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Real weddings and wedding ideas

See how other couples celebrated their big day with wedding stories and ideas from County Wedding Magazines' Real Weddings features.

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Kay and Kenny met at a soul night. "On our first date, Kenny wanted an informal vibe, so we wined and dined me at our local Wetherspoons' curry night!" says Kay. "I knew then he was a keeper! He also makes me laugh and is an amazing cook, which was definitely the way to my heart."

Look at the stars

Hannah and Robs met on a dating app. "However, after six months we went our separate ways as it just wasn't the right time," says Hannah. "Two years, a pandemic and two break-ups later, I messaged Robs again – and that was it; I wasn't letting her get away! I'll never forget tipsily screaming, 'Will you be my girlfriend?' at Durham Pride in the rain, and she moved in five months later."

Love At First Swipe

Catherine and Steve met on a dating website in 2011 and had their first date at a pub in Brynmill, Swansea. "We were both single parents, so we had that in common," says Catherine. "We hit it off right away, and I loved his eyes and that he liked my laugh."Years later, the happy couple went to look at wedding rings together. "I liked one, but it was very expensive, so we decided to leave it and go home," shares the bride. "That weekend was our anniversary, and we celebrated by going back to the pub where we first met. Steve proposed to me that night with the ring that I had fallen in love with."

You are my sunshine

Rachel and Ghandi met at a friend's party. "At the party, Ghandi asked how my son was doing (from a previous marriage), and the rest is history," says Rachel. "There's a 17-year age gap between us, which on paper shouldn't work, but as Ghandi says, he's Peter Pan and has never grown up, so that helps!

Enchanted Romance

Sam and Beth met in 2013 while they were both working part-time at Homebase. "I worked on the customer service desk, and Beth was on the shop floor," says Sam. "I was newly 'out' in the LBGT world and noticed Beth during one of our shifts. Beth was quiet and no one knew her name, so I plucked up the courage to go over and invite her on a night out with the girls.

Live, Laugh, Love

Nicola and Ian met at school back in the 80s. "We then went to the same college, where Ian asked me out on the steps in front of his friends – and I said, 'No!'" says Nicola. "Years passed, then one day Ian popped up on Facebook as a friend suggestion. Messaging each other, he explained he was getting divorced, so being a lawyer I offered my help and suggested a coffee date. That first coffee was lovely; a great catch up while talking about the legal stuff. The next time we met was to get his divorce and conveyancing moving. Ian then asked me out for a third time for no reason, saying we should go for a walk the next morning. We talked for hours, then as we said goodbye he kissed me. Boom – that's when I knew this was something special."

Regal Romance

When Adam and Jake met online they were both immediately drawn to each other's values, love of family and strong work ethic. So, naturally their relationship flourished and one day down the line Jake decided it was time to propose. He took Adam to their favourite spot, the West Cliff Pier at Whitby on New Year's Eve, which was also Adam's birthday. When Jake popped the question, it was a complete surprise for Adam, and although he never wanted a public engagement, the whole of the North East was seemingly on the pier that day, which Jake assures us was completely unintentional!

Grand Designs

Ruth met Scott through a mutual friend. "Lockdown hit, so we started FaceTiming as well as messaging," says Ruth. "Scott works offshore, so when he returned – and after restrictions were lifted – we went to the beach for our first date. We then met nearly every night to go for a walk and grab some food. We moved in together quickly, and there was no looking back!"

Last Christmas

Emma met Tom at a friend's Christmas party in Newcastle. "I was a student in my second year of uni, whereas Tom's from the city," says Emma. "There was an instant attraction and we spent the whole party getting to know each other ending the evening dancing in the living room to Wham's Last Christmasoblivious to everyone watching!

Bold and Beautiful

These lovebirds met at work during the Covid-19 pandemic, which meant they could only have walking dates. Amy comments, "Joe had made a picnic for us both with Pimm's in plastic water bottles on one of our first walks– how classy! I instantly knew this was the man for me."

Such a perfect day

Beth and Rob met during their teenage years, having bumped into each other on various nights out. As they grew up, they went their separate ways, but their paths crossed again in 2018 and they began to date. In 2021, Rob proposed in a beautiful cove at sunset in Ibiza.

Lessons in love

Clare and Mitchell met at school but not as pupils, as teachers. They didn't hit it off right away and didn't much care for each other at first. But during one summer break, they realised that they actually did enjoy each other's company and fell in love – they say absence makes the heart grow fonder!

Our Best Shot

Hannah and Steve met in a bar in Kavos, Greece back in 2018. Hannah had gone away with her best friend and Steve was on holiday with two of his mates. They got chatting over shots and soon discovered not only that they lived just 10 minutes away from each other, but also that they shared a mutual friend. The two spent the rest of the holiday getting to know each other, then having arrived back in the UK they met up the same evening to go for a meal. They couldn't stop talking, it was the start of something wonderful.

Blooming Beautiful

These lovebirds have been together since they finished secondary school almost 20 years ago. After many wonderful years together, the pair finally got engaged! Laura says, "Mike always said it was a case of when he would pop the question and not if, while keeping in mind that I wanted the proposal to be very us and involve the children. So on Christmas day, my daughter asked me to open a toy while my son filmed the moment I discovered the ring!"

City Vibes

These lovebirds met one another while working at Jack Wills while both at university – the rest is history! Emily says, "We decided to get married while travelling in Iceland and staying at the Blue Lagoon Hotel in October 2021. We realised our 10th anniversary would be in October 2022 and decided it would be fun to get married then. It's slightly unconventional but exactly who we are."

Love All Around

These lovebirds met through mutual friends in the summer of 2010 when they were just 16. "Lewis was a cheeky, pretty boy but also very loving and caring", shares Lucy. Lewis proposed in August 2021, during a barbecue at Lucy's parents' house. She says, "It was a complete surprise; we were taking a group photo when Lewis ran out to the front and got down on one knee!"

Oh-so romantic

Shirin and Steven knew each other from work and became closer over time. Things developed slowly as they got to know each other and realised they shared matching goals and aspirations.

Love At First Sight

These lovebirds met at Michigan State University, where Brandon completed his degree and Kayleigh finished law school. After a quick first date over coffee, the couple continued to talk but lost touch over time. In January 2020, right before COVID-19, they ran into each other at a bar. They met up for lunch the next day and have been inseparable ever since.

A room with a view

Jenny and Gavin met while working for the NHS. Gavin, who was based in the IT department, was repairing a printer at the time. The two got talking and a few weeks later he asked Jenny on a date. A year after that, they moved in together.

Burning Love

Aimee and Sami met through a mutual friend in Brighton, East Sussex. When Aimee had gone to visit her one day and was picked up from the station, Sami was already in the car. They were introduced and Sami told Aimee she smelled good! A few days later the two began texting and that's where their story began.

A right royal affair

Kerry and Mark met through a mutual friend, and on the first night they met went for a few drinks and a game of doubles pool. Once they got talking Kerry learned that Mark was a plumber, so when they all went back to her apartment to continue to the socialising, he fixed her sink! One week later Mark asked her for a date, and they haven't looked back since.

A Cornish love story

Jess and Laurie met through work and became good friends before becoming a couple. They became engaged on Porthilly Beach after enjoying a swim with their dog, Pugly. "It was a sunny day and when we got out of the sea, Laurie wrapped me up in a blanket, got down on one knee and popped the question," Jess tells us. "He had a bottle of champagne that we enjoyed as we watched the sun go down."

Down on the farm

Hannah and James were both raised on their family farms which they now run. "We met when James was working in his field located next to the farm belonging to my family and his machine broke down. To save him from travelling back to his farm, he popped into ours and asked to use our workshop to repair his machine," Hannah tells us. "James mentioned that he needed a tractor driver to help on his farm, and after seeing my tractor-driving skills, he offered me the position! After many years of working for James, we realised that there was a spark between us."

I choose you

Shoshi and Lucy met through work colleagues in London on a night out. Lucy tells us, "Shoshi arrived with a spare ticket to see Roger Waters play in Hyde Park that coming weekend and offered it to our group, a few of us said we wanted to go, Shoshi picked me, and we went together the following Friday. It was an amazing evening!" Romance blossomed and the pair got engaged in Edinbugh – a complete surprise for Lucy.

Memories made in Devon

Charlotte and Craig met through the local Young Farmer's Club and became engaged when Craig popped the question at Charlotte's family farm. "We decided to set our wedding date for the following September," Charlotte says.

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