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11 of the biggest wedding trends of 2022 - according to a professional wedding planner

Posted by Gracie Leader on 27 April 2022

2022 is surely going to be the year of the weddings - after many had to postpone their earlier dates  due to Covid. And with weddings, comes wedding trends. Illy Goodall, founder of Illy Elizabeth Weddings, is here to tell you all about them.

With 2022 being the biggest wedding season on record, an estimated 2.5 million weddings are set to take place this year, according to The Wedding Report, here’s all you need to know on 2022’s wedding trends, according to Illy.

Pantone Colour 2022 – Very Peri
“The pantone colour for 2022 is a shade of blue which features violet undertones. The peri colour is actually a colour that can calm the mind, perfect for post-covid wedding stress. It also closely reminds me of lavender, which could be another reason we relate it so well to its calming influences.
When using a bold colour such as this within your wedding design, you want to add hints of it and pair this with other purple/blue tones. Keep neutral undertones, such as white, to your floral palettes to ensure it compliments your colour scheme.”
“The modern monochrome palette is still very popular for a lot of weddings this year. It is sometimes easier for couples to relate to easier colour tones that you can’t really get wrong. Most modern venues or urban industrial venues will suit this perfectly, especially if you are adding décor details with black metals.”

floral centre piece wedding table Florals
“Anemone’s are one of the most popular flowers requested for this coming wedding season, we are seeing many couples choose these in the winter months due to availability. Ranunculas, Lisianthus and Garden roses are close behind, with many couples trying to source English flowers to support local flower farms. We are seeing filler flowers becoming popular with Snapdragons, Queen Anne’s Lace and Wax Flowers.”

Virtual Save The Dates
“With many couples deciding to get married in 2022 with a short time frame before the wedding, it’s no surprise that virtual save the dates have been on an increase.

If you didn’t already know, there is actually a shortage of cards at this moment, so we are experiencing huge delays with stationers. Couples need to get their dates out to ensure everything is reserved in time, so we are switching to online platforms for save the dates to get this out quickly whilst we wait for stationery to go to print. It’s also eco-friendly so what’s not to love?”

bride trying on wedding dress Rental Wedding Dresses
“Due to the high demand of wedding dresses this year, brides have turned to renting for their big day. Bridal designers can take anywhere from 6-9 months on a normal wedding year to create a gown, however this year with it being a busy season, we are looking at a longer lead time. This isn’t ideal for couples that are only just booking to get married this year, so alternative options like renting your wedding dress is becoming very popular.”

Short Wedding Dresses
“Oh yes, the short hemlines are doing their rounds again, with 2022 expecting to see a large increase in these wedding dress designs. Many city weddings now taking place seem to be the reason behind the popularity, a little white dress is the perfect suited style for a luxury town hall wedding. Big puff sleeves are also very popular with many brides opting for this modern style.”

Weekday Weddings
“With weekend dates being booked up, weekday weddings have seen a surge this year in popularity. Couples are desperate to stop delaying their wedding plans any further so are opting for weekday weddings to ensure they can go ahead this year. Whilst some couples are increasing their budgets, a lot are reducing these and weekday weddings are a great way to do this. Many venues will offer more competitive rates for weekday weddings.”

bride and groom at country manor Country Home Weddings
“Due to the lack of availability with wedding venues this year, many couples have opted to get married at family homes, especially in the country. We have seen a surge in marquee weddings as a result. Country Weddings are glorious in the summer, with stunning views and the option to create whatever wedding design concepts you so desire.”
Fairy Light Installations

“We are seeing an increase with fairy light canopies and backdrops this year. Adding a romantic ambience these work perfectly for evening reception setups. With wedding season moving into winter months, it will get darker earlier, so couples are using this as an alternative to light up their wedding venues.”

candle centre piece wedding table Alternative Candles

"Many new businesses opened up during the pandemic, candles were definitely an area that we saw an increase in with regards to creativity. Candles that have bespoke shaping such as twisting candles have been featured in the likes of Liberty London. Hand painted contemporary candles are another popular style we've seen incorporated into wedding designs. Often these will contain scripting which can be personalised with your vows to make them completely bespoke."

Unusual Reception Table Layouts

"Couples are always wanting the next new trend to stand out, with 2022 being overwhelmed with weddings, unusual reception table layouts are being requested to make things modern. Many wedding planners and stylists created some unique floorplans to work with keeping guests distanced during last year's weddings. As a result, we are seeing S-shaped tables being a popular choice, as well as square tables and U Shapes."

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