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The team spirit behind County Wedding Magazines

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 3 April 2020

The team spirit behind County Wedding Magazines: Image 1 Credit: Jess Soper Photography While at home due to lockdown, people will be online more than ever, however, we will all start missing that 'human aspect' so here at County Wedding Magazines we wanted you to meet and get to know the team behind our stand-out wedding publications.

Danielle Harvey
Managing editor, editor of Your West Midlands Wedding, Your Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wedding

What I love about being a wedding editor: After 15 years I can honestly say that weddings, and our wonderful County Wedding Magazines are in my blood. I live and breathe weddings. Evenings, weekends, I'm always in the wedding bubble, I can't go anywhere without seeing something and thinking 'that would work for a wedding day'. We're very lucky that the wedding scene is continuing to evolve each year, you can tie the knot in a woodland, you can host your big day in a tipi with a festival theme – I love seeing what a couple's dream day looks like!

What I'm hating about lockdown: Aside from missing my own family, especially my mum, I miss my team! You spend more time at work then you do at home, and you don't realise what a family you really are until times like this – but when has there ever been a time like this?Also, how stationary my body is. It's just not moving, I feel like I'm seizing up and that I may, actually, turn into a milk chocolate digestive biscuit! P.S I think my husband may get 'locked down' in the shed, and who decided all parents were qualified for home-schooling?

The positives I'll be taking from lockdown: I'm not sure about my 'hibernation hair' but I definitely feel the benefits of not wearing make-up every day – let's embrace our natural beauty! It was amazing to be apart of the 'Clap for the NHS' movement. It was incredibly moving, and the show of unity across a whole country, wow, now there's solidarity in a time of isolation!

Contact Danielle
01376 535 611 | danielleh@kdmediapublishing.com
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The team spirit behind County Wedding Magazines: Image 2 Kelly Andrews
Editor of Your Kent Wedding, Your Sussex Wedding, Your Cheshire & Merseyside Wedding, CWM beauty editor

What I love about being a wedding editor: Working with so many wonderful local wedding suppliers, and feeling part of a community. I love the beauty and art in weddings, which makes me completely obsessed with styled shoots! Also, every day is different, I never get bored of hearing about new ideas that couples and suppliers have come up with. 

What I'm hating about lockdown: I miss my CWM family, and my friends. Although I see my choir friends on Zoom, singing with a 10 second delay isn't quite the ticket! More than anything, I miss hugs.

The positives I'll be taking from lockdown: NEVER under appreciate ANYTHING. Never again will I say, "I don't fancy going out," because I never realised how lucky I was to have my freedom. I think we can all learn from this how to take better care of each other in the future, and generally make the world a kinder place to live. I knew this already, but this crisis has brought home what an amazing and supportive family the wedding industry is. We're going to get through this together. 

Contact Kelly
01376 535 611 | kellya@kdmediapublishing.com

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The team spirit behind County Wedding Magazines: Image 3 Melissa Barker
Editor of Your South Wales Wedding, Your North West Wedding, Your Surrey Wedding and CWM Grooms editor

What I love about being a wedding editor: I love that every wedding is different. Two couples may pick the same theme or colour scheme, but they always put their own stamp on it to make it their own. My favourite thing is when I get a real wedding submitted by a groom. Reading about their love story from a man's perspective is always incredibly sweet and a pleasure to write. I've found while working on Your North West Wedding that I've been receiving a lot of styled shoots. These are quickly becoming one of my favourite parts of the job. Seeing local suppliers come together and share their creativity is lovely to see. Some of the images are simply stunning, and I adore anything that's quirky or colourful. I've recently received a shoot where the model has several neon-coloured veils, and it looks amazing! I can't wait to feature it and give our readers heaps of inspiration.

What I'm hating about lockdown: Where do I begin?! Although I often fantasise in my normal working week about spending the day at home, doing nothing, in reality, I've discovered I'm a very fidgety person. After a week of isolation, I've already cleaned the house multiple times, painted the bathroom and taken up arts and crafts (which I'm actually loving!). I have to admit I'm finding it hard being away from my family and missing my nan's 90th birthday, but thankfully we all have Skype so we can easily keep in touch. I'm also very lucky that my partner, Dave, is a very positive person so he's keeping me in high spirits. I also have the constant entertainment of our beloved cat, Kiki, who much to my dismay, has decided her favourite place to sleep is on my laptop while I'm trying to work!

The positives I'll be taking from lockdown: I will never take food for granted again! I didn't realise how much I love eating at restaurants until the option was taken away. I can't wait to go on a real date night and get away from the house for a while. On a more serious note, I'm sure we can all agree that being in this situation makes you realise who's important to you. I'm very close with my family, and although they're only 30minutes down the road, it feels like a million miles right now. When this is all over, I'll definitely make more time to see them and enjoy some quality time together.

Contact Melissa
01376 535 611 | melissab@kdmediapublishing.com
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The team spirit behind County Wedding Magazines: Image 4 Hannah Faulder (or Gildart, if you know me outside of work. I never did get around to officially changing my name after getting married nearly four years ago!)
Editor of An Essex Wedding (I'm an Essex girl!), Your Bristol & Somerset Wedding,Your Yorkshire Wedding and CWM Honeymoons editor

What I love about being a wedding editor: For most of my working life I have worked in the wedding industry; I live and breathe it. I love the fact that it's run predominantly by independent local businesses who are super-passionate about what they do - and my job is to shout about them! How cool is that? My favourite features to write are our real wedding features. It never ceases to amaze me how talented and creative our local brides and grooms are and the wedding suppliers they choose. I truly believe the wedding industry will come out of this crazy situation stronger than ever, because everyone in it has such drive.

What I'm hating about lockdown: I can't get tinned tomatoes for love nor money! I want a Quorn chilli so much! Seriously though, I'm missing our awesome team in the office who work so hard putting our fab magazines together. It's not all bad though, I've had my scruffy little dog, Twig, as my constant companion. 

The positives I'll be taking from lockdown: It took a while to get my head around it, but I'm actually starting to enjoy this period of enforced calm. It's given me a chance to finish books I started a year ago, cook new recipes and adapt to new ways of doing things. The main positive though is that I guilt-tripped my husband into subscribing to Disney+.

Contact Hannah
01376 535 611 | hannahf@kdmediapublishing.com
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The team spirit behind County Wedding Magazines: Image 5 Claire Ridley
Editor of Your Devon & Cornwall WeddingYour Glos & Wilts Wedding and CWM Fashion editor

What I love about being a wedding editor: I've been in the wedding industry for 20 years now since first being employed as a fashion assistant on Cosmopolitan Bride (that makes me feel old!). I love working as a wedding editor because it's such a feel-good topic. One of my favourite parts has to be editing the real wedding and styled shoot images when they're sent in. I adore photography – especially the black and white and sepia shots, and you'll always find me on Instagram in my downtime looking at lovely pictures of everything from interiors and travel to fashion. On that note, it's such a fun task compiling the fashion pages that appear in all of our 19 titles. Anybody that knows me will agree that my weakness is shoes (which this picture shows, taken in Jimmy Choo on holiday at the beginning of the year in Miami!).

What I'm hating about lockdown: I miss spending quality time with my mum and dad that I usually do regularly. I'm keeping them stocked up with supplies but it's upsetting delivering them to the top of the driveway and then having to walk away.

The positives I'll be taking from lockdown: 
*Appreciating the simpler things in life and slowing down a bit instead of feeling like I should be here, there and everywhere and feeling guilty if I'm not. I'm going to try to be more mindful of this moving forward.
*Long phone catch-ups with friends and family instead of just texting – I'm definitely going to keep this up!
*Taking the time to clean my beloved Fiat inside and out! Obviously, I'm doing this on my driveway and not near anybody else but I may continue to do this instead of spending money at the car wash!
*Spending time in my flat (that I'm celebrating a year of living in) and pottering around doing a few jobs that I fully intend to keep on top of when the lockdown is over.
*Practising my yoga at home every evening (usually I leave my weekly class with every intention of doing this and not finding the time!)*Having a clear out to support the charity shops when all of this is over – and living with slightly less clutter!
*Taking more time on my beauty regime – this is a must to keep up after lockdown, I feel like my skin and nails are looking better for it.
*Finally, not having to sit in traffic!!!

Contact Claire
01376 535 611 | clairer@kdmediapublishing.com
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The team spirit behind County Wedding Magazines: Image 6 Olivia Gibson
Editor of Your East Midlands Wedding, Your Herts & Beds Wedding and Your North East Wedding

What I love about being a wedding editor: Throughout my time working on these magazines, one part of my job has particularly stood out to me as I'm a sucker for romance so I love our real wedding features where couples get to share their love story and details about their special day. It's so lovely when I get the gallery through from a photographer and you can truly see the happiness shared between the pair, their friends and family. There's always this magical buzz of excitement in this industry from not only couples but suppliers too who get to invest all their talent and creativity into the wedding day which we're lucky enough to then feature in our magazines.  

What I'm hating about lockdown: What I hate most about lockdown is not being able to see loved ones, thank god for modern-day technology because Facetime and Skype are now my best friends. Every other day, me and my partner will log onto skype and watch a film together, almost like the real thing. 

The positives I'll be taking from lockdown: On a more positive note, I've started new hobbies that I've been meaning to start for a while now. With everything that's going on, it's so important to take time in the day to do something you love and find relaxing – for me that's painting and doing DIY. Plus, I get to have a lot more cuddles with my two fur babies and play plenty of board games! 

Contact Olivia
01376 535 611 | oliviag@kdmediapublishing.com
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The team spirit behind County Wedding Magazines: Image 7 Sarah Reeve
Editor of Your Hampshire & Dorset Wedding and Your East Anglian Wedding

What I love about being a wedding editor: Apart from cake, of course, there's nothing quite like working in an industry centered on the joy of being in love and wanting to share it. Even on dark days, and there have been a few recently, reading people's wedding stories never fails to raise a smile. It may sound mushy but if I've learnt anything from all this it's that love rules and can survive anything – even a global pandemic!

What I hate about being in lockdown: That's an easy one – not being able to spend time together as a family first and foremost and secondly, computers! I'm a bit of a Luddite and I'm being haunted by the wheel of doom on my dodgy laptop. I'm lost without Stu, our office IT guru, and vow that henceforth, once we're back in the office, his tea mug will never be empty - there may even be biscuits!

The positives I'll be taking from lockdown: My joy for a major family get together, hugs with my grandchildren and generally being a little kinder and more appreciative of the everyday things we often take for granted, like our wonderful NHS workers, carers and all those beavering away behind the scenes that tend to get over looked. I'm also excited for all the wonderful weddings to come and sharing them with our lovely readers.Take care everyone!

Contact Sarah
01376 535 611 | sarahr@kdmediapublishing.com
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The team spirit behind County Wedding Magazines: Image 8
Georgina Cassels
Editor of Your London Wedding 

What I love about being a wedding editor editor: Weddings are the perfect mix of everything I love - fashion, style and fun with friends and family! 

What I'm hating about lockdown: I have a five-year-old. Nuff' said. 

The positives I'll be taking from lockdown: Erm... how much I love the life-formerly-known-as-mine? People are saying that we'll look back fondly on the downtime. To which, I refer you to the answer above. They are clearly not parents. I'm looking forward to squeezing friends and family IRL, never using Zoom / houseparty again, exploring London's museums, galleries, restaurants and parks once more, going on holiday, beaches, not being required to be a full-time journalist, teacher and short-order chef simultaneously. Errr... I could go on...

Contact Georgina
01376 535 611 | georginac@kdmediapublishing.com

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Let’s take this opportunity to band together, help each other and promote just how brilliant UK wedding businesses are!

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