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Couples are planning deluxe weddings

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 21 July 2022

bride and groom standing on a drive in front of a castle Credit: Langley CastleIn the past couple of years, tying the knot has been challenging. Getting married is an important decision, and recent events had only contributed to rousing doubts and dilemmas around this life-changing milestone.

Many couples resorted to intimating weddings that abided by government regulations. From Zoom ceremonies to short guest lists, brides and grooms have embraced the micro-wedding trend. But, as we cruise confidently back towards normality, large celebrations seem likely to make a welcomed return. This sparks one obvious question: how is the rise of big, jaunty ceremonies altering the plans of soon-to-be-married couples?

Here, the team at Langley Castle, has taken a look at how we can expect to celebrate weddings in 2022, detailing both trends and tips you may want to consider for your own big special event.

grand room in a castle with huge luxe floral displays candelabra and loads of tables for guests Weekend wedding
Reciting your vows and formalising the start of a new family is a pivotal moment that deserves to be celebrated in style. In recent times, this has not been the easiest of tasks – but now, you have the chance to eternalise your exciting event on a larger scale. Why limit the celebrations to one evening? More and more couples are intrigued by the idea of throwing multi-day parties.

A wedding weekend is the perfect way to extend the ceremony and keep the cheerful vibes going long after the traditional reception. Newlyweds are now looking to maximise their time with guests and spend precious time together. By accommodating them in a resort or a picturesque castle wedding venue, they can all laugh and boogie for a few joyous days.

This said, venues may already be fully booked for Saturdays this year, as thousands of couples have swiftly rearranged their postponed celebrations. In fact, it is forecast that there will be around 350,000 weddings across the country in 2022. Compared to the national average of about 278,000 ceremonies per year, this is a huge increase. Therefore, you will find that you may have to organise your own big day – or will be invited to one – on a weekday instead.

Large wedding list
A big wedding party means a big wedding list. Scaling down the names of attendees was one of the trickiest, most difficult changes that brides and grooms had to adapt to in the past couple of years. Thankfully, couples are back to having the freedom to invite whoever they wish.

Hence, the number of guests is bound to increase exponentially. If you have an extensive pool of friends or a vast family, you will have the opportunity to share your memorable day with them all. However, do not feel you have to fill up your wedding guest list for the sake of it – rather than thinking about the headcount, focus on who will make your celebrations even more meaningful.

two bride getting married in the woods with a celebrant Outdoor ceremonies
Prior to last summer, civil ceremonies had to take place indoors or in a permanent outdoor structure (e.g., gazebos, bandstands). For those wanting to exchange rings in the fresh air, the good news is that things have since changed. During the pandemic, the government introduced temporary measures to allow spouses to marry outside. Now, outdoor weddings at licensed venues in England and Wales have officially been legalised, and couples are able to plan their ceremony with greater flexibility.

Hence, you can expect to attend more open-air ceremonies in the future. If you find a venue with a flowery garden, you may want to tie the knot surrounded by plants, nature, and tweeting birds. It will certainly make your special moment all the more magical!

Sustainable celebrations
With all that has happened in the last two years or so, we have also had the time to reflect on the importance of safeguarding our planet. This includes ways in which we can limit our impact on the environment and reduce unnecessary wastage.

In just one day, a wedding produces the equivalent amount of emissions that four or five individuals would in one whole year. To be specific, that is about 63 tons of CO2. Big celebrations could have a detrimental impact on their surroundings, so environmentally conscious couples are planning to embrace sustainable events.

There are many different steps you can take to make your wedding as eco-friendly as possible. You can send digital invitations, choose venues that source their food from local farms, and pick plastic-free caterers. What's more, if you are decorating your chosen location with loads of flowers, you can repurpose them when the ceremony is over. Why not give them to a hospital or a nursing home?

With simple precautions, spouses can still enjoy a big green wedding while keeping an eye on the well-being of their surroundings.

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