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How to style your bridesmaids…

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 2 November 2022

bride and bridesmaids walking down the street When it comes to planning your wedding the team at Colour Me Beautiful knows only too well that dressing your bridesmaids for your big day can be beset with difficulties. Here Cliff Bashforth sets out his advice on how to avoid the pit falls. It is an honour to be a bridesmaid, and often those you have asked will be as excited as you are. Shopping for bridesmaids' outfits can be a fun experience for you all, although you will need a clear idea of what you want them to look like because they will frame you in your wedding photographs. Happy bridesmaids make good photographs, so ensuring they are comfortable in what they are wearing will guarantee everyone is radiant on the day.

Colours For All
If you're having only one bridesmaid, the choice of colour is easier because you simply need to choose one that suits her and complements your colour scheme. With more than one bridesmaid, the choice can be more challenging. One might be a redhead, another a blonde and another dark haired: what is going to suit them all? It is actually possible to choose a colour that works well for all your bridesmaids. In the Colour Me Beautiful colour system there are shades that are universal and will suit everyone, whatever their colouring. These colours include stone, taupe, pewter, turquoise, teal, emerald turquoise, purple, periwinkle, blush pink and true red.

The Right Shade
The alternative to choosing a universal colour is to have a colour theme for your bridesmaids, whereby they each wear a shade of the colour that suits them best. In this way, you can achieve a stunning look for your bridal party. The choice of colour theme will often be determined by the time of year. Pastels work well in spring or summer, reds and greens in winter. Purples, aquas and blues will look good all year round. Selecting colours in this way will enable you to achieve a colourful, happy group of bridesmaids, it also works well if you have a mix of adults and children in the bridal party. Bridesmaids do not have to wear the same style or colour of dress, as long as both the shape and the colour of their dresses suit them and complement each other.

Dresses and shapes
When you start to think about dresses for your bridesmaids, visit department stores and high street shops and check the internet to gather ideas and inspirations. Keep their sizes, personalities and colouring in mind to make sure you end up with happy and relaxed bridesmaids on your wedding day. When it comes to deciding on the dresses, your bridesmaids will wear on your wedding day, you'll need to take the following points into consideration:
· If you pay for the bridesmaids' dresses, you will have a lot more say in the matter
· If the bridesmaids are paying for themselves, let them have their say.
· You may want the dresses to have a life after the wedding, so you will all need to think about whether they can be worn again for other occasions. Choosing an evening dress from a high street store or online retailer will make this a more feasible proposition.
· The fabric of the bridesmaids' dresses does not have to be as luxurious as yours. You could even choose the same style dress as yours but in a different fabric, such as cotton.
· You might want patterned fabric; in which case it is important to bear in mind the scale of your bridesmaids and the size of the pattern.

One style suits all?
Each of your bridesmaids will, of course, have her own unique body shape. However, there are certain styles of dress that will work well for most:
· A-line (especially if a two piece) Because this style of dress comes in many different formats it will be easier to accommodate all body shapes. The skirt can be fuller or narrower; the waistline on the waist or dropped.
· Empire This dress will suit your bridesmaids whatever their age but in particular if you have children. It is also comfortable to wear for a long day. This dress can hide a multitude of sins and will work for the unexpected announcement from one of your bridesmaids a few months before the wedding that she is pregnant.

Range of styles
You can still achieve a co-ordinated group by choosing different colours of dress to suit your bridesmaids' respective body shapes but keeping the colour the same or choosing a colour theme. When making decisions, think about the fact that:
· The bridesmaids' dresses must not be more elaborate than your wedding dress.
· You may what to choose an embellishment to tie-in with your dress.
· If you choose a print, ensure that the colour co-ordinates with your dress and theme.

Finding the right dress for your bridesmaids is all about making compromises. Don't dress your biker friend in a Barbie dress! This doesn't mean that she should come in jeans and Doc Martin boots, but a simple style of dress or separates will make her feel more at home. You could even find an elegant trouser suit in your colour theme. Everyone may have to compromise a little, but some forethought and planning will ensure no one is unhappy. If you're still unsure on how to dress your bridal party, why not arrange a Colour Me Beautiful colour or style party with your bridesmaids. If could even be an idea for your hen night?

Check out www.colourmebeautiful.co.uk/services-for-women/groups-parties

illustration of different colour dresses
colour swatch of stone colour Colour: Stone
colour swatch of taupe colourColour: Taupe
colour swatch of pewter colour Colour: Pewter
colour swatch of turquoise colourColour: Turquoise
colour swatch of Emerald turquoise colour Colour: Emerald turquoise
colour swatch of teal colourColour: Teal
colour swatch of periwinkle colour Colour: Periwinkle
colour swatch of purple colour
colour swatch of blush pink colour
colour swatch of true red colourColour: Ture red
two women in shop looking at pink dress
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