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Lark & Berry reveal bridal jewellery trend predictions for 2023

Posted by Claire Ridley on 12 January 2023

Lark & Berry ring Emily Newman, head designer at fine jewellers Lark & Berry has unveiled her bridal jewellery trend predictions for 2023. They include vintage and unusual cuts. She tells us, "I believe that there will be an upturn in the trend for vintage cuts as well as unique shapes of stones. With many lab-grown companies showcasing their technology and creating rings that are made only with diamonds (although that's not feasible for most) we think that customers will be asking for bespoke cuts of stones within not only engagement rings, but all special and bespoke pieces of jewellery."

Coloured Diamonds
Emily adds, "Softly toned diamonds took set to become a trend for 2023. Jennifer Lopez has never shied away from adding some colour to her sparkle with all of her engagement rings being classic in style, with the centrepiece being a coloured diamond. We believe this will start to show more significance in the upcoming year. We had previously seen more coloured gems being added to engagement styles whether in the smaller details or as a semi-precious centrepiece, therefore we believe this is another trend that will take off."

Hidden Halos
The talented team at Lark & Berry was previously seeing many bespoke requests for a large gemstone on a simple band. "We believe this trend is evolving into something slightly different - that of a desire for added detail on the gallery rail, upon which the main stone rests," Emily explains. "A "hidden halo" of tiny gemstones to complement the feature gemstone, especially when the band is slim and plain. We also believe there will be more demand for tiny diamond details on the side of the claws."

On Point
You should let as much light shine on the diamond as possible to show off its true sparkle and beauty. Many customers wish to be able to view the point of the diamond, however, we believe that in 2023, customers will be drawn to a slightly edgier, more unique way of doing this, by removing the base of the ring below the stone. This creates a cool view of the ring and shows the diamond off much better. Depending on the ring style and stone cut, this design feature is helpful for having a wedding band that will sit flush or closer to the engagement ring, too.

To shop, visit https://larkandberry.com

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