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Wedding guest attire - the lowdown!

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 16 June 2022

woman sat on bed surrounded by loads of clothes unsure of what to wear This summer is set to be a bumper year for weddings, and although having multiple invitations through the door is exciting you'll be left with one very important question: what am I going to wear?

Have you ever been shopping with a friend and found that she's drawn to pretty dresses, whilst you make a beeline for the sharp tailored blazers and jeans? Or perhaps you have a friend who always looks effortlessly stylish whether you're going out for coffee or attending a party. That's your individual style personalities shining through. In order for us to look good and feel great in the clothes that we wear we not only need to know the best way to wear colour but also what our style personality is.

According to Colour Me Beautiful there are Six Style Personalities...

hand-drawn illustrations of different fashion styles

CREATIVE: A Creative will shop in vintage and second hand shops. She doesn't follow fashion, instead creating her own unique signature look. She isn't afraid of mixing prints and texture. 

DRAMATIC: A Dramatic loves fashion and enjoys shopping. She buys into many trends and constantly runs out of space in her wardrobe! She isn't worried about practicality and will often be the one in the highest of heels at a party. 

ROMANTIC: A Romantic loves pretty clothes; ribbons, frills, texture and embellishment. She spends a long time getting ready and always, always wears perfume!

hand-drawn illustrations of different fashion style personalities

CLASSIC: A Classic always looks neat and tidy. She prefers neutral colours and isn't drawn to print. Her clothes are well pressed and her hair is styled. Her clothes are tailored and classic in design.

NATURAL: A Natural prefers a comfortable, functional and unpretentious style. She really doesn't get on with restrictive clothes that dig and pinch, preferring soft denim, fleeces and easy-wear cardigans. She is the one that checks the label to ensure the garment can be machine washed before purchasing!

CITY CHIC: A City Chic follows trends rather than fashion. She buys the best quality that she can afford and invests in stylish basics (a blazer is her go-to jacket). She doesn't 'do' detail and prefers neutral colours. Her look is uncomplicated but always effortless.

Style Personality really is important, so much so that deciphering it forms that back bone of every Colour Me Beautiful consultation. For example, someone may visit for a Colour Analysis. Let's suppose she is a Soft dominant colouring type which means that she has a very blended look. Her colours are mainly medium depth which will look best when worn tonally. She also looks wonderful in her neutrals such as charcoal grey, light navy, pewter and taupe, to name but a few.

However, this client is also a Dramatic style personality and although she looks great in her colours, they don't 'wow' her. This is where style personality, the company's expert knowledge and flexible system comes in to play, to show her how to make the most of her best colours giving her combinations that she'll enjoy wearing. 

Style personality and lifestyle are important when we determine someone's colour palette and the team's system allows a non-restrictive approach when personalising clients' colours.

wedding dresses on a rail Colour Me Beautiful's Bridal Service: With so much to think about when it comes to your wedding day, Colour Me Beautiful's bridal service is here to guide you through the process of finding the right dress for your big day and a whole host of other decisions you'll need to make. 

A Colour Me Beautiful Bridal Consultation will show you:

  • The right shades of white, ivory or cream to suit your complexion 
  • The best styles of dress for your body shape 
  • How to co-ordinate your look with make-up, hairstyling and accessories that suit your face shape, scale and proportions. Remember that your partner is marrying you, not someone he or she fails to recognise on the day. 
  • How to ensure your bridal party co-ordinates. This doesn't necessarily meaning dressing all your maids the same! 

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