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Eight extraordinary activities and experiences in the Cayman Islands

Posted by Melissa Barker on 30 June 2022

Cayman Islands Famous for unspoilt beaches, crystal waters and paradise scenery, the Cayman Islands is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday. However, many travellers considering the destination for their next holiday might not be aware of the variety of activities and adventures available in the archipelago. 

Adrenaline seekers, active travellers, and intrepid explorers of all ages will have ample opportunity to immerse themselves in the great outdoors. From kayaking through mystical mangrove forests to rock climbing ‘the bluff’ on Cayman Brac, hiking, biking and - of course - world-class diving, there are plenty of ways to get your adventure on in the Caymans Islands! 

Hiking the Mastic Trail
The Cayman Islands is home to spectacular scenery, flora, fauna, and breathtaking views. Discovering them by foot is one of the easiest ways to get active, with hiking trails available for all fitness and ability levels. The 100-year-old Mastic Trail on Grand Cayman is a popular two-mile route that will take visitors past silver thatch palm (the islands’ national tree), wild banana orchid (Cayman Islands’ national flower) and flocks of Cayman Parrots (the islands’ national bird).

Stingrays Swimming with Stingrays 
With their flat, winged body shape and long tail, Stingrays are instantly recognisable as they float gracefully through the crystal waters. One of the Cayman Islands’ most popular attractions, Stingray City, allows visitors to get up close and personal with the majestic creatures - a thrilling and unforgettable experience that will make for lasting memories.

Climb the Sheer Limestone Rise of the Bluff 
Situated 157km northeast of Grand Cayman, with an average express-flight time of 40 minutes, Cayman Brac is home to over 100 walking trails and routes suited to all abilities. Brac is the Gaelic word for bluff – a fitting name for an island dominated by a cliff that rises with sheer vertical walls to nearly 150 feet. Its craggy limestone ridge has long attracted rock climbers and hikers to its shores. Abseiling is another thrilling way to experience the beauty of the bluff. Descend the ancient limestone cliff faces and take in the breathtaking ocean views from a different angle. 

Otherworldly Caves
The Cayman Islands boast more than 100 spectacular caves in the north of Grand Cayman, with many of these open to intrepid explorers. Here visitors can marvel at dramatic stalactite and stalagmite crystal structures formed over centuries as well as a variety of fascinating plant and animal life. One of Grand Cayman’s newest attractions is the Cayman Crystal Caves, while Cayman Brac also offers a variety of fantastic rock formations including Bat Cave, Peter’s Cave and Halfway Ground Cave.

Beach Bountiful Barker’s Beach
Offering a variety of different activities, Barker’s Beach on Grand Cayman is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for fantastic experiences the whole family can enjoy. With a winding shoreline and shrouded in lush tropical foliage and mangroves, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a calm stroll or a spot of bird watching. Meanwhile, adventure seekers will love discovering the mangrove-filled wetlands by quad bike or catch the ocean breeze kitesurfing. Horse-riding excursions are also available.

Horse-riding Treks
A fantastic experience for families and couples, visitors to the Cayman Islands can enjoy a trot along the sand while marvelling at the glittering Caribbean Sea as they explore on horseback. Guests can even ride out into the shallows for a refreshing dip with their new four-legged friends. Local trail rides or beach rides are available morning or night in West Bay, George Town and North Side. Couples will love the added romance of a moonlight ride!

Sunset Go Wild on the Waves
Home to some truly spectacular shores with white, sands, azure waters and shade-giving palm trees, no holiday in the Cayman Islands is complete without partaking in watersports. From Stand-Up Paddleboarding and gentle kayak tours to more action-packed activities such as kitesurfing and sailing, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the unrivalled waters of the Caribbean. 

World-Class Underwater Adventures
Home to an incredible 365 different diving locations, it’s no surprise that the Cayman Islands are one of the most desirable diving destinations in the world. Whether they are looking to enjoy a leisurely snorkel or dive deeper into the magical world that awaits underneath the waves, there are plenty of opportunities to discover the varied sea life, vibrant corals and shipwrecks - with turtles and rays for company - for divers of all levels.

To discover more about the Cayman Islands, please visit www.visitcaymanislands.com

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