Nicola and Sarah were blown away by the whirlwind of emotions that filled their big day, proving that good things really do come to those who wait

Whenever they got together with their mutual circle of friends, Nicola and Sarah had always felt that the attraction was there, but it took ten years for the 'right time' to come along. Finally, their friendship blossomed into something truly beautiful, and 18 months into the relationship, Nicola popped the question.

The proposal on 30th August, 2013, came as a complete surprise to Sarah, who had also been thinking about doing the exact same thing. During a romantic night out, the couple took a walk to the park. Half way there, Nicola blindfolded Sarah and led her gently to a band stand which her friend had decorated in fairy lights, rose petals and lanterns. The blindfold was removed and Sarah was led to a picnic basket that had champagne and a message in a bottle with an engagement ring tied to the cork. The rest, as they say, is history.

The right time: Image 1
Nicola Maria Roy and Sarah Ellen Cook tied the knot on 20th December, 2014 at Waterton Park Hotel, Walton, Leeds


The right time: Image 2aDressing to impress
Having no idea what to wear, Nicola went to a bridal boutique in search of the one. She tried on five, but picked a discontinued gown that was the only one of its kind left. “I had fallen in love with it, so I just had to have it,” says Nicola.

The dress was sleeveless and corseted at the back and adorned with some delicate rose details on the side. Sarah also didn't have a clue what to wear, but she was very excited at the prospect of some shopping time with her twin sister, best friend and mum. “I went to Confetti & Lace in Leeds. I tried six dresses on – all different styles – but nothing wowed me. My sister found one and as soon as I tried it on, I loved it. It had no sleeves, an intricate lace design, and was fitted until it reached the floor, then it had a train,” explains Sarah.

The right time: Image 2 The stage is set
The couple chose Waterton Park Hotel in Walton as their venue for both the ceremony and reception as it held a special significance for them. “Nicola's dad married there years before and it was just stunning,” says Sarah.

“Due to us getting married at Christmas, it had a festive feel to it which blew us away. The bridge was lovely over the water and we could imagine how gorgeous the pictures would look. Our wedding coordinator, Pauline, was amazing and made our day perfect.


The right time: Image 3
Keeping the colour scheme simple and sophisticated, the bridesmaids wore long, navy blue dresses with lace around the top. The flowergirls in their outfits from Debenhams looked like 'little princesses', according to Nicola and Sarah.


The right time: Image 4aCherished moments
Walking down the aisle and seeing their guests, not to mention seeing each other, is a memory that will last forever for both girls. “We were so proud of everyone, and of each other. It was the best day of our lives. Seeing all that effort that had gone in to our special day was amazing. We'd waited so long for it to come around and it was just perfect.”

There were many stand-out moments, including being walked down the aisle by their dads. “We're very family oriented and this is something we will cherish forever.” Having Sarah's sister come all the way from Australia was also very special.

The couple's cherished moments continued after the vows and well into their honeymoon too.

The right time: Image 4 They jetted off to Mexico for two weeks and stayed at the Excellence Playa Mujeres Hotel, which the couple claims was 'out of this world!' Having paid a little extra, they received an upgraded room with a balcony the size of a tennis court, and they had their very own pool too!

Throughout their planning, Nicola and Sarah had a great strategy; they kept an ideas box where they could collate any inspiration they gathered from fairs or magazines, so they could talk them through later. They also tried to stick to their budget. As they both told Your Yorkshire Wedding magazine, it's easy to get wrapped up in all the things you want, but you have to draw the line somewhere!


The right time: Image 5
“We had to remember it was our day. As much as we absolutely loved arranging it, it was stressful at times. We made time to remember why we were getting married and had date nights once a month to spend time together and get excited about it!” – Nicola and Sarah


Nicola Maria Roy and Sarah Ellen Cook's contact book

Brides' dresses
[Nicola] Bridal Boutique, Leeds

Brides' dresses
[Sarah] Confetti & Lace

Bridesmaids' dresses

Little Hearts Bakery

Natasha Coustol Floral Designs

Hair and make-up
[Nicola, hair] Adele Watson

Hair and make-up
[Sarah, make-up] Amber Louise

Hair and make-up
[Sarah, hair] Enroute Salon, Walton

Adele Haywood at Blue Lights Photography

Waterton Park Hotel, Walton, Leeds


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