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How to be the best bridesmaid ever!

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 28 April 2020

How to be the best bridesmaid ever!: Image 1 A bridesmaid is there through it all the good and the bad, the tears and the laughter. So, for those that are playing such a huge part, here are Lynsey Littlefield from Fizzbox.com's tips on how to be the best bridesmaid ever:

Pre Wedding
Be a good listener: One of the most essential skills needed as a bridesmaid is to be a good listener. From the moment your best friend asks you to be her side kick at the wedding you can expect your days to be filled with lots of 'wedding talk'. Now there may be times when table arrangements are the last thing you want to be talking about, but just remember how important she is to you and how much she wants you to be part of her day. Listen and she will always value your friendship.

Keep smiling and master your enthusiastic face: We know it can be hard at times being a bridesmaid and as excited as you are about the wedding, it isn't the biggest day of your life, keep smiling and practicing your enthusiastic face, the countdown to the wedding has begun and it won't be long before it's here and normal life will resume!

Always keep a bottle of Prosecco in the fridge: For a number of reasons this is needed, firstly; the run up to the wedding will be busy and at times stressful, you and your fellow bridesmaids may find solace in the bubbles and secondly it might be just what you need to relax the bride to be!

How to be the best bridesmaid ever!: Image 2 Organize a killer hen do: One of the biggest jobs (and by far most fun) as a bridesmaid is to organize the hen do. Of course, it has to be the hen do to beat all hen dos- no pressure then? So if a weekend to remember is the plan makes be sure you to give yourself plenty of time to organize. There are lots of fantastic things to do in the UK and Europe, so start looking into it as soon as possible, group activity bookings website Fizzbox offers a huge choice of activities connecting customers directly with suppliers it giving you complete control- just what you need to ensure the party is exactly how you want it to be.

Make sure no one posts any bad photos of the bride to be on Insta: As well as organizing the hen do, it is your responsibility to make sure that no bad photos of the hen celebrations are posted online, there is nothing worse than a bride to be not looking her best on Insta pre wedding. Not to mention the shock she will have to see them, lay the law down to the other hens- or they will witness the wrath of you and the bride!

Love your dress no matter what: It goes without saying; you have to love your bridesmaid dress. The bride will probably drag you around a lot of shops to find the one, but for your best friend's sake, love it no matter what. She will also tell you that it will be a lovely dress to wear after the wedding- just agree, we all know full well that you will never wear the dress again (not if you can help it).

How to be the best bridesmaid ever!: Image 3 On the Wedding Day
Don't forget your emergency Bridesmaid Kit: Finally the big day has arrived, a big must is to take a long for the morning of the wedding a special bridesmaid survival kit, this should include: tissues/baby wipes, make up, safety pins, mini Prosecco, mini water, flat shoes to change into and mints.

Stay cool: On the morning of the wedding emotions can be high and things do occasionally go wrong, be as calm as possible and there to help. There is nothing worse than a bridesmaid sitting around and not helping when needed, it's important to be a support to your friend and her family so that they are relaxed and ready to go.

Look after the little ones: Not everyone has children at their wedding, but if there are young flower girls or pageboys, you will be needed to help the bride by looking after them and keeping them occupied and quiet during the ceremony. Get this right and not only will the bride love you, the child's parents will too!

Toilet duty: Yes, it might not be the most glamorous part of your job, but you will be needed to help the bride when she goes to the toilet. Whether it's to hold her dress up for her or to make sure she doesn't get make up all over her, or as a shoulder to cry on (weddings can be over whelming) she will need you as her side kick, it's all in a day work as a fabulous bridesmaid but something she will always be grateful for.

Get the party started: Just when you thought it was time to relax ... the bridesmaid duties never stop, as bridesmaid you will be expected to be first up on the dance floor after the first dance (of course) and the ones to get the party started- no rest for the wicked. So make sure you get plenty of rest the night before.

Post Wedding
Keep the Spirit of the Wedding Alive:
Finally, your role as bridesmaid doesn't end once the big event has been and gone, you role as bridesmaid will continue to reign. Even after the wedding, you will be called upon to look at photos, watch videos and of course chat about the honeymoon.

Master all of this and you will be a fab bridesmaid! For fun group activities visit Fizzbox.com

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