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High street jeweller Ernest Jones determines wedding trends for 2022

Posted by Claire Ridley on 21 April 2022

Coloured gemstone engagement rings from high street jeweller Ernest Jones By analysing Google trend data and in-store interest, the team at Ernest Jones reveal the jewellery trends which are set to dominate 2022, including the wedding industry. The reoccurring theme of 2022, and one which unites most of the trends, comes from turning away from tradition. Whether it's a modern take on classic looks, for example, pearls or signet rings, or simply an awareness of where the jewellery came from, Ernest Jones reveals the top jewellery looks that sees an increase in the popularity of coloured stones.

Personalised jewellery searches have increased by 430.4%
Personalised jewellery is the perfect gift for a loved one. Instead of opting for a one size fits all policy when it comes to gifting, by personalising jewellery to best suit individual tastes you can guarantee something not only more personal, but also sentimental. Many pieces of jewellery from Ernest Jones are engravable and can be made unique for the individual wearer. From bracelets to necklaces and signet rings, you can engrave jewellery with special names and dates.

Birthstone jewellery has seen an increase of 202.04% in searches while Zodiac jewellery has seen a 230.2% increase
Birthstones and zodiac jewellery have increased in popularity since the pandemic began in 2020, due to the growing awareness of zodiac and star signs. It is also thought that wearing your birthstone can provide good luck but wearing a different birthstone can cause the opposite, and this dates back thousands of years. The National Association of Jewellers last defined the birthstones for each month back in 1912, and the list is as follows:

January – Garnet, provides strength and safety
February – Amethyst, represents purification and protection
March – Aquamarine, calming and cleansing
April – Diamond, provides strength and purity
May – Emerald, represents health and wisdom
June – Pearl, associated with purity
July – Ruby, represents protection
August – Peridot, attracts good luck
September – Sapphire, provides purity and wisdom
October – Opal, represents hope
November – Citrine, boosts good luck and confidence
December – Turquoise, provides happiness and fortune

Self-gifting investment jewellery has seen a huge 9600% increase in searches
Who said you need to wait and be gifted a piece of jewellery? A popular trend is to simply treat yourself to your own presents. Although this isn't necessarily a new act, one of the specific reasons for the rise of self-gifting is due to the pandemic, with self-gifting acting as a post-lockdown pick me up for many. Another reason for the self-gifting trend comes from the possible returns on specific jewellery items. Now is a great time to invest in certain pieces of jewellery, such as watches and diamonds, as you are likely to see a good return on your money should you wish to sell later on.

Men's jewellery has seen a 618.8% increase in searches
Fresh off the Paris Fashion Week runways, genderless or male-specific jewellery has become increasingly popular thanks to celebrities and influencers, who can often be seen adorning accessories. The most popular accessories which have dominated this trend are chains as they are a simple yet effective way of adding another layer to your outfit. Ernest Jones provides various chains that best suit individual tastes, for example, a thinner chain for those who would prefer more of a simple look.

Bold statement jewellery items have seen a 9900% increase in searches
Minimalism and simplicity are now a thing of the past, with one of the most popular trends of 2022 being bold jewellery. Whether it's bright colours or chunky statement pieces, dressing for pleasure is a fun way to show your personality through your accessories. From gold chain necklaces and bracelets to statement rings and even cufflinks, big and bold jewellery is surprisingly versatile as it can be paired up with even more bold statement pieces or used as the focal point of the outfit.

Pearl jewellery has seen a 253.8% increase in searches
There's a common misconception that pearls are a more formal and conservative accessory, however, many designers and retailers have reimagined the look and modernised them to suit the contemporary consumer. Pearls are versatile as they can be used to help compliment an outfit, for example in the form of a pearl and bead necklace, or the pearl can be the statement piece with large stud earrings or break the tradition even further with a black coloured pearl pendant.

Coloured engagement rings have seen a 9900% increase in searches
While diamonds are the tradition, many couples are turning away from the norm and opting for coloured gemstones instead. Not only can a colour gem normally be slightly cheaper than a diamond, but coloured stones can hold more significance and meaning. You can choose your or your partner's birthstone or even just opt for a colour which you tend to wear more often.

To shop, visit www.ernestjones.co.uk

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