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What your wedding favours say about you

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 19 July 2022

two bags of fudge with wooden plaques saying bride and groom The wholesale experts at WholesaleSweets.co.uk have looked at the sweet treats a couple chooses and what it says about them.

Wedding favours are usually a small, fun and sweet way of saying thank you to guests for attending a wedding. Traditionally wedding favours were sugared coated almonds but over the years people have put their own spin on wedding favours and now give out things like sweets, jars of honey or jam and even mini shots.

Kathryn Hague from Wholesale Sweets said: "Wedding favours have been around for years and it's really interesting to see what people choose for them these days. "For some people wedding favours aren't a big deal, but there are also brides who really love to put extra thought into them.
"People tend to go for something edible like sweets and chocolate but we've also seen things like candles, mini shots and even scratch cards! We've gone through our favourites and determined what your choice of wedding favour says about you so take a look."

white chocolate boxes with green ribbon Sweets
Sweets are a great wedding favour, who doesn't love a great selection of pick n mix? Couples tend to go for one specific sweet like a selection of Love Hearts or they fill up a small bag with some of the best pick n mix. If you've chosen sweets for your wedding favours then you probably have a bit of a sweet tooth yourself. You're fun and you're hoping to have a really good time at your wedding reception!

Chocolate boxes
Another popular wedding favour idea is chocolates - couples tend to box up around four or five different flavoured chocolates and pop them into a sweet little box. There are of course places that will do this for you but if you're looking to save a few pennies why not buy them yourself and create your own cardboard boxes? If you've chosen chocolate then chances are you're a sweetheart. You've waited your whole life for this special day and you want it to be magical and filled with love.

pastel coloured macarons on a plate Candles
A non edible wedding favour option are candles. Of course these are on the slightly more expensive side but they're something your guests will certainly appreciate. Those who go for candles as their wedding favours are all about the aesthetics. You want your wedding day to stand out and be memorable all the way down to the minute details. And chances are you're probably really house proud yourself and you want to share the love with your guests.

If you wanted to get a little fancy then macarons are a great wedding favour. These usually consist of around three or four macarons in an open lid box. The beautiful and bright colours definitely add to the table decor and certainly stand out. If macarons are your wedding favour of choice then our guess is that you probably love an afternoon tea (and rightfully so!) You wanted a fancy and sophisticated wedding and your favourite colour is most likely pink!

cookie favours bride and groom iced patterns Cookies
Cookies are a lovely choice! More and more people go for a personalised cookie with the name of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding. You're definitely a warm and loving person if you've chosen to have cookies as your wedding favours. We're guessing that your motto is that there's no problem a cuppa (and a biscuit) can't fix and you're not wrong.

Sugared almonds
Sugared almonds are the traditional wedding favour and although people try a lot of new things like sweets and chocolate, sugared almonds are still a popular choice for many couples. You're definitely more of a traditional girl if you opt for sugared almonds. You want an intimate wedding and your dream is to probably live in a farmhouse and raise a family away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

mini shots of different liquours Mini shots
A more modern option is to have mini shots at your wedding! Popular mini shots include pink gin or if you're looking for something stronger - sambuca! However, it's important to consider the age of your guests. If your guest list includes a lot of children and under 18's then it's probably best to give this one a miss. If you have an age appropriate guest list then this can be a really fun idea. You're probably the life of the party if you want mini shots as wedding favours and you're all about having a good time!

Scratch cards
Your guests definitely won't be expecting to receive a scratch card at your wedding. These can be really fun and it will get people a little excited as they scratch away at the card to see if they've won any cash! If you chose scratch cards then our guess is you're an adventurous person, you like to do things differently and you always want to make sure people around you are enjoying themselves.

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