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Fancy a big-day cocktail bar? Check out Whitebox Cocktails

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 13 March 2023

cocktail in a can with label, wooden design, on wedding table Whitebox Cocktails, the ready-to-serve cocktail specialists, have everything you need to create the ultimate in wedding cocktail offering. 

From classic cocktails like the Pocket Negroni and Squeezy's Margarita, to unique and refreshing long drinks like Hippy Fizz and Disco Baby, take the hassle out of the perfect pour on your big day with a wide range of ready-to-serve cocktails to suit every taste.

Expertly mixed by the award-winning team of bartenders, Whitebox Cocktails' convenient single-serve cans mean there's no need to limit your cocktail menu, as there's no mixing, no mess and no long wait at the bar. For casual weddings, cocktails can be served in ice buckets for guests to help themselves and enjoy straight from the can. Alternately, for a more elevated occasion, simply chill and serve the cocktail in a glass with ice and a garnish of choice.

Cocktail-themed tables are sure to get your guests talking on the day, whilst the beautifully designed cans also make for a truly memorable wedding favour. With plenty of cocktails to choose from, you can select the most suitable cocktail for each guest and add some personalisation with a handwritten 'Drink Me' tag, or even use them as a truly original place setting.

Ready to get your guests into the spirit of things with a wedding cocktail or two? Take a look at the Whitebox Cocktails wedding menu.

pocket can with blue and orange label

Pocket Negroni
This bittersweet Italian classic is made of one part Porter's Gin, one part sweet vermouth and one part bitter aperitif. Served in a rocks glass over ice with an orange peel garnish. The pocket-sized single-serve cans also make an excellent wedding day gift for the Groom and Groomsmen to enjoy as they get ready for the big day!

cosmo in silver tin with colour label

Classic Cosmo
What could be more wedding-worthy than a blush pink cocktail? Guaranteed to be a hit with the bridal party, this classic party cocktail is vodka-based with cranberry, lime and triple sec. Simply pour into a chilled martini glass and serve with a lime wedge garnish.

cocktail in can with pink and gold label

Disco Baby
Ready to get the party started? Say hello to Disco Baby, a vodka soda cocktail elevated with natural watermelon and lemon thyme. Balanced, refreshing, fruity and delicious, serve in a highball glass with good quality ice or sip straight from the beautifully designed can. Just add your favourite wedding tunes and your guests will be on the dance floor in no time!

hip fizz in pastel coloured tin with cartoon on it

Hippy Fizz
Made from Porter's Gin, Tropical Shrub, Patchouli and Hop Soda, this fruity, funky tropical fizz is perfect for guests who want something refreshing and fizzy but also sophisticated. Drink chilled from the can, or serve in a highball glass with plenty of ice.

margarita in a vintage can with sketch frog cartoon

Squeezy's Margarita
A well-made classic margarita is a good go-to any time of year, but a summer wedding calls for that perfect balance of sweet, sour, and salty. Made with fresh lime, tequila and triple sec, Squeezy's Margarita is always popular with a crowd. To serve, simply salt the rim of a coupe glass, pour the cocktail and garnish with a lime wedge.

silver can with wood effect label

Chipper's Old Fashioned
Chipper's is a classic old fashioned cocktail, with the addition of cherry wood bitters to create an indulgent combination of oak, spice and sweetness. A popular aperitif, the Old Fashioned is great for weddings all year round, but is especially warming at an autumn or winter wedding. Drink chilled from the can, or pour into a rocks glass with good quality ice and orange peel garnish

can drink black tin with disco lights label

Whisky Highball
This classic whisky cocktail is a dry, refreshing and malty whisky and soda with a touch of peach and black tea. Ideal as a pre-dinner drink, or as an alternative to beer, the Whisky Highball is best served ice cold, either straight from the can, or in a highball glass with ice and lemon.

martini in a can with white and blue label

Freezer Martini
For an elegant and timeless wedding cocktail, look no further than the Freezer Martini. Made from Porter's Gin, Dry Vermouth, and Lemon Zest, this exceptionally well balanced cocktail will provide your guests with a consistent ice cold martini within seconds. Store in the freezer and serve in a martini glass with a lemon peel garnish.

Not only can Whitebox Cocktails provide delicious drinks for your wedding, but they are also an environmentally savvy choice as aluminum cans can be recycled forever.

To discuss your wedding cocktail requirements contact orders@whiteboxcocktails.com or order direct from www.whiteboxcocktails.com

group of cocktails

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