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Waste not want not - make it sustainable

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 12 December 2022

pink products with lilac writing on a lilac background After agriculture the beauty industry uses the most water. On average a bottle of shampoo contains 70 per cent water with around 90 per cent in conditioner.

So, pioneering new beauty brand We Are Concentrate is on a mission to create sustainable and essential products using as little water and plastic as possible. No water is added to the production process and with only a marble-sized amount needed per hair wash, these concentrated pastes contain all the actives and benefits of traditional haircare products, without any of the added water.

Plus, to make sure nothing goes to waste, the tubes can be paired with a squeezer and shower hanger to ensure every last drop is used.

We Are Concentrate Shampoo and Conditioner are both priced at £14 and can be found at www.weareconcentrate.com

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