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Where to honeymoon in 2024

Posted by Melissa Cullen on 3 October 2023

With Google searches for 'best honeymoon destinations' up 22 per cent, newlyweds are on the lookout for some romantic inspiration. With this in mind, Club Med has uncovered the new trending honeymoon destinations, according to search data over the last 12 months.

A sky view of the city of Kingston

Kingston has seen the biggest rise in popularity for honeymoons
Google searches for ‘Kingston honeymoon’ have skyrocketed by 97 per cent in the past 12 months. The Jamaican capital is a real contender in the honeymoon space, with many attractions to visit, including the Hope Botanical Gardens and even the Bob Marley Museum. Kingston is still flying under the radar on social media, with just three boards on Pinterest and three Instagram posts using Kingston as the honeymoon destination, meaning a romantic trip in Kingston is very much a hidden gem.

Views of the Northern Lights in Iceland

Reykjavik is the second most popular honeymoon destination in 2023
Reykjavik has seen a whopping 84 per cent increase in Google searches within the last 12 months. While not known as a 'sunny' honeymoon destination, this city boasts the Blue Lagoon and also plenty of chances to catch a sight of the Northern Lights. Reykjavik is hugely popular on social media, with 244.1 million views for #Reykjavik; however, it's widely overlooked as a honeymoon destination.

The waves crashing against the shore in Barbados

Bridgetown takes the third position as a standout honeymoon destination
Bridgetown has seen a 73 per cent increase in Google searches over the last 12 months, and it's no surprise why. The capital of Barbados has plenty of gorgeous beaches, including Carlisle Bay and Browne's Beach, as well as multiple opportunities to soak up the rich history of the area at local museums. As a honeymoon destination, Barbados itself has also seen an 11 per cent increase in searches over the last 12 months, showing many people are seeking inspiration for a honeymoon in the Caribbean.

A bridge leading down to the sea

The Algarve is the fourth most popular honeymoon destination this year
'Algarve honeymoon' has seen a 66 per cent increase in search over the last 12 months as newlyweds look for romantic inspiration in Europe. The Algarve has over 2,000 attractions to visit, such as Ponta de Piedade and the Alvor Boardwalk. Portugal itself has seen a 4 per cent search increase as a honeymoon destination, as well as 93 Pinterest boards and even 11,300 views on TikTok for #Portugalhoneymoon.

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