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What your hair colour says about your personality

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 30 May 2022

five people of different ethnicities laying down with all of their different hair types close together A person's hair colour plays a huge role in how they portray themselves and therefore gives insight into their personality. The UK hair industry turns over an estimated £2.8 billion a year, confirming that the population is willing to invest in their hair to showcase aspects of their personality. Here, Clip Hair presents what your hair colour reveals about your personality.

Bleach Blonde: Bleaching hair is a commitment, as it comes with an elaborate maintenance routine to ensure that it stays healthy and shiny. Overbleaching the hair can lead to dry, brittle strands that break easily as bleach breaks down the hair’s proteins in order to remove the colour. Virgin hair (hair that has never been dyed, highlighted, or chemically treated) is more likely to obtain a successful bleaching experience.
Positive, confident, and outgoing, a bleach blonde is not afraid to use dry wit and even poke fun at themselves. Fashion-forward, the bleach blonde saves for investment pieces that they will keep for a lifetime. They take their look very seriously and are willing to devote hours to any subject matter that they feel passionate about.

Golden Blonde: Golden blonde hues are often associated with youthful vibrance. Whilst blonde hair is popular in the western world, it’s rarely seen elsewhere. 2 percent of the world’s population is naturally blonde - however, blonde is the most requested colour in UK salons.
Those with golden blonde hair tend to be flirty, fun and don’t take life too seriously. Very loyal, those that are golden blonde are kind-hearted and thoughtful. Studies have revealed that blondes are used to getting what they want, making them stubborn and determined.

Balayage: Balayage is a trend that isn’t going anywhere. Whether it’s used to enhance your natural tones or bring to life bright crayon colours, balayage has dominated the catwalks and high streets alike for a long time. Those with balayage tones are quietly confident. They favour the finer things in life and are known to be the ‘boujee’ friend. Kind-hearted, they are trustworthy, loyal, and incredibly generous.

Coco Brunette: Hair colour is determined by the amount of melanin within the strands themselves. A large quantity of melanin, otherwise known as eumelanin, produces brown/black hair. Brown hair is the second most common hair colour in the UK. Research reveals that brunettes take an average of 66 minutes to get ready, 6 minutes less than blondes. Generally, brunettes are quietly confident and quick-witted. They follow trends, are not afraid to change up their look and studies show that they like to form long term relationships.

Copper redhead: Less than 2 per cent of the population is a redhead, as the MC1R gene that creates a redhead must be carried by both parents. The University of McGill found that the MC1R gene sees that women with red hair hold a 25% higher pain threshold than those that don’t carry the gene. The MCR1 gene also sees that the person requires less vitamin D.
Those with red hair, whether natural or faux, are creative types that are likely to go against the grain. Deep thinkers, it can take a whole for them to come out of their shells but once they do, they have no problem showcasing their unique vibrance. 

Inky black: Black hair requires the lowest maintenance of all the hair colours as it’s the least prone to sun damage. Dark hair looks dense, keeps its shine, and rarely requires a ‘touch up’ in colour. Black hair is the most popular hair colour in the UK. Those with inky black hair unashamedly wear their heart on their sleeve. They are sensitive beings that are generous and sympathetic. They love to see new places and experience new things. They are very sentimental and will keep their collected travels for years.

Grey: Grey hair occurs when melanin is no longer produced. As a result, there is no pigment in the hair. Although nutrition, hormones and stress may play a role in the occurrence of grey hair, genetics play the main role. Those with grey hair ooze confidence, they are sure of themselves, opinionated and always in the know with regards to trends. People gravitate towards those with grey hair as they are trustworthy, interesting and know what they want.

Vibrant temporary colour: Summer is almost here and with festival season upon us, Coachella pink, Glasto blue and V fest grey are likely to envelop the UK social scene. Whether it’s highlights, balayage or a block tint, block colour wheel tones are likely to envelop the UK. It’s no surprise that those that opt to dye their hair a temporary colour are confident, creative, and very outgoing. They regard their hair as an extension of their personality and use it as a tool to portray themselves in a certain light. They love meeting new people, being the centre of attention and being spontaneous.

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