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Shoe designer and London socialite Aruna Seth gives her tips on rescheduling a wedding

Posted by Claire Ridley on 9 April 2020

Shoe designer and London socialite Aruna Seth gives her tips on rescheduling a wedding: Image 1 Shoe designer and London socialite Aruna Seth gives her tips on rescheduling a wedding. With years of experience in the wedding industry (her beautiful bridal collection is adorned with the crystal butterflies that she has become known for), Aruna is now herself a bride-to-be and with plans to marry this July in Lake Como, is faced with the possibility of having to reschedule her special day. We caught up with her - virtually of course - to get the lowdown on her all-important tips for other brides finding themselves in a similar position.

Firstly tell us about your wedding plans and what's the current wedding situation?

My wedding is this July In Lake Como. It will be a across a few days and will consist of both a European and Indian wedding. We are currently looking at postponing until the end of the year. 

With all the uncertainty of this global pandemic, how have you managed the emotional strain? 

I've managed to be super positive as my fiancé and family have been really supportive and very logical. Thankfully, all of the vendors we have paid so far have said they will roll everything over, which helps with the pressure.  And we are of course grateful we have our health above all. 

Has there been anything that you have been especially disappointed about?

Not having a summer wedding I think, as Lake Como in summer is breathtaking! But then Lake Como all year round is breathtaking too. I have been grateful to have the opportunity to work at home, spend more time with my fiance and kitten, and re-evaluate the wedding. An unexpected bonus is that I can now spend more time planning and choosing my outfits! However, I do hope everyone can continue to practise social distance so that we can get out of this situation quicker. 

Do you have any tips on how to manage the expectations of family and friends and how best to communicate to everyone?

My recommendation would be keep it short and sweet. I am fortunate to have great wedding planners to help with the communication part. Although I have had many questions from family and friends, I have told them I will get back to them soon when I have a definite answer. Plus the wedding planner will help send out an update email when the time comes. In regards to guests who have already booked accommodation, the wedding planner will re-book it for them so that helps.

On a practical note, what have you had to do so far in terms of cancelling/rescheduling aspects of the wedding? Did you have a straightforward experience or were there things that you found frustrating?

Well I'm just beginning this process so I will let you know! So far, all the wedding suppliers have been very understanding as we are all in the same situation. I am very lucky I haven't had my invitations printed yet because that would have been a cost I could not get back.

What are the top three things a bride can do to feel like she can take back control of the situation?

Talk to your fiancé and really communicate about what you both want. Meditate and really go inside yourself and see what decision will make you happyFaceTime with your parents and loved ones and get their support and advice too.

Financially, what in your experience, has been the most challenging elements of postponing the wedding?

Dealing with people who have already booked and spent money. Also trying to make the right decision for the future wedding date; everyone has their opinion. 

Is there anything in particular you would recommend brides to do when it comes to managing their finances in light of a cancellation or postponement? 

Yes, pick up the phone and speak to the vendors directly. A voice will always be better than an email. 

You own your own luxury shoe brand, with the most beautiful bridal collection! Has it been hard to juggle a business, that is so entwined with weddings,  in this current economic climate as well as the stress and uncertainty of whether your own wedding might go ahead as planned?

Well I am trying to remain positive but we have had less bridal sales and more fashion sales. Business is still moving but slowly like the rest of the fashion world. 

Your shoe brand is available in some of the most luxurious shopping outlets and bridal stores across the world. With shops having to shut, have you seen an increase and shift towards online orders of your shoes and accessories?

Yes right now it is only social media or online sales. People want a bargain in this challenging climate so that's what we have seen, mostly.

Do you have any final words of advice for those going through what you are experiencing at the moment?

There is light at the end of the tunnel and everything will work out for the best. It will be as wonderful as it would have originally been. Plus there's more time for wedding planning now! 

To shop Aruna's latest collection, visit https://arunaseth.com and Instagram

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