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Style experts answer the most searched for suit questions ahead of the party season

Posted by Melissa Cullen on 6 December 2022

Three men wearing suits laughing With the festive party season just around the corner, plenty of us are starting to wonder how we can dress to impress at the office party and festive nights out with friends. So, for those who might have become accustomed to working from home in more casual styles, the experts at Suit Direct answer some of the most searched-for questions when it comes to dressing to impress this party season.

How should a suit fit?
The key suit styles to know include regular fit, tailored fit, slim fit and skinny fit, and big and tall styles for larger men – whichever you go for, the fit of your suit can really make or break your party look.

An ill-fitting suit, sagging shoulders, or a bunched-up jacket instantly cheapens your look – so how can you tell if a suit fits correctly?

Shoulders a perfect fit will see your suit jacket lie flat on the shoulders and not be too bunched up or hanging off at the edges. A good benchmark is being able to relax your shoulders easily and comfortably.

Two men in suits Jacket torso – a suit jacket should close without strain and not cause creases, bunching, or sag forward when buttoned up. Equally, it should drape smartly when open and not droop down at the sides. You should be able to slide your thumb between the button of the jacket and your stomach without it feeling too tight or loose. In terms of length, the bottom of the jacket should end where your thumb knuckle is, and you should leave the bottom button undone to allow more freedom of movement.

Arms – the sleeves of a suit should be snug but not tight and show around 1cm of the shirt cuff below – perfect if you want to show off some smart cufflinks.

Trousers – the trousers of your suit should fit comfortably around the waist without falling away from your hips. They should just graze the top of your shoes, or even leave a small gap. Trousers that are too long will bunch up and spill over your shoe – so make sure you know your leg measurements.

How to measure a suit
Get the perfect fit by knowing your exact suiting sizes. Measuring up for a suit can take a little bit of effort, but it’s worthwhile to ensure you look sleek and sophisticated at your next party or event. Always size up if you’re looking at a skinny-fit suit jacket and trousers, and don’t rely on old measurements - you’d be surprised how much they can change.

Bride and groom embracing Measure and note down the most prominent part of the chest, the narrowest part of the waist and from the top seam of the inside leg to the trouser hem. Then, slip on a jacket and measure from the shoulder to the cuff - around 1cm of your shirt’s cuff, ideally, should be visible. Men with larger waistlines should take this measurement where they would naturally wear their trousers - this will ensure a plus-sized gentleman can still get a comfortable fit.

What is a lounge suit?
Traditionally, the lounge suit was seen as one of the more informal suiting styles, but the term is now more commonly associated with the classic, versatile men's suit worn for business or pleasure, whether that’s an important office meeting, wedding or christening.

Lounge suits come in a wide range of styles and formats, from three-piece suits complete with a waistcoat, to streamlined two-piece styles, and variations in double and single-breasted designs.

Man trying on a navy suit What shoes/tie go with a navy suit?
Navy suits are a staple in any wardrobe, especially for party season. Professional yet versatile and modern, a navy suit can be styled in a huge variety of ways, and it’s the perfect formal-yet-stylish choice for festive occasions.

Some of the most popular tie colours to pair with navy include blue, green, and purple, but contrasting red or pink ties can also work well with a navy suit. Going for bolder colours or even prints will give your navy a creative, stylish look, while sticking with darker in shade is much more formal.

When it comes to shoes, stick to black, dark brown or other warm brown tones, like heritage-inspired tan leather for vintage appeal.

How to mix and match suits?
Mixing and matching suiting separates is trending this season, and there are plenty of styling tips from influencers on TikTok on how to perfect this. Create bold combinations for a customised look that’ll turn heads at your next festive gathering.

Checkered wedding suit When it comes to mixing and matching, the main thing to note is the colour of each suiting element; create a combination that works in harmony, complements each piece and doesn’t clash too much. Pair a coloured jacket with dark trousers or chinos for the perfect smart-casual look, or look at pairing classic tailored men’s suit jacket with a mis-matched pair of coloured trousers for a fresh take on an old favourite.

Whether you’re after a classic formal look this party season or are looking to find the perfect creative combo to suit your style – the options really are endless. The suit has evolved and it’s now acceptable to wear tailoring your way. 

If you don’t wear a suit often, it’s easy to forget some of the golden rules, so be sure to check your measurements and make sure you’ve got a perfect fit to really dress to impress.

To find out more of the best suit style tips, visit www.suitdirect.co.uk

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