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Savings expert gives top tips on budgeting for your big day!

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 21 December 2020

bride and groom close up of holding hands Putting money away for a rainy day can seem pointless - especially when this year feels like one long rainy day! If you know exactly what your hard-earned money is going towards the saving process can be a lot more enjoyable. For many, one of the biggest expenses will be the biggest day of their lives - their wedding day.
Kevin Mountford from Raisin UK has provided his top tips on how best to save for your big day...

Track your budget
It may seem obvious, but think about how much you'd want to spend, and work towards that. If you're looking to spend less on your wedding day, then keep a track of things you buy from the very beginning. When it comes down to those impulse buys on table decorations or favours, it's important to remember the money you spent way back at the beginning of your planning.

What are your dealbreakers?
Set yourself some clear dealbreakers with your partner. You may be willing to spend a huge sum for your photographer, whereas your partner is determined to not skimp out on the catering. Create a list of what your dealbreakers are, and seek to prioritise your budget around these - if there's elements of the day you could go without, or don't want to sink a lot of money into, you can reattribute this to your dealbreaker purchases.

Be savvy with your savings accounts
Planning your dream day can often take more than a year, so it's well worth setting up a separate savings account to deposit your wedding money. Look for something with a high interest rate that allows you easy access to pay for suppliers etc.

couple on sofa looking at paperwork Something borrowed?
Whilst it's an old tradition, borrowing and reusing can be sentimental and savvy.Reach out to family and friends to see what they may have saved from their own nuptials, as often it's only been used once. Some of the biggest expenses of the day could be borrowed, or repurposed - adding an extra layer of sentiment to your special day.

Get crafty
If you fancy trying your hand to making things for your big day, you'll often find that things such as favours and table decorations can be made by hand much cheaper. Browse for the styles and items you'd like, and see if you can find the raw materials to create them yourself - often at a fraction of the cost.

Get insured
Wedding insurance may seem like an unnecessary expense, but after the hand dealt to the wedding industry in 2020 - it may be the best money you spend going forward into next year. Having wedding insurance can save you from losing money if you need to change the date, or if a supplier goes bust.

couple, one on sofa one sat on floor looking at laptop Settle on a guest list early!
When it comes to budgeting for food, drinks per head, seating, favours it's impossible if you don't have a concrete number of who is going to be there. Decide on how big or small your guest list is going to be for the ceremony and reception and overbudget in case of plus ones or late additions. As soon as you have RSVPs, make sure you stick to your numbers.

Create a spending timeline
After understanding your overall budget, have a think about what needs to be paid for first. If it's a deposit for the venue, make sure you have that amount saved before you start to book caterers or music. Creating a timeline of what you will be spending and where is key to keep a track on money going in and out.

About Raisin UK
Raisin UK is a savings marketplace, one of Europe's most successful technology-led financial services companies. Raisin is open to people across all EU countries, with eight dedicated country websites, and a North American savings service for banks and credit unions.

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