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Are you making the mistake of ‘air drying’ your skin?

Posted by Gracie Leader on 27 April 2022

Cleansing is the most fundamental step in any skincare regime – but ‘air drying’ your skin post-cleanse could be causing you more damage than you realise.

Skincare Expert and Katherine Daniels Co-Founder Kirsti Shuba says, “Simply rinsing off your cleanser with water and allowing your skin to ‘air dry’ sounds like no big deal, but the pH of tap water has the potential to cause dryness, irritation and inflammation when left on the skin post-cleanse.”

“All tap water, wherever you are in the world, will have an alkaline pH of approximately 7+. Our skin’s pH level should sit around 5.5, which is on the acidic side, hence the name ‘acid mantle’. This acid mantle is our skin’s first line of defence, hosting the good bacteria and fighting off environmental aggressors and bad bacteria," Kate explains.

She adds, "the alkaline water remaining on the skin to ‘air dry’ after rinsing off your cleanser is disrupting your skin’s pH level, leaving you vulnerable to skin dryness, inflammation, irritation and premature ageing. Plus, your skin is having to work overtime to regulate itself back to its ideal pH.”

This in no way should deter you from properly cleansing your skin with water but it’s crucial to incorporate an alcohol-free, pH balancing toner post-cleanse. Kate reccommends the Katherine Daniels Essential Toning Lotion (£25 /200ml).

"This will not only immediately regulate your skin’s pH levels back to where it should be, but also act as a cleansing ‘safety net’ to ensure your skin is completely clean and free from any left-over dirt, debris or product residue," she promises.

This toner will allow you to perfect your cleanse with its soothing, pH balancing and alcohol-free toning solution, leaving your skin hydrated, refreshed, comfortable and completely clean.

Ingredients include:

Seaweed Extracts – hydrates, soothes and calms.
Pumpkin Extract and Sea Water – inhibits inflammation and strengthens your skin from the inside out
Blue & White Lotus Flower Extract – like a calming, soothing hug for your skin.

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