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Leading Celebrant says industry needs infusion of new talent

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 20 May 2024

Celebrant with two brides in the woods The UK celebrant industry is seen as boring and is ripe for reinvigoration, according to Richard Lavender, founder of UK Celebrant Academy, a new training company for modern celebrants.

There is now much more demand for celebrant-led ceremonies than ever before, as people want weddings that reflect their unique stories and values. "Celebrants, unlike registrars, provide completely unique and personalised ceremonies, with no limitations on location or content. But there are a lot of celebrants who are providing boring cookie cutter ceremonies. The Celebrant industry needs an infusion of new blood that will bring energy, humour and fun to special days whether they are weddings, funerals, baby naming or vow renewals," says Richard.

The training currently available to would-be celebrants, however, is woefully lacking and not designed to equip celebrants with all the elements needed to run successful celebrant businesses in today's modern age.

"The majority of courses available cover ceremony content without extra support, when I started I had to get to grips with sales and marketing as well as the financial and legalities of running a Celebrant business. Now I'm going to provide that type of training to all new celebrants and bring a whole new generation into this amazing profession," he adds.

Richard has been a performer and front man for the past 30 years, playing in bands and as a DJ in the North West's best nightclubs including Manchester's Hacienda and Liverpool's Cream. Following a career in business, Richard's passion to be a celebrant was ignited when he was working at weddings and family celebrations as a DJ and saw celebrants in action. He's now hoping to bring a new generation into celebrancy, by providing full training of all aspects of the business. From what to do when you first meet your clients, to how you bring humour and warmth into ceremonies, to how to promote yourself and your business online including social media.

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