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What are the top bridal hair trends?

What are the top bridal hair trends?: Image 1 With a royal wedding taking place this year, all eyes will be on Meghan Markle as she walks down the aisle in May. But all over brides are busy preparing for their big day. Perhaps they too will be walking down the aisle in 2018, or maybe the big day is further ahead. But when it comes to looking your best on your wedding day, how to wear your hair is always a big question.

Is it best to follow fashion or select a classic look - either way how will you know if the style will stand the test of time? Longevity is also key, a quick touch up part way through the day may be expected but no bride wants to be rushing to their stylist every time they take a turn on the dance floor.

For 2018 the mantra is definitely to keep it simple, with some very soft styles set to be the most favoured. Here Kieron Fowles, Creative Director at salon chain REGIS, shares his tips on why these looks will be the best for the year ahead, and how to get your chosen style just right.

"After years in this industry I have helped many a bride look their very best on their wedding day, as have REGIS stylists across the country. There are of course a number of important considerations, from having a trial styling in advance of the event, to ensuring a style has longevity to last throughout the day - and night.

"A few basic tips I would give brides is to plan ahead as much as possible. It is always so helpful for a stylist to know what they are working with in advance, so if you will be wearing a veil it is beneficial to have this for your trial. Not only is this useful for the stylist but it also gives the bride the chance to see what the style will look like with an accessory.

"To help ensure longevity, it is also a great idea to wash your hair the night before. Your hair will still be clean and fresh but will be easier to manage and style. This also makes the hair style more likely to last longer and less prone to dropping.

"I would also advise to have treatments in the months running up to big day. This will make sure your hair is in the best condition and will have a lovely shine in all your photos.

Styles for 2018
"Looking ahead to the styles that will be most fashionable this year I do foresee a very romantic and soft approach to bridal looks. Accessories will be very important, but remaining understated, with people opting for not only traditional veils and headbands but also smaller pieces such as real flowers.

Let it loose
Create a soft, flowing look with loose curls for brides that want a natural look. This is a straight forward style but be sure that your hair is prepped correctly and you have the right product to ensure longevity to your style. If your hair is very thin it may be that you require more product to maintain the style, which can impact on the look.

Up dos
If you're opting for a traditional up do there is no reason for this to be too tight or harsh. To keep with a modern twist to the style incorporate understated accessories. Work hair loose and keep the curls very large and soft to complement the romantic feeling in the air. Keep things natural and delicate, leaving a few bits of hair loose to frame the face, which will prevent a harsh appearance.

In the middle
Half up and down hair styles will continue to be very popular this year. They provide brides a great option when it comes to the up versus down debate and are extremely attractive to boot. In keeping with the natural, soft trend of the year go for a soft wave all over. Leave the majority of the hair down but select sections from the front which can be twisted or even use a large plait to separate and pin up. Again these styles will be complemented with some simple accessories to really enhance the overall look.

For more information, www.regissalons.co.uk

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