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How to stop wedding day tears

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 1 July 2022

woman in wedding dress smelling wedding bouquet of flowers Everyone wants their big day to run smoothly but if you have hay fever, you're very likely to have to cope with streaming eyes and running mascara. HayMax is an organic allergen barrier balm that you can use under your make-up. It works by trapping pollen, dust and pet allergens before they can enter your eyes.

Common hay fever symptoms include sneezing, a runny nose, a stuffed up nose, itchy and watery or streaming eyes, nasal congestion and a general stuffed up feeling in the nose and throat. Some sufferers also experience itching around the face and mouth including an itchy mouth, itchy roof of mouth, and a burning sensation in the throat. Headaches and wheezing can also occur.

Most hay fever products work by dealing with these symptoms. HayMax organic drug-free allergen barrier balms are different. They seek to stop the cause of the problem – namely too much pollen in the body. Reducing the pollen load can prevent symptoms completely or reduce the severity of symptoms. HayMax is drug-free and has no drowsy side effects, unlike some hay fever treatments, so won't affect your ability to enjoy your special day.

Apply HayMax organic, drug-free allergen barrier balm around the bones of your eyes as soon as you've finished your skincare routine, and if you wear makeup, apply some more after you've finished this step. The balm works by trapping pollen, dust and pet allergens before they can enter your eyes. If you have less allergen entering your body, you should experience less symptoms. Putting HayMax on can be soothing too, especially HayMax Aloe Vera, which includes Aloe Vera, known to have skin soothing properties.

HayMax organic drug-free allergen barrier balms rrp is £8.49 per pot and they are available from independent chemists, pharmacists and health stores, Holland & Barrett, Booths, Ocado, selected Superdrug and Boots, on 01525 406 600 and from www.haymax.biz

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