini is launching a new ring collection. The new rings feature four different decoration motifs that embrace the stone and surmount the setting. Each is embellished with a plant frieze and creates an authentic micro-universe characterised by the animalier world featuring the leopard (with citrine-coloured quartz), the snake (amethyst-coloured quartz), the sea turtle (aquamarine-coloured quartz), and the crocodile (green-coloured quartz).

Posted by Melissa Cullen on 29 February 2024

Giovanni Raspini is launching its new Coral Collection

The marine world has always been a source of joy and inspiration for Giovanni Raspini. With the Coral Collection, the Tuscan brand creates new pieces of jewellery aligned with the brand's expressive flair, revisited with a new and fresh approach, perfect for everyday use.

The collection is crafted in silver and gilded silver, with a wide range of options in both variants: a bracelet, two necklaces, two rings, and four earrings (including a right/left "ear cuff" pair, thus experimenting with the shape that envelops the auricle).

Posted by Melissa Cullen on 27 February 2024

Orient has added a watch to it M34 Collection

Featuring both mother-of-pearl and gradation, the stunning dial on the M34 F7 Semi Skeleton gives the appearance of ever-shifting colours and shades. Inspired by the mesmerising Aurora Borealis, the dial can be seen clearly through the sapphire crystal with a super anti-reflective (SAR) coating.

The sharp, powerful case design is beautifully enhanced by the contrast of the delicate hairline and mirror finish of the Sallaz polishing. Part of the M34 Collection, named after a star cluster located in the Perseus Constellation, the M34 Collection offers innovative designs in colour, material and finish while still retaining Orient Star's basic design.

Posted by Melissa Cullen on 22 February 2024

Black Eyewear's eyewear collection has over 100 styles to choose from

Established in 2005, Black Eyewear emerged from a passion for reviving the iconic eyewear styles of the 1950s. Founded by optician-turned-designer Robert Roope, the brand sought to reintroduce bold, timeless designs that had been overshadowed by generic trends in the 1980s.

At the core of Black Eyewear's philosophy is the belief that eyewear should not only look stylish but also provide a comfortable fit that enhances the wearer's facial structure. Embracing simplicity as the epitome of elegance, Black Eyewear celebrates classic design while infusing it with a contemporary edge.

Posted by Melissa Cullen on 20 February 2024

Japanese watch brand, Orient has upgraded two of its existing designs

The universally-loved Orient Mako family is an important part of Orient's 70-plus-year history, representing everything that the Japanese watch brand stands for since its launch in the 1960s.

These models have been upgraded with fresh new dials, Arabic numerals and a sapphire crystal, making them ideal for everyday wear.

The watch is water-resistant to 200 metres and features a screw-down crown. Inside is the automatic, in-house calibre F6922, with hand winding.

Posted by Melissa Cullen on 15 February 2024

Zebel has opened its latest store on Berwick Street in London

Zebel, a made-to-measure suit maker and retailer, has opened its latest store on Berwick Street in Soho, London. Inside Zebel showrooms, clients are guided through an extensive array of seasonal collections featuring over 17,000 British and Italian fabrics to suit every budget and occasion. Alongside this, Zebel provides a curated selection of the finest British and Italian suitor's ready-to-wear suiting, accessories and other custom garments.

Posted by Melissa Cullen on 13 February 2024

Monty Lewis is a talented designer in Cumbria

Monty Lewis is a designer in Cumbria who prides himself on creating objects using beautiful materials that are out of the ordinary. Among the products that Monty is best known for are his Sporrans. Great lengths are taken in the manufacture of these to emulate the quality of traditional goat and horsehair sporrans seen in the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

The latest items in Monty's collection are the woven polka dot tie (pictured) and the new orange chevron belt, perfect for couples looking for something a bit different on their big day.

Posted by Melissa Cullen on 8 February 2024

TikTok star, Matt Newman reveals his haircare tips for grooms-to-be

Our grooms' editor, Melissa Cullen, chatted with TikTok star Matt Newman, also known as MattLovesHair, about his haircare tips for grooms-to-be and how he gained two million followers. The famed hairdresser has cemented himself as one of TikTok's go-to hair tutorial content creators over the past two years, using his own long, glossy locks in each tutorial.

Before TikTok, Matt worked in the hair industry in New York for over 10 years, with a career that took him behind the scenes at editorial shoots and fashion shows around the world. He now uses that high-level industry knowledge to simplify haircare for his growing audience, testing new products and sharing hacks like using floss for sleek hair. Throughout his array of tips and equipment, Matt's knack for sharing styles that keep your hair's health in mind has only added to his popularity. Matt has been featured on Good Morning America, Nylon, ABC News and Daily Mail, and he is excited to continue sharing his knowledge with the world.

Posted by Melissa Cullen on 6 February 2024

Edward Fleming has released a range of football-inspired wedding rings

From purchasing the newest merchandise to getting tattoos, only a few fandoms rival the passion and support of football enthusiasts. So, to help fans get their dream wedding ring, Betway Sports has partnered with jeweller Edward Fleming to design and value 20 Premier League-inspired wedding rings, with each bespoke ring able to be made on request.

The ring pictured is for fans of Liverpool F.C., featuring green diamonds along with rubies and set on an 18-carat rose gold band.

Posted by Melissa Cullen on 1 February 2024

L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme Vétiver is a new vegan men’s cologne

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Vétiver is a new vegan-certified Issey Miyake men's cologne. Expect woody notes of vetiver, lifted by spicy ginger and warm sage. A streamlined formula composed only of essentials, with vetiver from Haiti that is ethically grown and harvested by local farmers, this luxury bottle can be engraved as a special present for the big day. The product is available at www.theperfumeshop.com and costs £63 for 50ML and £87 for 100ML.

Posted by Melissa Cullen on 30 January 2024

Orient has released a UK-exclusive watch

Japanese watch brand Orient has added a UK-exclusive colourway to the popular Classic and Simple Style series. The new model has a day-date and 24-hour indicator, a forest green dial and a brown leather strap, which combine classical and casual styles that convey the charm of this mechanical watch.

The Classic and Simple Style series has been a bestseller around the world, representing everything that is Orient. The series is known for its traditional classical face, domed glass with a retro feel, and delicate case design with slender lugs.

Posted by Melissa Cullen on 25 January 2024

Gemmologist Jeweller, The Rock Hound creates unisex jewellery

Gemmologist Jeweller, The Rock Hound, is known for using responsibly sourced, raw materials to create striking design-led jewellery. Playful hues frame bold gemstones and organic, flowing forms create offbeat pairings. The company combines traditional techniques with state-of-the-art technology, allowing it to really push design boundaries.

The Rock Hound creates many unisex pieces that are perfect for your big day. Using intriguing textures, these statement pieces are not only eye-catching but responsibly sourced and consciously crafted too.

Posted by Melissa Cullen on 23 January 2024

Spinnaker has collaborated with Seconde Seconde

Spinnaker has unveiled a new collaboration with the Paris-based watch customiser, Seconde Seconde, for a limited-edition version of Spinnaker's iconic Fleuss dive watch. This partnership brings together Spinnaker's watchmaking excellence and Seconde Seconde's unorthodox approach.

The dial displays "50 Phantoms", paying homage to a renowned and historical dive-watch design and showcasing 50 custom-moulded ghosts on the dial, creating a mesmerising visual experience. Furthermore, the phantoms on the dial are generously coated with Swiss Super-Lumi Nova, producing an ethereal glow.

Posted by Melissa Cullen on 18 January 2024

Check out ARNE's Autumn/Winter Menswear Collection

Say hello to ARNE's fresh lineup of smartwear from the latest Autumn/Winter 2023 collection. ARNE effortlessly blends classic formal style with a modern twist, offering a range of pieces that'll have you looking sharp no matter the occasion.

From tailored chinos and overshirts to smart trainers and stylish polo shirts and ¼ zips, ARNE specialises in creating pieces that stand the test of time, perfect for dressing up or down.

Posted by Melissa Cullen on 16 January 2024

Orient has released a new watch available in limited edition colours

Orient has introduced four new Orient Bambino 38mm Limited Edition models with new colour dials to its Classic Collection.

The Orient Bambino 38mm has been a bestseller around the world since its launch in 2022 and is loved for its traditional classical dial, domed glass with a retro feel, and delicate case with slender lugs. The new models explore an entirely new world of design by combining the 38.4-mm case with four eye-catching coloured dials.

Posted by Melissa Cullen on 11 January 2024

Rotary has released a new watch

The Seamatic is a new sports classic in the Rotary portfolio, adored for its timeless style and seamless partnership with contemporary taste.

The Seamatic is its oceanic counterpart, a titan of motion that is water-resistant to a mighty 300m. Like the British coast, which is an underestimated display of beauty, the Seamatic is a refined and understated watch, crafted with precision and performance in mind.

Posted by Melissa Cullen on 9 January 2024

Castore has collaborated with Reiss to launch a new hybrid sportswear collection

Precision performance sportswear brand Castore has collaborated with premium fashion brand Reiss to launch a new hybrid lifestyle sportswear collection.

Crafted with technical fabrications that seamlessly blend function and form, the new menswear collection seeks to redefine hybrid lifestyle wear.

Engineered for modern living, the Reiss x Castore SS24 collection supports movement and everyday wear, from high-impact training sessions to daily activities. Each garment prioritises comfort and maximum performance to help people step out of their comfort zone and reach their peak capabilities.

Posted by Melissa Cullen on 4 January 2024

Ring-a-ding-ding - how to choose the perfect wedding ring

Jewellery expert Sach Kukadia from 7879 shares the differences between platinum, gold and white gold rings. What is a platinum ring? Platinum is a naturally white metal that is both harder to find and more durable than gold. It's used in a much purer form than white gold, which is why it's also typically more expensive. The durability of platinum is one of the many reasons it's a popular choice for wedding rings. This is based primarily on the common belief that it is entirely scratch-proof. While this is technically true, it doesn't mean your ring will be completely free of blemishes throughout its lifetime.

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 2 January 2024

Check out the world's first spherical razor

The world's first ever spherical shaver, Razaball, launches a revolutionary ball-shaped device that uses fingertip control for a better shave. Razaball's patented spherical design allows the user's fingers to rest comfortably behind the blade, giving total control.

The fingertip control lets users adjust the blade's downward pressure to suit their skin and hair type to give a precise, close shave while also reducing the risk of nicks, cuts, and skin irritation.

Posted by Melissa Cullen on 28 December 2023

Japanese watch brand Orient has released a new design exclusively for the UK

Japanese watch brand Orient has released a new design exclusively for the UK market. The Orient Mako Diver model features a rotating bezel with six grooves, along with a metal dial with a fine lustre finish. Solar battery charging is achieved through the three sundials, and luminous light is used for the numerals, indices, and hands, allowing the time to be read even in the dark.

Posted by Melissa Cullen on 26 December 2023

Footwear company, LANX designs is now offering a bespoke tattooing service

LANX designs and makes beautiful luxury footwear for both men and women, and it is now offering a bespoke tattooing service. Traditional tattoos can be personal and sentimental, and they can now be added to your wedding shoes.

Customise your wedding shoes with the date of your special day, your new married name, or a heartfelt message. Work with the tattoo artist at LANX to create a personal design of your choice.

Posted by Melissa Cullen on 21 December 2023

Moss Bros has rebranded

The Moss Bros name goes back 172 years to when Moses Moss opened two stores in Covent Garden. As times have changed and the brand now offers much more than just formalwear, the company has decided to rebrand and be known simply as Moss.

Brian Brick, the CEO, tells us: "Evolving and evaluating what the Moss brand stands for is essential. It serves the needs of our existing base while at the same time enticing new customers who hadn't considered us in the past. We have completely reimagined the product offering for the way our customers are living today. For AW23, we have released a collection that is stronger than ever and considerably more diverse."

Posted by Melissa Cullen on 19 December 2023

Luxury menswear designer Brahaan has released its latest collection

Luxury menswear designer Brahaan has released its latest collection. The company has meticulously crafted a collection that embodies the perfect marriage of Italian finesse and Indian grandeur. Reinforcing the house's fashion authority while capitalising on its rich heritage, its suits and tuxedos are a tribute to the artisanal excellence that Italy is renowned for.

"We've drawn inspiration from India's rich cultural tapestry, infusing regal elements into every garment," says the team at Brahaan. "From intricate embroidery to opulent textures, these pieces exude regality. Our designs seamlessly blend modern precision with traditional elements, creating a timeless look that's perfect for formal occasions."

Posted by Melissa Cullen on 14 December 2023

Eco-friendly jeweller Aurum has unveiled a new range of rings

Eco-friendly jeweller Aurum has unveiled a new range of responsibly crafted engagement and celebration rings for men and women to complement its expanding fine jewellery collection.

Featuring an array of gorgeous lab-grown precious gems, from diamonds, opals, and spinels to emeralds and sapphires, the range features dazzling baguettes as well as pear-cut and oval-cut precious stones, each set in 14K yellow or white gold.

Posted by Melissa Cullen on 12 December 2023

Tommy Hilfiger has released a new TH85 Automatic Wrist Watch

Journeying back to the iconic year of 1985 and the roots of Tommy Hilfiger, the company has unveiled the TH85 Automatic Wrist Watch, the new Tommy Iconic watch designed for him.

Meticulously crafted from stainless steel, this timepiece boasts a 40-mm stainless steel case, is water-resistant up to 100 metres (10ATM), and showcases a rotating aluminium bezel with coin edging, complete with an applied lume pip.

Posted by Melissa Cullen on 7 December 2023

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