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This is your dream wedding according to your star sign

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 28 October 2022

logos of star signs It's not always easy to decide on your wedding theme, and searches for 'wedding ideas' have seen a +23% increase in the past twelve months. To offer some inspiration, thortful.com has teamed up with astrologer, Inbaal Hongiman and have collated the best dream wedding ideas for each star sign! Perhaps you're a Taurus, and would love to be married in a mansion, or a Leo dreaming of a castle wedding? From Leos' wanting to get married in an opulent castle to Sagittarius' eloping on a beach, here are the weddings each star sign dreams of having...

pastel coloured logo of Aries star sign a ram

Venue: An active sign like Aries would love the idea of a sports stadium as a venue, since sport is a way of life for those born under the sign of the Ram.
Theme: It's a no-nonsense sign, with no love for frills and messes, so a modern, bold theme would suit.
Cake: Aries make no secret of their love of the colour red, so it might be red velvet under the wedding-y icing.
Colours: There's only one colour for Aries and it is red. The reddest red. Pillar box red, fire engine red, bold, and powerful.
Size: Aries love a party and have thousands of friends; they'll invite them all.
Season: Summer, as this fire sign enjoys the heat.

pastel coloured logo of Taurus star sign a bull

An elegant sign like yours, is likely to pick an old mansion or even a library, because you do love knowledge.
Theme: You love tradition, and you'll pick a traditional theme, to please your own traditional tastes.
Cake: Your joy in all things traditional extends to the cake. If your family always married with traditional fruit cake, you'll take great pleasure in following the tradition.
Colours: Ivory is the clear winner for your Earthy, classy nature. Size: You're sociable but don't enjoy being centre stage, so a small collection of your dearest friends and favourite relatives will suffice for you.
Season: Autumn will provide the perfect Earthy backdrop to your pictures. And you don't want to sweat on the best day of your life.

pastel logo of Gemini heads

Freedom is important for you, and if the beach were available, and bare feet were an option, you would take no convincing at all.
Theme: You love to laugh, and you love to entertain. A theme that keeps everyone happy, active, and moving is your vibe. A festival theme would be wonderful, with music, games, and different food options.
Cake: You're not a big eater and therefore would like the cake to be light and fresh. A zingy lemon cake would be a favourite.
Colours: The palest mint hue, which is lighter than air, will be perfect for your free spirit.
Size: Your ideal scenario is a wide strip of land, with enough room for everyone, and food carts so that numbers are no issue. As big as possible is fine, though you won't feel hurt if only half the guests turn up.
Season: Springtime is best for you, as you enjoy the outdoors but wilt a bit in direct sunlight.

pastel logo of a blue crab

A traditional sign that loves family above all else, Cancer would rather marry locally, and if possible, at a family property.
Theme: A theme that allows many members of the family to take part will be a favourite, so a romantic theme would be great.
Cake: You aim to please, white chocolate will please all your guests, and it'll be gluten free and vegan to ensure no one is left out.
Colours: A water sign loves watery shades; duck egg will be your colour scheme.
Size: You hate leaving everyone out, so you'll feel like you want to invite everyone.
Season: Winter is your season. You love being indoors, warm and cosy, when the rain does its worst outside.

pastel logo of lion's head

You'd live in a castle if you could, Leo. If that is impossible, you'll get married in one.
Theme: Opulence is the order of the day. Your theme is luxe.
Cake: Originality matters to you, so a gin and tonic wedding cake will be your pick.
Colours: Gold. The colour of the Sun and the colour of luxury.
Size: Small but perfectly formed. Your wedding is an exclusive event.
Season: Summer, as bright and as sunny as possible.

pastel logo of Virgo woman's head and symbol

Predictability is important to you, Virgo. If you're organising something, it'll be indoors, quiet, and temperature controlled, like a library.
Theme: You like to keep things neat and tidy with a classical vintage feel.
Cake: You won't take any chances with the look of the icing, a simnel cake makes the perfect foundation.
Colours: Earthy tones like taupe would make you feel calm on your big day.
Size: You won't be breaking any rules, so you'll let the venue fire regulations decide the size of your wedding.
Season: Autumn is your time when families aren't travelling because kids are at school.

pastel logo of libra scales

Librans are creative and elegant. A museum would be an ideal venue.
Theme: An Art Deco theme would complement a Libra's love for all things stylish.
Cake: Cafe latte is an uncommon flavour for a wedding, and will be both light and decadent, just like you, Libra!
Colours: Blue and silver is a winning combination for chic Librans.
Size: The party has to be roaring, but the ceremony compact.
Season: Autumn soft lighting is the perfect backdrop for an elegant do like a Libran wedding.

pink logo of Scorpio symbol

Mystical and original, you'd love to tie the knot at a historic site, Scorpio.
Theme: You're quite fashion forward, so a style theme, for example Nautical would suit a water sign like you.
Cake: A fan of the quirkier side of life, chocolate cherry will be a dark yet sweet selection, like you!
Colours: Navy is the lightest shade you'd allow.
Size: This is an exclusive gathering. Guests should know to be thankful to be invited.
Season: Winter, so you can have at least some of the day in darkness.

symbol of a bow and arrow for Sagittarius

: Travel and freedom is what you live for. Sagittarius would marry abroad, with a big unspoiled view behind.
Theme: A tropical theme feels independent and free for you. Cake: Rum and coconut for the tropical vibe.
Colours: White is a colour which represents possibilities, a blank canvas for your marriage.
Size: You're happy to elope, so any extras are a bonus! Numbers: 10 of your closest friends who have a valid passport.
Season: Summer, which feels like the most liberated of all the seasons.

logo of a goat head for Capricorn

A stately home is the perfect combination of luxury and tradition, two concepts that are important to you.
Theme: You'd love to see everyone dressed up in pearls and tails, a Pride-and-Prejudice style vintage is a dream!
Cake: Grand Marnier would be a luxury flavour that doesn't look too flash.
Colours: Pale neutrals such as ivory and stone are elegant and not overpowering.
Size: You don't like things to be showy, but certainly classy, so you'll go a tiny bit above average.
Season: Autumn's gentle weather means no one will get sweaty or uncomfortable.

symbol of vase pouring water for Aquarius

A lover of humanitarian causes and our animal friends, a Zoo wedding would suit your quirky tastes.
Theme: You will want to incorporate the animals you're spending the day with; and you'll ask your guests to donate to your favourite animal charity (whether that's elephants or lemurs!), instead of giving you gifts.
Cake: It has to be a banana flavoured cake.
Colours: Environmentalist green, for all your charity work.
Size: You would want sustainability to feature in your special day, so it can't be too big.
Season: Winter, for many environmentally sound reasons.

symbol of two fish for pisces

A waterfront destination wedding is ideal for those born under the sign of the Fish.
Theme: Under the sea theme would suit your watery nature.
Cake: A Jamaican 'Black cake' will be as rich as your love.
Colours: Turquoise, like the seaside in luxury brochures.
Size: A destination wedding is not usually big, but you love, love and want to celebrate it - it'll be as big as you can make it.
Season: Springtime would echo your optimistic nature.

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