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2022’s biggest TikTok wedding trends

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 4 April 2022

couple on sofa looking at a mobile phone We all remember the lockdown TikTok dance routines that everyone copied and shared on the app - also the start of the County Wedding Magazines' teams' obsession with The Weeknd's Blinding Lights track! - but did you know, how much the app is actually used to help couples plan their wedding days? The hashtag #WeddingHacks has a whopping 103 million views on TikTok. From ways to keep your wedding stress free, to theme and location inspiration, the app is clearly a source of enlightenment for couples planning their weddings worldwide.

top table with masses of luxury white flowers Jonathan Bryans, sales director at WeddingsOnline discusses the TikTok trends for 2022 and provides expert advice on how to implement them on your big day.

Top five locations and themes
"Due to the recent events of the pandemic, many couples seem to be jumping at the opportunity to have a destination wedding, with the hashtag #DestinationWeddings racking up 9.5 million views on TikTok. Luxury weddings also seem to be on-trend, with 26.6 million views on the app.

Wedding Hashtag / Views Per Hashtag

Luxury Weddings 26.6 million
Destination Weddings 9.5 million
Cottagecore Wedding 4.1 million
Casual Wedding 533.2k
60s Wedding 6,284

In terms of themes, there seems to have been a craving for more intimate and cosy themes. For example, cottagecore has seen a rise, with the hashtag having 4.1 million views. Some couples seem to be taking this further, with casual weddings featuring in the top five hashtags. Perhaps, due to the pandemic restrictions, many couples are seeking a more intimate and meaningful affair rather than a huge wedding. Even celebrities such as Ariana Grande have followed this trend. 

Top five trends and hacks Throughout the last two years, there has been a clear increase in personalisation in wedding traditions. For example, instead of wedding cakes, many couples are choosing to have champagne towers at their reception, with the hashtag #ChampagneTower amassing a whopping 14.6 million views. 
There are also subtle ways of making your wedding more personal to you. Personalised place cards currently have 4,051 views, or you can ask for personalised gifts that you can pass on to your family. If you’re a guest you could buy the wedding couple a personalised cutting board, just one of many popular gifts in 2022. These little touches go a long way and can certainly make the day feel that little bit more special.

champagne tower Wedding Trends/HacksViews per Hashtag

Champagne Tower 14.6 million
Pearl Vei l7.8 million
Personalised Wedding Gift 1.3 million
Puff Sleeve Wedding Dress 114.5k
Wedding Flowerwall 47.7k
Bridal Bow 17.8k
Bridal Gloves 7,165
60s Wedding 6,284
Personalised Place Cards 4,051
Regency Wedding 2,147

As well as making your wedding more personal, the pandemic has created a massive resurgence of nostalgia. For example, '#60sWedding' has 6,284 views on the app. Many brides are also incorporating past wedding trends into their final wedding look. For example, puff sleeves and bridal bows all seem to be upcoming TikTok wedding trends this year, with 114.5k and 17.8k views respectively. Incorporating subtle trends within your wedding look can allow brides the flexibility of honouring nostalgic trends or traditions but also making sure it feels right to them.

There is no denying that TikTok can provide some excellent hacks and inspiration for any couple out there. Remember your wedding theme and look needs to feel right to you - you can be as traditional or as personal as you like".

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