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Your new roll models from Patchology

Posted by Kelly Andrews on 1 April 2022

Introducing three new all-in-one innovative beauty must-haves from Patchology.

Woman happily applying the new Patchology Smoothing Roll Model SMOOTHING ROLL MODEL

An effective eye serum paired with a built-in yellow jade roller to ease application and help the skin to soak up the invigorating natural ingredients.

This new product features anti-aging active ingredients to soothe, soften and refresh skin. Including:

  • Peptides and niacinamide to smooth the skin's appearance
  • Newcomer bakuchiol (a plant-based retinol alternative) tones and refreshes the eye area
  • Antioxidants from blueberry and acai extracts work hard to block out environmental stressors and protect the sensitive eye area.
Team the Smoothing Roll Model with Patchology's Restoring Eye Gels for the ultimate under-eye skincare solution. First, apply the serum, then top with the eye gels to help the active ingredients sink in and soften the skin.

£20, available at www.libertylondon.com

Moisturizing Roll Model serum bottle and box


Patchology's Moisturizing Roll Model is a skincare hero when it comes to hydrating tired and dry eyes. Simply roll on the soothing serum, full of all-star hydrators, for the immediate moisturising and plumping effect.

£20, available at www.libertylondon.com

Brightening Roll Model serum bottle and box


Patchology's Brightening Roll Model serum will invigorate the eye area in a flash, thanks to its illuminating ingredients full of antioxidants.

£20, available at www.libertylondon.com


Each product in Patchology's Roll Model range features a quartz or jade stone roller ball to ease application and help the skin absorb the nourishing serums. Stones have a naturally cool temperature, when rolled over the skin it itstantly cools, which works wonders on puffy, tired eyes.

Regular facial massage, particularly using beauty tools, has also been shown to increase blood circulation, assist lymphatic drainage, and diminish fine lines.

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