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The nation's most cherished wedding photo

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 31 May 2021

group wedding shot Printing experts Parrot Print whose slogan is 'Bring Your Images to Life', has surveyed couples in the UK to reveal what the nation's most cherished wedding photograph is.
After a turbulent year for the wedding industry and hopeful couples alike during the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions are easing and weddings are starting to resume. Now more than ever, we are cherishing special moments in our lives and your very own wedding day is up there with the most important for many happy couples. But when it comes to wedding photography, it's important to make sure you're getting the most from your important snaps to hang on your wall, give as a gift or simply treasure forever.

couple married walking down aisle An area of wedding planning that a bride and groom could agree on as 20% of women also stated that the close family/generational photo was their most cherished, proving that the big day is about more than the happy couple. 

The photograph% of men who cherish this image% of women who cherish this image
Close/family generational photo18%20%
Couple walking down the aisle just married15%21%
All guests picture17%14%
First kiss as married couple13%16%
Cutting the cake13%13%

bride with mum helping her get dresses in wedding gown The Generational Split
The love of a perfect wedding day snap is held across all generations, but which classic wedding day captured moments are going out of fashion? The survey revealed that the 'all guests' photo may well be dropping out of fashion as only 13% of Gen Z deemed the full party picture a cherishable moment - does this mean that wedding guests can finally say good-bye to this tedious wedding day photo-op?

Perhaps not too fast, as on the other end of the generational split, over 75s ranked the 'all guests' photo as their most valued wedding day image (24%), suggesting that it may well be a valuable image for long-term value.  Instead of traditional group shots, the research indicates that the younger generations are more focused on photographs that capture intimate moments between the newlyweds. Notably, the "Just Married!" image of the couple walking hand-in-hand down the aisle was ranked the most cherished image for both Millennials (20%) and Gen X (18%) suggesting this is a must-have image for your wedding day photography list! 

As for Gen Z, the Instagram generation are after the perfect romantic shot as they most valued the 'first kiss as a married couple' shot at 22%. The research also revealed that 16-24-year-olds are the generation who most value the 'bride getting ready' image (13%) suggesting that for the younger generations the detail and focus on the bride's portrait is a strong wedding day priority, it's no wonder when the average UK bride spends £1,313 on their wedding dress!

two men cutting wedding cake in wedding suits The Regional Split
As well as generational splits, the survey also revealed top UK city's favourite wedding snaps, does your most cherished wedding day photo match up with your city's top choice?
Photo Moment | Cities Who Voted It Their Most Cherished Moment
The Close Family/Generational Photo
Cardiff (21.79%), Edinburgh (17.72%), Glasgow (18.95%), Liverpool (18.28%), London (19.27%), Manchester (18.24%), Newcastle (19.75%), Norwich (22.86%), Southampton (29.49%)
The Couple Walking Down The Aisle 'Just Married!'
Birmingham (22.22%), Brighton (15.69%), Leeds (23.62%), Norwich (22.86%), Plymouth (22.58%), Sheffield (25.76%)
All Guests Picture
Belfast (22.81%), Bristol (21.59%)
Cutting The Cake
Liverpool (18.28%)
To view this content in full check out Parrot Print's Blog Post.

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