Artists Amy and Matt celebrated a colourful and fun day with friends and family at the Cheerful Chilli in Otley.

Amy Mackay, 29, married Matthew Hodson, 32, at the Cheerful Chilli Barn in Otley on 9th July, 2016.

Where shall we go? What shall we do? They’re the kind of questions that are usually asked in the run up to a first date, but determined to make theirs stand out, Matthew chose to mix it up a bit and asked Amy for her favourite smell, sight, flavour and sound. “It was brilliant! Matt worked really hard to incorporate all the things
I’d said, so our first date involved a tennis ball, a banana sellotaped to a star bar, animal noises, a hike and dinner,” says Amy, who still has the tennis ball on her desk!

Art attack: Image 1
The dress I chose was out of budget, but I saw it hanging up and just had to try it... I then had to extend the budget! It hugged me in the right places and the lace was beautiful.


Art attack: Image 2aI really wanted a bright and colourful bouquet that still had a natural and meadowy feel.

Art attack: Image 2 My bridesmaids wore informal Tara Starlet dresses with a Mexican-inspired print.


Art attack: Image 3
We wanted to keep the kids entertained so had games and a play area.


Art attack: Image 4aEach centre piece was finished with a piece of plastic fruit with googly eyes glued on, so guests were either sat with Jackie Potato, Monsignor Croissant, Mr Whippy or Andrew Sweetcorn.

Art attack: Image 4 We went for very colourful decorations, which included eleven giant tissue paper flowers, coloured straw triangle bunting and vases made from orangina bottles.


Art attack: Image 5
We had rainbow-coloured favours in coloured tin cans, which included pencils, lollies and windmills.


Art attack: Image 6aWe hired a magician to entertain our guests.

Art attack: Image 6 We had absolutely loads of paper streamers!


Art attack: Image 7
Our florists were incredible. They gave great advice and I nearly cried when my crown arrived that morning. It was perfect.


Art attack: Image 8aThe ice cream van was a huge hit!

Art attack: Image 8 We had our friend Nic play some acoustic music as the evening guests were arriving – one of his tracks was on a mix CD that Matt gave me just after our first date.


Art attack: Image 9
We asked all our pals who like baking to contribute a cake. We had a tea urn full of tea and bought a mountain of doughnuts – they were perfect! We even had a life sized Mary Berry cardboard cutout for the cake table.


Art attack: Image 10aI don't wear a lot of make-up so I just wanted to look good for the photos and a bit 'glowy'. I went for a make-up lesson at MAC and spent far too much money!

Art attack: Image 10 Our photographers James and Lianne were wonderful. None of the ushers would've had their buttonholes on properly without them. They went so far beyond their job as photographers.


Art attack: Image 11
We knew that our wedding was about us as a couple, our values, our relationship, and our decisions.


Amy and Matt's contact book

Bride's dress
Cymbeline Paris

Bride's hair
Blonde Fury

Bridesmaids' dresses
Tara Starlet

Mark Waddington Magician

The Willow garden

Groom and ushers' suits
Paul Smith

Mr Whippy Ice Cream

Nicolas Burrows

James and Lianne Photography

The Cheerful Chilli Barn


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