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How to wear pink when attending weddings

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 20 September 2022

cartoon of women in pink from different ethnic backgrounds With Breast Cancer Awareness month approaching, Cliff Bashforth, managing director of Colour Me Beautiful, shares his top tips on how to wear pink!

"The key to wearing pink is to ensure that it doesn't wear you, says Cliff, "Cooler skin tones look amazing in cerise or hot pinks, indeed most shades from dusty rose to bright fuchsia, whilst warmer skin tones will always look their best in coral or salmon pinks.

"Dark hair and bright eyes - opt for the boldest, brightest hues you can find. Hot pink (cool), mango (warm). If your eyes are dark choose a deeper shade such as fuchsia (cool) or salmon pink (warm).

"White/salt and pepper hair, any colour eyes – the majority of pinks look fabulous on you!  Avoid warm, coral, salmon tones, and also ensure that you follow your personality and wear the hues that you feel most comfortable in.

"Dark blonde/blonde hair, muted or dark eyes – avoid, bright, clear shades and opt for softer tones such as mauve (cool), or nude pink (warm).Red/copper/strawberry blonde hair, any colour eyes - avoid cool tones. Instead select any shade of coral pink, salmon, or peachy pinks.

"Blonde hair, light eyes – choose lighter shades such as lavender or rose (cool), or light peach and coral (warm)."

For more information about Colour Me Beautiful visit www.colourmebeautiful.co.uk

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