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For your eyes only

Posted by Kelly Andrews on 14 July 2021

Did you know that 80 per cent of people suffer from digital eye strain? After a day spent staring at a screen, it’s no wonder our eyes feel overworked and exhausted. The human eye isn’t used to handling the artificial blue light and the effects are starting to show. Our eyes store up the energy absorbed from screens and release it at night, resulting in oxidative damage to the delicate eye tissue. Day after day, our eyesight becomes damaged. Early signs of eye damage include dryness and irritation; take care of your eyes and you won’t regret it.

Peep Club All-You-Need Dry Eye Kit

For dry eyes

Peep Club was created around a mission to make eye care more accessible, effective and natural; the idea that it should be a treat, not just a treatment. The All-You-Need Dry Eye Kit does exactly what it says on the tin. Comprising a heated eye wand, an eye balm and eye spray, this 3-step process provides instant relief every day. Cleanse and nourish with the Soothing Coconut Eye Balm by applying a ½ pea sixed amount to the eye area; less is more here. Next up, treat the underlying cause of dry eyes with the Heated Eye Wand. This innovative tool warms up to 45 degrees celsius in under a minute and retains that optimal temperature for as long as you need. The combination of heat and massage works to stimulate and unlock the tiny glans responsible for keeping eyes hydrated. Finally, relieve symptoms as and when required with a quick spritz of the Instant Relief Eye Spray, formulated with two active ingredients of colourless Sea Buckthorn Oil and Sodium Hyaluronate.

Price: £85
Available from www.peepclub.co.uk

NEW Wild Science Lab Night Shift Renewal Eye Serum

For irritated eyes

Wild Science Lab create high performance, botanical, sustainable beauty products that are highly effective and kind to the environment. For the ultimate fatigue-tackling formula, look to the NEW Wild Science Lab Night Shift Renewal Eye Serum packed with firming and brightening actives including Hyaluronic Acid, it also contains 1% Bakuchiol. This natural ingredient is derived from the Psoralea Corylifolia plant, which mimics the effects of retinol, without the irritation. Hemp seed oil and a blend of eight essential oils provide nourishment and soothing relief.

Price: £30 (15ml)

The NEW Aurora Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask

For tired eyes

Sometimes, there's nothing like a self-care pamper session to uplift mind, body and soul. The NEW Aurora Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask is designed to help you sleep soundly at night and awake feel refreshed, thanks to the scent of calming chamomile and gentle warmth. This cosy compress delivers a multi-sensory experience, and unlike many other heated masks, can be worn all night.

£15 for a box of 5 / £3.95 each
Available from www.sensoryretreats.com

Green People Scent-Free Anti-Ageing Eye Cream

For sensitive eyes

For a rejuvenating treat for even the most sensitive skin, the Green People Scent-Free Anti-Ageing Eye Cream is a perfect choice. Made from 87% certified organic ingredients, this ultra-gentle cream is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Anti-ageing Baicalin is proven to actively reduce wrinkles and essential fatty acids nourish and soothe.

Price: £15.50 (10ml)
Available from www.greenpeople.co.uk

Q+A Caffeine Eye Serum

For dark circles

Reduce the appearance of ageing around the eyes with the Q+A Caffeine Eye Serum. Made with 99.9% natural ingredients, this serum is fragrance-free and vegan-friendly, perfect for delicate and mature skin. Caffeine and Pomegranate Extract work to tone delicate skin and brighten dark circles, while antioxidant-rich Green Tea Extract protect even the most delicate skin from environmental stressors.

Price: £6.50 (15ml)
Available from www.qandaskin.com

Together Health Eye Defence

For eye protection

Together Health Eye Defence with Astaxanthin offers scientifically-backed eye protection for the most demanding lifestyles. Each pack contains 30 capsules comprised of a powerful blend of carotenoids and bioactive plant-sourced ingredients to protect against blue light damage. The nutrients in the capsule blend are clinically shown to provide a range of eye health benefits including improved visual function, reduced glare sensitivity and reduced eye strain and fatigue.

Price: £15.99 (30 capsules)
Available from www.togetherhealth.co.uk

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