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Your big day: six tablescaping trends to look out for in 2023

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 14 September 2022

table decorated with lots of coordinating objects like plates in a blue and white pattern Credit: Burleigh PotteryYour wedding day is such a big event, and you'll want the table to really look it's best. Here, Kate Cartwright from the tableware brand Burleigh Pottery offers some tips on the trends coming up in 2023, so you can gain some inspiration for your tablescape.

Your wedding is one of the most important events of your life, and so you'll naturally want everything to be as close to perfect as possible. The tablescape is no exception — your wedding table is where everyone will sit down and celebrate together at your special day, so you'll want it to look beautiful, both for the meal itself and the photos you'll keep to look back on in years to come.Here, we'll go through some new trends in wedding tablescapes for 2023, so that you can get a range of new ideas for how you might design your ideal place settings for yourself and your guests.

Sustainability and eco-friendly choices are only becoming more important for consumers across the UK, and this will be very present in the trends we see in weddings next year. So, consider how you can incorporate sustainability into your own special day in 2023. For example, this might be through picking your own wildflower centrepieces or sourcing flowers from your own garden. Alternatively, you might choose a florist with sustainable flower suppliers.Using a local caterer can also link up well with your venue, as many will already have local suppliers that they choose to work with. Discuss the sustainability of your menu with the venue ahead of time, and they should be able to help you incorporate some producers from the local area, and even design some seasonal dishes to really make your tablescape kinder to the planet.

Bold colours
The wedding market has been dominated by neutral colours for a while, but now the fashion is starting to turn back to big, bold colours and this is reflected in the tablescapes that are starting to be created. So, go bold with your table decorations and flowers, and choose a colour palette or a theme that really suits you and your partner. You could use the seasons as inspiration — spring weddings lend themselves to purple, yellow, green, and blue colour palettes, while autumnal colours include red, auburn, and gold tones.There are lots of ways to bring your colour scheme into your tablescape. As well as flowers and centrepiece decorations, you should also consider the colours of your tableware as well as the tablecloth and even the napkins. You can combine your tableware with the rest of your palette in interesting ways, such as choosing earth-toned tableware to contrast with brighter flower displays or provide pops of colour in the napkins. By jumping on this trend, you can not only create a fun, welcoming table for the day, but also one that will look beautiful in photos.

table setting with tablewear and succulent favour Unique lighting
2023 is also the year for unique lighting at weddings, whether it be string lights, chandeliers, or other light features. Candles are a classic choice for helping to make a tablescape romantic, and so this is a great option for really making your wedding meal into a beautiful, standout occasion. Try out some different stands for the candles and try to pick candles that go with your colour scheme to really add the finishing touch to the rest of your décor.You can also check out some more contemporary and chic lighting ideas, such as hanging bulbs, custom fairy lights and lettering made out lighting, to really create your own personal backdrop for the event on the day. Your table will be set off beautifully whether the lighting is set above or on it, and your guests are sure to enjoy it too. With exciting lighting solutions becoming such a wedding trend for 2023, now is the perfect time to look for something different in this department for your special day.

Pressed flowers
You've probably noticed that there have been lots of designs for pressed flower cakes cropping up recently, and so it's no surprise that this will continue to be a trend in 2023, both in food and table décor. Pressed flower cakes are a perfect way to add some whimsical romance to your table, using edible flowers as the cake decoration atop a light icing. They're ideal for spring and summer weddings, and they offer a unique fairy-tale touch to your table.You could also incorporate the pressed flower trend into other areas of your tablescape, such as the table decorations, napkin holders, and other elements. This is a trend that is perfect for the romantic theme of your wedding day, and you can also match it to your colour scheme or choose flowers that are special to you and your partner or have some significant meaning to your relationship.

Personal touches
With so many people having micro-weddings over the past few years, some trends have stuck around and a big one is personalisation. In terms of your tablescape, this might mean personalised cards with the names of your guests so that they sit at the correct placings. Or, you might add custom decorations that you've made yourself, or that you've had specially made for your event by a company you've worked with or by a family member.Your personalisation could also come from designing your own signature cocktails or dishes for the day, so that your guests can benefit from your culinary palette. This can be a fun exercise for you and your partner to do together, and you can even name the cocktail after yourselves or your married name.

Planning your special day can be overwhelming, as you want each part of it to be beautiful, memorable, and unique. But using these tips you can truly create a tablescape that you'll remember, as well as one that will look eye-catching in photos that you can look back on for years.

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