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Create the world's finest cocktails at home

Posted by Melissa Barker on 20 April 2020

Create the world's finest cocktails at home: Image 2

COVID-19 may have put a dampener on your wedding planning experience but try and use this time constructively. Why not have some fun and create these cocktails together to see which ones you want to offer your guests on your big day?

The Espresso Martini by the Library Bar at The Lanesborough, London
Overlooking Hyde Park and adjacent to the grounds of Buckingham Palace, The Lanesborough is one of London’s most iconic hotels commanding a prestigious location that straddles Belgravia, Knightsbridge and Mayfair. The hotel’s Library Bar offers a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of city life. One of London's most celebrated drinks destinations, distinguished by its outstanding mixology and venerable ‘liquid museum’ of spirits, the Library Bar offers the warm and intimate atmosphere of a private club complemented by a vibrant ambiance, making it a popular choice with both well-heeled locals and hotel guests. The Library Bar is famous for its classic Espresso Martini; a sweet-toothed tipple that is perfect as a post-dinner digestif, concocted using only three ingredients.

Recipe and method
Two shot glasses of espresso, or instant coffee mixed with hot water (make it strong!). We recommend two teaspoons of instant coffee to one spoon of sugar
Two shot glasses of Vodka – any will do
Two drops of vanilla extract
Shake well in a tin jar or cocktail shaker with ice
Strain and pour into your favourite cocktail glass (ideally a Martini glass)

Tip: to make this extra sweet or to adapt into a fun dessert, you could blend the coffee mix and Vodka with two tablespoons of vanilla, chocolate or caramel ice cream – take your pick

How to make it: www.oetkercollection.com/hotels/the-lanesborough/restaurants-bars/bars-lounges/the-library-bar

Create the world's finest cocktails at home: Image 2

The Full Bloomer by the Coral Room at the Bloomsbury, London
The Coral Room offers a lovely cocktail menu that takes influence from the English countryside. Part of The Bloomsbury hotel, it's a magnificent double-heighted all-day bar and restaurant, painted in a high-gloss lacquer in vivid coral. The Coral Room’s Sip of England menu whisks patrons away to the moors, meadows, seas and spires of the ‘Great British Outdoors’, with each cocktail using ingredients local to the area they are inspired by. The signature is The Full Bloomer; a fruity, floral spritz presented in a beautiful scalloped Champagne flute. Ingredients of Rinomato Aperitivo, Two Cirtrus Shrub, Violet Bitters and SASSY Le Cidre Rose are complemented by fragrant notes of rose and strawberries from the Kent countryside to create a sweet and refreshing tipple. To finish, The Full Bloomer is garnished with an edible bubble, filled with bubble-gum aromatic, for the ultimate show-stopping look and burst of flavour.

Recipe and method
100ml Rinomato Aperitivo
15ml Two Citrus Shrub
Three drops of Violet Bitters
150ml SASSY Le Cidre Rosé
Two drops of rose extract
Three strawberries
Build in a mixing glass
Serve in a long Champagne flute

How to make it: www.thecoralroom.co.uk

Create the world's finest cocktails at home: Image 3

The Bloomsbury Boozer by Parker’s Tavern, Cambridge
The bar in Parker’s Tavern at University Arms, Cambridge acts as a social hub in the city, and has been a meeting spot for over 100 years. The bar offers an extensive drinks menu, including a wide selection of English sparkling wine and a botanical-focused cocktail menu. This menu comprises a variety of bespoke tipples, all of which celebrate Cambridge’s spirit of invention with mixology that reinvents classics and takes inspiration from the history, art and academia of Cambridge and University Arms itself. The Bloomsbury Boozer was named after The Bloomsbury Set; a group of writers, academics and intellectuals including Virginia Woolf, John Maynard Keynes and E. M. Forster, who met at Cambridge in their boozy student days.

Recipe and method
50ml Cambridge Dry Gin
20ml elderflower cordial
20ml fresh lemon juice
4 - 5 raspberries
Add all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker (or you can use a large jam jar with lid)
Shake vigorously over ice
Strain into a martini glass

How to make it: www.parkerstavern.com

Create the world's finest cocktails at home: Image 3

The Estate Martini by the American Bar at Gleneagles, Scotland
The Gleneagles Hotel is one of Scotland’s most iconic hotels. Having undergone a multi-million-pound design transformation at the hands of Ennismore Design Studio, new-look spaces all have a social feel at heart. Reminiscent of the elegance and glamour of bars of the 1920s and 30s, The American Bar is a truly special place for intimate drinks, with an exquisite selection of caviar, cocktails inspired by the roaring 20s, and fine Champagnes. Alongside glamorous tipples that pay tribute the characters and pastimes of the 20s, sit five stunning Signature Martinis. Each draws on the varied scenery of Scotland, with subtle elements added to Scottish gins. For the Estate Martini, raspberry leaf-infused vermouth and elderflower are added to South Loch Raspberry Old Tom gin.

Recipe and method
60ml South Loch Raspberry Old Tom Gin
5ml elderflower cordial
15ml raspberry leaf-infused vermouth
Add the gin, vermouth, elderflower and ice together in a mixing glass and stir to combine
Strain into a chilled Martini glass
Garnish with a lemon peel

How to make it: www.gleneagles.com/dine-drink/the-american-bar

Create the world's finest cocktails at home: Image 4

The Parabola by The Newt in Somerset
The Newt in Somerset is a vast working country estate opened in Summer 2019, encompassing beautifully cultivated gardens, a parabola with 267 varieties of apples for each county, garden eateries and visitor attractions, Farm and House & Garden Shops and a 23-room Hotel and Spa. Celebrating all things Somerset – from freshly squeezed apple juices and cyders made on site, to honeys produced by native and wild Somerset bees – the beauty and simplicity of the outside world is brought indoors throughout the hotel and estate, not least into the Bar. The bar team shakes up an inventive drinks menu guided by seasonal garden produce and the heritage of the Grade II listed building formerly known as Hadspen House. Highlights of a seasonally changing cocktail menu, inspired by what can be picked from the gardens, include The Parabola; an elderflower and apple delight featuring The Newt’s very own apple gin and Medium Somerset Cyder pressed on-site, topped with botanicals or herbs from your own garden.

Recipe and method
25ml The Newt Apple Gin
25ml St Germain elderflower liqueur
5ml Elderflower cordial
75ml The Newt Medium Cyder
Fill a highball glass generously with ice cubes
Pour over the gin, liqueur and cordial
Top up with The Newt Medium Cyder
Garnish with rosemary or lavender from the garden and a thin slice of apple

How to make it: Guests can purchase The Newt in Somerset’s Cyders online: shop.thenewtinsomerset.com/categories/cyder. For the bar: www.thenewtinsomerset.com

Create the world's finest cocktails at home: Image 4

The Esencia Margarita by Hotel Esencia, Riviera Maya
Evoking a refreshing virtual taste of the unspoiled ivory sands of the Riviera Maya’s Xpu Ha Beach – widely considered the most beautiful stretch of beach on Mexico’s Caribbean coast – Hotel Esencia’s Esencia Margarita is a fragrant, dynamic cocktail perfectly suited to spring and summer. The drink’s main ingredient, Casa Dragones Blanco, is hailed as being the best Blanco Tequila. It is a small batch, 100% Pure Blue Agave silver tequila, crafted to deliver the true essence of agave through an innovative process that focuses on purity, for a crisp, smooth taste. While this signature concoction is best enjoyed at the hotel’s super-chic open-air Beach Bar – impeccably positioned for the warm sea breeze and the best views from all the hotel – while housebound, it is a particularly fun-loving cocktail best whipped up with friends over Facetime, Zoom or House Party on a Friday night.

Recipe and method
45ml Tequila Casa Dragones Blanco
15ml Simple Syrup (NB. traditional simple syrup is made from one part water to one part sugar. White granulated sugar is the standard sweetener, but once you've mastered this basic base, feel free to experiment with other sugars, keeping the 1:1 ratio the same)
25ml Cointreau
60ml freshly squeezed grapefruit juice
One small rosemary sprig
5 grams of crushed ginger
Muddle rosemary, ginger and syrup
Add the tequila, Cointreau, juice and ice and shake vigorously in a cocktail shaker or similar
Double strain and serve on the rocks in an Old Fashioned glass
Garnish with a rosemary sprig and a grapefruit peel twist

How to make it: www.hotelesencia.com

Create the world's finest cocktails at home: Image 5

The Eden Colada by Eden Rock - St Barths
Served in Eden Rock - St Barths’s brand-new Rémy Bar – named after the hotel’s original owner, Rémy de Haenen – signature cocktail, the Eden Colada honours both his fabulously wild pioneering spirit and the birthplace of the drink’s main ingredient: rum. With a centuries-old tradition of rum distillation, cocktail lovers should look to the sun-soaked Caribbean with its plethora of distilleries for drinks inspiration. The Eden Colada mixes two rums including Plantation 3 Stars, a tribute to historic rums with a suave blend of the region's three primary terroirs: Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad. Barbados delivers richness and a balanced palate, Trinidad adds finesse, and Jamaica provides an emphatic structure. The deeply glamorous Eden Rock - St Barths cocktail list is all about a sense of place, taking drinkers on a journey for the senses sipping divine elixirs that transport them to the island that perfectly blends the sophistication of St. Tropez with the laissez-fare Caribbean lifestyle.

Recipe and method
25ml Clement Blanc rum
25ml Plantation 2 Stars rum
30ml Moët & Chandon Champagne
30ml fresh pineapple juice
30ml pineapple syrup
One scoop of coconut sorbet
Simply blend all ingredients together in a blender
For best results, serve in the iconic Eden Rock - St Barths pineapple glass (but any large round glass will do!)
Add one drop of vanilla essence to complete if desired

How to make it: www.oetkercollection.com/hotels/eden-rock-st-barths/restaurant-bar/bars/remy-bar

Create the world's finest cocktails at home: Image 5

The Ice Tea Refresher by Singita Sweni, Kruger National Park
Bringing a refreshing taste of bush sundowners home, this simple, yet delicious iced tea tonic will transport the drinker to the banks of the Sweni River located right by Singita Sweni Lodge. Staying true to South African heritage, the delectable drink is infused with local rooibos tea. The cherry and honey notes of rooibos add a subtle sweetness, which is aromatised with bitters. The brandy-spiked cooler is served short and was masterminded by Lodge Manager, Brett Applegryn, who felt inspired to create a tantalising cocktail with just three simple ingredients that reflected the mood and ambience of the lodge’s unique location, tucked away in a 33,000-acre private concession in Kruger National Park.

Recipe and method
25ml gin bitters
25ml brandy
80ml chilled rooibos tea
Pour all ingredients into mixing glass with ice cubes and stir well
Strain into a chilled Martini glass, and garnish with green apple and ginger
Serve straight or with extra ice

How to make it: www.singita.com

Create the world's finest cocktails at home: Image 6

The Cobblers Cooler by Cobblers Cove, Barbados
The Cobblers Cooler is almost as iconic as its home and namesake, Cobblers Cove. This much-loved resort is set on Barbados’s platinum coast right on the white sand beaches and turquoise waters the Western side of the island is famed for. The Cobblers Cooler is a delicious rum-based cocktail blended with tropical fruits and topped with a sprinkling of sugar. A generous serving of local Doorly’s 5-Year-Old rum is blended with fresh banana, pineapple, lime and grenadine, served in a hurricane glass and topped with a pineapple leaf and dehydrated lime wheel. The cocktail is best enjoyed imagined under the candy stripe pink-and-white parasols on one of the luxuriously soft pool loungers.

Recipe and method
70ml Doorly’s 5-Year-Old rum
10ml grenadine
30ml fresh pineapple juice
One banana 
15ml fruit cocktail juice
25ml fresh lime juice
½ scoop crushed ice
Blend all ingredients together and pour into a hurricane glass over crushed ice
If you are so inclined, garnish with a pineapple leaf, dehydrated lime wheel and a dusting of sugar

How to make it: www.cobblerscove.com

Create the world's finest cocktails at home: Image 6

The Aperol Spritz by Le Bristol Paris
Adored the world over, the Aperol Spritz is a simple classic cocktail originally from northern Italy. One of the best places to enjoy the summer aperitif however is at fabulous French Palace hotel, Le Bristol Paris. A true urban oasis, the hotel’s Jardin Français is a rare jewel in the heart of Paris; a place where one can drink and dine amidst fresh greenery and fragrant roses. The exquisitely pretty garden is a delightful place to revive after shopping with a light lunch shaded beneath a white parasol. Until one is able to return, one of the easiest elixirs to whip up at home is this four-ingredient favourite.

Recipe and method
40ml Aperol
60ml Côtes de Provence white wine
60ml soda water
One orange
Pour the Aperol into a wine glass filled with ice
Pour the wine and soda water into a siphon and complete the cocktail with the mixture
Decorate with fresh orange slices

How to make it: www.oetkercollection.com/hotels/le-bristol-paris/restaurants-bar/bar/le-bar-du-bristol

Create the world's finest cocktails at home: Image 7

The Bellini by Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc, Cap D’antibes
The Bellini was created in 1934 by Giuseppe Cipriani, founder of Harry's Bar in Venice. He named the cocktail so because its unique pink colour reminded him of the toga of a Saint in a painting by 15th century Venetian artist, Giovani Bellini. The Bellini started as a seasonal specialty at Harry’s Bar and today, is the emblematic drink of the city of Venice, continuing the old Italian tradition of marinating fresh peaches in wine. This Bellini recipe has been perfected by Christophe Lencioni, Head Bartender at the French Riviera’s most glamorous hotel, the 150-year-old Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc. The hotel even named one of its much-loved bars, the Bar Bellini – the Côte d’Azur’s cocktail bar of choice for Hollywood stars. With a beautiful outdoor terrace and spectacular views over Hotel du Cap’s enchanting gardens and the famous Grande Allée down to the sea, it’s hard to imagine anything more elegant than sipping a Bellini here.

Recipe and method
140ml of Champagne
15ml peach cream or Peachtree liqueur
100ml fresh peach purée
Mix all ingredients together and serve in a long, chilled Champagne flute

How to make it: www.oetkercollection.com/hotels/hotel-du-cap-eden-roc/restaurants-bars/bars/bar-bellini

Create the world's finest cocktails at home: Image 7

The Rum Punch by Jumby Bay Island, Antigua
Spontaneity and freedom are what define the Jumby Bay Island lifestyle. Guests fill their days with breezy pastimes in the warm crystalline waters and on powder-white beaches; strolling through lush gardens and free-wheeling along two kilometres of palm-fringed winding bicycle paths. The perfect welcome to the Caribbean, everyone’s first drink on the private island of simple pleasures upon arrival is the Rum Punch, concocted with local Antiguan rum. Described as being “sweet, a little tart, but full of magic,” this brew is a strong, timeless staple.

Recipe and method
120ml 5-year-old English Harbour rum
30ml fresh lime juice
Two dashes of Angostura bitters
30ml Simple Syrup
Fresh cinnamon powder
Pineapple and lime to garnish
Muddle all ingredients together, excluding the cinnamon powder
Shake vigorously in a cocktail shaker or similar
Serve over ice in a short glass and garnish with cinnamon powder, a slice of pineapple and one lime wheel or wedge

How to make it: www.oetkercollection.com/hotels/jumby-bay-island

Create the world's finest cocktails at home: Image 8

The Basilicus by The Blue Bar At Finca Cortesin, Andalusia
Finca Cortesin is Southern Spain’s best-kept secret; a spectacular, independently-owned hotel, golf and spa resort set in the rolling hills between Marbella and Sotogrande, flanked by the Casares Mountains and with sweeping views of the Mediterranean coastline. The hotel’s Blue Bar serves classic cocktails alongside more innovative creations al fresco on a beautiful patio lounge. The photogenic chinoiserie Blue Bar features handmade, bespoke de Gournay wallpaper and contrasting pale red sofas with the same symmetrical décor that flows through the property. Cocktail enthusiasts will want to recreate the hotel’s acclaimed, intricate interior design – and not just the bestselling Basilicus – at home. Created by Finca Cortesin’s inventive Head Bartender and Drinks & Cocktail Manager, Daniele Maroni, the Basilicus’s key ingredient is an Andalusian small-batch craft gin, which is balanced by the aromatic, citrusy botanical taste of Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto.

Recipe and method
50ml GauGin® Beach gin
20ml Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto liqueur
30ml fresh lemon juice
15ml Simple Syrup
8 - 10 fresh basil leaves
Juniper berries to garnish
Pour all ingredients, excluding one basil leaf, into a cocktail shaker or similar
Shake well and double strain into a Martini glass
Garnish with a basil leaf and a couple of juniper berries

How to make it: www.fincacortesin.com/restaurants/the-blue-bar

Create the world's finest cocktails at home: Image 8

Save Me! Save Me! by The Burle Bar at Palácio Tangará, São Paulo
Masterminded by award-winning bartender, Ana Paula Ulrich, the Save Me! Save Me! cocktail served at Palácio Tangará’s Burle Bar is composed of Fine Sherry, Dry Vermouth, Jataí Honey and Orange Bitters. The concoction was thought up by Ana to raise awareness of the importance of bees to the environment. While the recipe calls for any honey when recreating at home, the original served at the São Paulo masterpiece hotel uses “magical” jataí honey, which is sought after for its medicinal properties and immunological, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antibacterial effects. Offering cutting-edge service, style and design, the Burle Bar's chic and opulent ambiance makes it a perfect choice both as an intimate dining venue and a late-night lounge. Designed by Brazilian architect Patricia Anastassiadis, the Bar draws inspiration from Brazilian art and natural landscapes, with photographs of the Amazon rainforest adorning the walls.

Recipe and method
40ml Tío Pepe Fino Sherry
40ml Noilly Prat Vermouth
10ml St-Germain elderflower liqueur
10ml honey
Two dashes of Angostura Orange Bitters
Muddle all ingredients together, adding honey last, with ice - no need to shake
Strain and serve in a long Martini-style glass

How to make it: www.oetkercollection.com/hotels/palacio-tangara/restaurants-bars/bars/burle-bar

Create the world's finest cocktails at home: Image 9

The Cougar Paw by Six Senses Maxwell, Singapore
Located in the heart of Chinatown opposite traditional hawker centre Maxwell Market, Six Senses Maxwell is set in a traditional heritage building on the site of a former nutmeg plantation. Interior design by French architect and designer, Jacques Garcia reflects the authentic décor and furnishings of the era in which it was built, with a contemporary twist. This extends into the style of the hotel’s bar, the Cook & Tras Social Library. The Social Library’s signature drink is the Cougar Paw ­– a gin-based cocktail infused with fresh lime juice, mint and shaken with egg whites, served in an elegant coupe glass and topped with Cava.

Recipe and method
30ml Bombay Dry Gin
25ml freshly squeezed lime juice
15ml egg whites 
8 fresh mint leaves
30ml Cava
Angostura Bitters and mint leaf for garnish
Mix all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and dry shake
Add ice to the shaker and shake once more
Double strain in to a coupe glass and top with cava
Garnish with a mint leaf and three drops of Bitters

Create the world's finest cocktails at home: Image 9

The Bourgoin Medicine by Domaine Des Etangs, Massignac
Domaine des Etangs is passionate about showcasing the very best of Southwest France’s produce, including Cognac; the nearby town which gives its name to one of the world's best-known types of Brandy – a unique spirit in that it is double-distilled. Established on the Premiers Bois, Petite Champagne and Fins Bois vineyards of the town of Saint-Saturnin in Charente, the family-run Bourgoin Cognac estate crafts a “natural” cognac, devoid of any blending, filtering, colouring or added sugar, and the hotel is proud to have an exclusive partnership with the brand. Owner, Frédéric Bourgoin has curated a list of bespoke cocktails that are served in the hotel’s bar, and guests can now recreate House Signature, The Bourgoin Medicine at home by following a simple three-ingredient recipe.

Recipe and method
20ml Cognac
40ml Pineau des Charentes
80ml ginger beer
Simply combine, shake, and strain over ice

How to make it: Bourgoin Cognac can be purchased via: www.bourgoincognac.com /www.domainedesetangs.com

Create the world's finest cocktails at home: Image 10

The Goombay Smash by Bahama House, Harbour Island
Harbour Island – home of “the friendly people” – is one of the Bahamas’ most colourful and laid-back islands offering visitors the chance to truly switch off and embrace “island time”. Eleven Experience’s Bahama House epitomises luxury island living, seamlessly combining its colonial-style architecture with modern design and Caribbean flair. With one of the best-stocked rum bars on the island, after a day of exploring the coast with a skilled Eleven guide, guests enjoy endless rounds of Goombay Smash cocktails round the poolside tiki bar. Armchair travellers longing for a taste of the Caribbean can recreate Bahama House’s signature rum cocktail developed by the in-house expert mixologists, and visualise themselves by the turquoise waters and the island’s famous pink sand beaches.

Recipe and method
30ml Bacardi Gold
30ml Bacardi White
15ml coconut Rum
Dash of freshly squeezed lime juice
Two teaspoons of Bitters
120ml orange juice
120ml pineapple juice
Glacé cherry and orange slice to garnish
Mix all ingredients together, and serve in a tall glass over ice
Garnish with glacé cherry and an orange slice

How to make it: www.elevenexperience.com

Create the world's finest cocktails at home: Image 10

The Exclusivitea by Sha Wellness Clinic, Valencia
Global pioneer of integrated medical and holistic wellness, SHA Wellness Clinic’s natural alcohol-free cocktails are the perfect immune-boosting tipple to make at home. SHA’s Exclusivitea has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities, is low in sugar, and can be enjoyed at any time of the day as a nutritional shot. The cocktail’s main ingredient is Japanese kukicha tea which has long been hailed as a superfood. It is packed full of health benefits and just one cup contains 13 times more calcium than a glass of milk. It also neutralises acidity and tannins in the body, helping to contribute to the proper digestion of grains and vegetables. The drink is infused with peppery rosemary – which also contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds – and is lifted by a zingy natural sweetness of accompanying orange. Just one sip of the Exclusivitea will showcase the medicinal and self-healing properties that are a key part of SHA’s vision: putting your health and body at the heart of its philosophy, without compromising on great taste. 

Recipe and method
15g kukicha tea
One rosemary bunch
One orange
Heat the kukicha tea with 1.5 cups of water in a pot for three minutes
Add rosemary and leave to infuse for five minutes
Cut orange into fine slices
Serve in a cocktail glass and add orange slice
Decorate with rosemary twig

How to make it: www.shawellnessclinic.com

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