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How to have a wedding that's unique to you

Posted by Gracie Leader on 25 April 2022

Planning your wedding can seem overwhelming, especially with so many traditions out there that you might feel you need to to include in your big day. But if a traditional approach isn’t your kind of thing, adding elements unique to you can make the day feel all the more special.

The occasion is dedicated to you and your partner, so it’s the perfect opportunity to infuse your interests as a couple into your celebration. Thinking of which personal touches to include may be tough, so here we’re going to discuss some ideas that will assist you in making your special day all about you.

Consider venues that reflect you
The venue is an essential part of a wedding, so it’s important to consider a range of options. This way, you’ll ensure that you choose the right venue to represent you as a couple.

One of the easiest places to find inspiration in is the hobbies you enjoy as a couple. Think of some frequent days out that you have both had together. If hiking or walking in the countryside is one of your regular activities, take a look at some of the beautiful venues here in the UK. With captivating views, the sound of trickling streams, and extravagant gardens, you can embrace your admiration for nature.

bride and groom on beach If the pair of you are sunseekers, check out some of the UK’s most stunning beach wedding venues. With hidden spots along the coastline up and down the country, you can be certain there’s something nearby if you don’t want to head too far from home.

If sand is a concern (particularly on a windy day), consider hosting the ceremony at a venue that is set back from the beachfront – this way, you can enjoy the stunning views with the distant sound of waves crashing without worrying about your dress being ruined.
Some couples are more traditional than others, so taking a more conventional route for your wedding might be the best way to show your individuality. The UK has a variety of stunning churches and each one is completely different from the next, meaning the perfect venue is out there for everyone.

personalised wedding cupcakes Adding personal touches
If you’re fortunate enough to have a talented baker within the family, have them put this skill to use for your day by gifting you a cake to display on your wedding dessert buffet. Not only does it add some sentiment, but if this is slightly too much pressure, some cupcakes would go down a treat as something extra for your guests to indulge in.

Once the celebration comes to an end you and your partner might wonder how all that time passed so quickly – why not finish the day by gifting each other a honeymoon package filled with all the essentials needed for jetting off on your trip? You could include travel bags, mini toiletry sets, or even a travel guide for your chosen destination. This will have the dual function of adding a personal touch to the day while also helping you prepare for your first holiday as a married couple.

Vows are a special moment at your ceremony to share with the people who you love the most around you. For a more privately personal touch, you could write a love letter to each other to share on your wedding day. If scenic walks are a hobby for you and your partner, you could do so on the evening of your big day. This will also give you a secluded romantic moment to read out your letters to one another without the pressure of an audience.

For those interested in arts and crafts, why not create a fun opportunity for your guests to get involved? Whilst a photo booth may seem like a common addition to a wedding venue, add a twist by setting up a crafts station with scrapbooks for your family and friends to glue their photos in. As well as factoring in some entertainment, you and your spouse can reminisce on the celebration of your love through a little book of memories.

As exciting as your wedding day is, the stress can be a lot to handle. For those hoping to take a less traditional route with personal touches, the search for ideas can feel endless. Perhaps one of these ideas will be exactly what you’re looking for and will give you the inspiration to make your day truly special.

Information provided by Cath Kidston

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