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Involving pets in your wedding day

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 11 May 2020

Involving pets in your wedding day: Image 1 With many people becoming 'fur parents' to their 'fur babies' it's only natural for couples to want these much-loved family members to be involved in such an important day; whether you own a dog, cat, horse, rabbit, reptile, or even a farmyard animal!
Pet charity Blue Cross has revealed that 10% of Brits now give pets a central role on their wedding day with 20% stating they included their pets because they are such an important part of the family. So, whether you're popping the question or walking down the aisle, Purely Diamonds has found the ultimate heart-warming stories of couples who have included their furry BFFs in their special moments. 

Roxanne and her rescue lurchers

Roxanne and her now husband Eddie from Kent involved their two rescue lurchers Noodle and Nellie in their wedding day celebrations. 
The couple rescued the pooches nine-months before their wedding day and knew they had to be with them when they tied the knot. They hired a dog chaperone to look after them on the day, meaning the loveable twosome was with the happy couple for the ceremony, photos and the speeches and then were taken home. 
Roxanne said: “It was so lovely we could have them with us on the day. I got custom made harnesses made using the same liberty fabric the groomsmen had on their bow ties, and our florist made them their own flower arrangements so they looked the part.”


Involving pets in your wedding day: Image 2 Tim's dog walk proposal

Rosie and her other half Tim from Manchester were on a dog walk when he popped the question. Her pooch Riley leapt up as soon as she said yes. 
Rosie said: "Riley leapt up as soon as I said yes and then was a bit confused by the whole thing. He's going to be there with us on the big day and his grinning face is on our invites and will be signed by all our guests."

Involving pets in your wedding day: Image 3 Hati the flowergirl

Emma and her husband Adam, from London, involved their rescue dog Hati as their flower girl on their big day. Hati was first rescued three years ago from Romania and the couple both say she is the centre of their world. 

Emma said: “Hati barked her way through the ceremony and then introduced herself to all our guests at the reception, she is definitely the centre of our world.”

Involving pets in your wedding day: Image 4 Fur ever and ever
On Sam and Jon's big day Phoebe was there again to offer her support but unfortunately she couldn't join in on the ceremony as she wasn't allowed in the venue. 
Sam said: "In terms of the wedding itself, she didn't have a role in the ceremony as she wasn't allowed in the venue for that part but they let her come to the drinks reception and she was there for all of the photos."

Top tips for involving your pet on your wedding day
Couples involving their beloved pets into special occasions such as engagements and wedding day celebrations is becoming an increasingly popular trend. However, as we all know our animal friends can be unpredictable - which is something you do not want on the most important day of your life! So follow these tips if you're thinking about involving your pet at your wedding. 

1. Confirm with your venue 
This should be the very first step you take if you are planning on bringing your pet along to your special day. The last thing you want is to bring your pet along on the day and find out the venue does not allow animals on the property. If you find out your venue does accommodate pets make sure to bring along a water bowl, treats and a few toys to keep your pet happy and occupied.

2.Book a pet sitter or a dog chaperone 
Whilst it’s nice to have your furry BFF around on your wedding day, it’s important for the happy couple to relax and not have to watch over them. So why not hire a pet sitter or dog chaperone to be responsible for bringing your pet to the ceremony and watch them during the ceremony and reception. The sitter can also take your furry friends home before it gets too rowdy as the night and alcohol consumption goes on. 

3.What role will your beloved take? 
They say a man's best friend is his dog, so why not make your pooch your best-man? Or ring bearers, flower girls and ‘mutts of honour’ are also popular roles for your beloved pets. Involving your pet in your wedding day is a super cute thing to do, and many couples can’t imagine their wedding day without their pets included. Always take into consideration the type of personality your pet has before giving them a specific role – are they excitable, aggressive or obedient? You may want to make your pet a ring bearer, but think about whether your pet will enjoy this or not. Your pet may also feel uncomfortable and overwhelmed by your 100 plus guests. 

Involving pets in your wedding day: Image 5 4.Let your guests know if you plan to bring your pet along 
It is always worth informing your guests early on that you’re going to include your pet at your wedding. You could provide this information on the save-the-date cards and add another reminder on the invitation, as this will warn any guests with allergies so they can plan in advance.

5. Safety First
There is nothing cuter than a pooch in a tux or a cat with a bow tie, but make sure it fits properly and is comfortable so your pet can enjoy your day. It’s best to keep the accessories simple to avoid any pitfalls. Try attaching a flower or little bow to their collar for a fun way to dress up your pet. Always double-check that none of their accessories are a choking hazard to your pet and that none of the flowers you used are poisonous.

Top ways to involve your pet into marriage proposals
If your future spouse is an animal lover and you know it would make it extra special to include your furry friend into your proposal then check out these adorable and simple ways to create the proposal of their dreams. 

Attach The Engagement Ring To The Collar
Now this proposal idea can be done in many different ways. For example, have the dog/cat wake her with the ring around his collar in the morning, or have her come "check something out" on the beloved pet. To make the proposal extra special buy some ribbon and loop the ring on this, then loosely tie it in a bow around the pets neck. This will make it more special and will look super cute in all the ‘I said yes pictures’.  

Puppy Surprise
Have you been talking about getting a dog for a while? Well this is the ultimate opportunity to stun your other half. So when you have it all planned out and are ready to propose, throw a puppy into their arms! They’ll be so distracted with the cuteness of a puppy that they won’t even notice that you’re down on one knee. 

Order A Customised Sweater 
Order a customised sweater for your furry friend with the writing "will you marry me" on it. This one takes a little more planning and a little more time but is totally worth the effort. When the day comes, dress your pet up in its outfit and have it run into the room. This is SURE to make them smile.

Create A Customised Tag
Another extremely creative idea: customizing a pet tag with the words "will you marry me" on it. This is a great way to totally shock your other half with your proposal. This proposal idea is casual and extremely nonchalant that they will have no idea what's coming. Once they realise what the pets tag says, you can be down on one knee and asking for their hand in marriage. Simple as that!

Loosely Hang a Sign From Your Pets Neck
This one is pretty simple. Create a sign that says "will you marry me?" and hang it around your pets neck. You can print out the text, write it by hand, or even buy a sign at a store. Whatever you decide, this is sure to make them smile. All you have to do is call them into the room, have the pet sitting, and then get down on one knee. Once they see the sign, you can give a romantic speech and the rest is history. 

All credit to Purely Diamonds

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