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Brits still going ahead with life goals - especially marriage!

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 15 January 2021

couple laying on a bed looking at eachother With everything from travel plans to wedding dates put on hold in 2020, luxury UK jewellery retailer Goldsmiths, asked 1,000 UK adults how they would be approaching big life events when the world gradually regains some sense of normality this year. Despite the unexpected events of 2020 having disrupted life as we knew it, it seems that 84 per cent of Brits are determined to carry on with 'life plans' such as tying the knot, buying a house and starting a family!

When asked about how their priorities had changed regarding landmark occasions such as getting engaged or buying a house, less than a fifth of Britons (16%) stated they believed these to be less of a priority personally for them.
Just fifteen per cent of those surveyed were found to be no longer prioritising milestone events such as weddings, having or adopting a child, getting engaged, retiring, making a house purchase or starting a new job.
Luckily, just two percent of UK couples now believe their wedding to be less of a priority going forward, and even fewer (1%) are de-prioritising getting engaged.

Craig Bolton, executive director from Goldsmiths commented on the findings: "Whilst the events of the year have undoubtedly changed life for so many of us, it's reassuring to see that the majority of Brits are determined to try and continue with life and the 'big moment' events that come along with it, as planned.
"The wedding industry in particular has suffered huge losses in terms of revenue but changing restrictions have also dealt a number of devastating blows to those couples who were hoping to get married in 2020.
"Despite the challenges the year has presented us with, our research has certainly highlighted how eager the nation is to pick up where they left off as restrictions are relaxed in 2021, especially where weddings other big life events are concerned - and how nothing will stand in the way of their plans when it comes to love!"

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