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Crazy for coconuts

Crazy for coconuts: Image 1 The coconut tree is known as the 'Tree of Life' given its wide array of usefulness. It has fast become one of the most go to products when it comes to health and beauty benefits.

We were only too pleased when award-winning, organic food producer specialising in coconut goodies, Cocofina, sent us some of its amazing products to try:

Cocofina Organic Coconut and Date Bar is a completely natural bar made from four organic ingredients with no added sugar, artificial ingredients or additives. It has a typically fleshy coconut texture naturally sweetened with dates and packed with nutty goodness. This delicious award-winning coconut bar is the ideal guilt-free snack with only 143 Kcal per bar.

Ingredients: Raisins (99% Raisins, 1% Sunflower Oil) (39%), Coconut (28%), Dates (28%), Oats (contains gluten) (5%), Water.

Tried and tested
"I don't normally eat dates so was unsure about this snack bar. I was pleasantly surprised how well the coconuts and dates complimented each other though. When it comes to healthy snack you normally have to compromise on the taste however this delicious. - Kay Tilbury

Cocofina Organic Coconut and Mango Bar is an indulgent bar (146 kcal) made from four organic ingredients. It will remind you of being on holiday. This delicious coconut and mango bar is the ideal guilt-free snack with only 146 kcal per bar.

Ingredients: Dried Mango (35%), Rice Syrup, Oats, Coconut (14%), Rice Crisps (rice flour, cane sugar, barley flour), Sunflower Oil.

Tried and tested
"This was the perfect snack for me - I have the biggest sweet-tooth, which normally results in eating something high in calories and full of naughty ingredients - then regretting it after! This snack bar was sweet, tasty and healthy - delicious! - Kay Tilbury

Cocofina's Coco Detox is your best ally to detoxify your body! This food supplement only contains the best ingredients for a daily detox regime, namely organic coconut oil and chlorella. Chlorella is a single celled green micro-algae naturally containing chlorophyll, the phyto-nutrients in plants that capture the sun's rays. It is a natural source of protein as well as an essential nutrient to support health and wellness and promotes body detoxification by beneficially affecting the function of the liver. Combining this gift from nature with organic coconut oil enabled us to create detoxifying capsules for your health regime!

Ingredients: Chlorella and 100% organic, cold pressed virgin coconut oil

Tried and tested
I've been taking these for 10 days now, alongside my healthy eating plan and already feel a difference - my digestion has improved and i'm feeling less bloated. I definitely have more stamina at the gym and to top it off my skin has a healthy glow." - Kay Tilbury

Cocofina's Organic Coconut Oil is cold pressed, virgin, unrefined and comes from an exceptional species of coconut. It is the oil extracted from the meat of the coconut, one of the most nutritious parts.

Perfect for cooking, it is also a great skin and hair moisturiser as it is 100% natural and organic. This 10ml oil sachet is perfect for those on-the-go and is a unique dose format ideal for your daily oil pulling routine.

Ingredients: 100% organic coconut oil

Tried and tested
"I love coconut oil, it has so many uses. I actually used this in my hair, let it soak in for 30 minutes before washing out, which resulted in a smooth, glossy finish" - Kay Tilbury

Editor Sarah Reeve says: "I'm already a huge fan of coconut oil, it's my go-to remedy for almost everything from the outside in, so I was thrilled to discover Cocofina - the coconut experts. Their array of fab products means you can eat, drink and cook yourself healthier! I'm already well into my new regime with a daily dose of their cold-pressed virgin coconut oil capsules Coco Detox and I've swapped my mid-morning chocolate bar for the Coconut & Date Pre-Workout Snack; not only great for a long-lasting energy boost, it tastes great too. What's not to love?"

Check out more products at, www.cocofina.com. There's some fab recipes on there too!

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