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Experience fun family safaris with Wilderness Safaris

Posted by Melissa Barker on 21 April 2022

Family study animal tracks with wildlife tracker Wilderness’ Safaris has created a selection of impactful family safaris, with every booking contributing $20 to its non-profit partner, helping to enrich the lives of rural children in its areas of operation. 

Recognising the importance of nurturing future conservationists, Wilderness offers extraordinary adventures customised for all generations, bringing families together to reconnect with each other and nature, in some of the most pristine natural areas in the world.

“We’ve got every family member covered, from granddad to grandchildren, with action-packed itineraries, endless options for every mood, and all-included logistics. It’s the perfect first adventure for children, and the ideal way to tune in and reconnect with all generations," says chief commercial officer, Hadley Allen.

Each family safari is customised so that parents, grandparents, and children all feel cared for – whether it’s time together or time apart. Creating young eco-warriors in the making, children (aged six to 12 years) and teens can choose to enjoy a range of exciting and safe bush experiences, whether in camp or further afield. They can learn how to pole a mokoro (traditional dugout canoe) in Botswana’s Okavango Delta; track and make casts of animal spoor in Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools or Hwange National Park; help conserve desert-adapted wildlife in Namibia; or even learn how to identify, by sight and calls, Zambia’s prolific birdlife. 

Each camp offers different activities tailored to their areas. Arts and crafts, like basket weaving, are geared towards appreciating traditional skills, offering enjoyable opportunities to learn about local cultures and customs. An adventure-packed day ends with evening activities, including drumming, star gazing, frogging or storytelling under the African sky.

Wilderness Guides are experts in making each experience safe but thrilling for every member of the family. They’re excellent entertainers and educators, with encyclopaedic knowledge and vast experience in the wild, and their passion for nature is contagious. They’ll show children of all ages how to observe, identify, and track wildlife.

For detailed information on Wilderness’ Family Safaris, click here.

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