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Nordgreen announces the launch its first ever sustainable watch

Posted by Melissa Barker on 14 April 2022

Front view and back view of the Nordgreen Guardian watch Danish watchmaker Nordgreen has launched its first-ever sustainable watch called the Guardian.
Designed by critically acclaimed designer Jakob Wagner, the ambition for the Guardian was to design a timepiece that will last for 100 years and have minimum impact on the ecosystem of our planet. From recycled stainless steel and longer lasting sapphire glass to a full-service repair and refurbishing program, the Guardian is setting new standards for the watch industry. The unique 3D printed packaging is also made from third-generation recycled PET plastic by Swedish Lostboylab.

”We wanted to design a watch that would help Nordgreen play an active role in cementing a mindset and a community for those dedicated to saving our planet," says designer Jakob Wagner. "For me, the Guardian is so much more than a watch. It’s a movement. A state of mind. It’s a symbol not just of caring about nature, the environment and humanity, but of having the strength of mind and strength of character to actively help”

In addition to the launch of the Guardian, Nordgreen has partnered with external sustainability consultants to actively work towards transforming every aspect of its business with the goal of becoming carbon neutral. During the entire production process, Nordgreen has looked critically at all aspects of production from design details, choice of materials, corrosion resistance, transport costs, service, repair and the ramifications of refurbishing, with the aim of ensuring full traceability of the total environmental impact of each timepiece it creates.

To find out more, visit www.nordgreen.co.uk

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