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Waxing 101 with Sugar Coated

Posted by Kelly Andrews on 30 September 2020

Beauty therapist, and Sugar Coated sugar wax founder Rosie Khandwala gives her best tips to perfect the at-home wax, including how to deal with ingrown hairs, wax strip technique, and the dreaded bikini wax!

Beautiful long female legs with smooth skin after waxing on a pastel pink background. Ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs occur when the hair gets caught under the skin. This is generally caused by shaving frequently as the top layer of the skin is removed along with the hair - resulting in hairs getting trapped. Exfoliate with a loofa, rubbing in the opposite direction of the hair growth to free hair from the skin. Make your own at-home exfoliant by mixing sugar, olive oil and turmeric powder. Sugar is a soft exfoliant, olive oil softens the skin, and turmeric will help with healing. Apply this at least once a week.

Waxing vs Shaving

Waxing removes hair from the roots. Shaving on the other hand cuts the hair from the surface of the skin. The regrowth with waxing is finer and slower as you do it more frequently, whereas shaving can cause hair to grow thicker and stronger and give a stubble feeling as hair regrows. Using a warm wax means the product is sticky and adheres to the hair. The warmth of the product will also open up the pores and loosen the hair resulting in hair being pulled from the root.

Exfoliating before waxing?

Do not exfoliate right before waxing as it will make the skin tender and sore. Exfoliate the skin a couple of days before waxing as this will help remove the dry skin and free the hair to be pulled out effectively.

Waxing technique infographic

Waxing technique

Master a swift flick action to pull the wax strip. Also applying in small patches will be easier and less painful.

How to perfect the bikini wax infographic

How to perfect the bikini wax

Don't attempt a bikini wax unless you're confident and have perfected areas like your legs and underarms.

Position is very important to make sure the skin is taut. Placing a raised leg on the toilet seat will is a recommended position as this opens up the area. Positioning yourself in front of a mirror would also be ideal to help with the application. A swift action is vital, pulling the strip slowly will definitely not work!

Sugar Coated wax pot and spatula Pain from waxing

Using a cold compress with a few drops of lavender oil is the best way to ease any pain or irritation one might get from waxing, immediately.

Dry skin = better results

Skin should be dry for waxing, so do not shower right before. Applying talc to skin, will absorb any moisture and will help the wax product adhere to the hair and remove them effectively.

Regrowth period

Removing hair from the root takes around two weeks before it's visible on the skin, however hair would need to be at 4-5 weeks regrowth for the next waxing appointment. This does depend on individual hair growth and different areas of the body. Facial hair and under arms tend be shorter regrowth period, as these areas have more moisture.

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