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Banish adult acne while tackling signs of ageing

Posted by Kelly Andrews on 21 September 2020

As we venture into our 30s and 40s, the dual issues of adult acne and skin ageing can strike. You might sail through your teens Scott free, then bam - acne strikes. Time is a cruel mistress! It's a more common problem than you may think, with three in 10 of us suffering, one in five women aged 25-40, so the experts at Institut Esthederm set to work and have launched a propolis-based range to make blemishes a thing of the past.

Beauty editor Kelly Andrews caught up with Dr Sophie Shotter of Illuminate Skin Clinic, and discovered what causes adult acne and how Institut Esthederm's new Propolis+ range can help. So, fear not, beautiful clear skin for your wedding day can become a reality. 

Adult acne unfortunately tends to be even more angry than teen acne, largely occurring around the jaws and chin. It can be affected by hormones, genes, bacteria, stress, environment and food, but it's actually the composition of the overproduction of sebum your skin produces that's the main culprit. 

By 25-40 most of us are looking around for anti-ageing skin care, but for those who also need to treat acne, it's well nigh impossible to find something to take care of both issues simultaneously, and this is where Propolis+ comes to the rescue. 

Institut Esthederm has specifically selected the most targeted natural components of Propolis for treating imperfections: salicylic acid, zinc and ferulic acid. What’s more, the brand has boosted the concentrations on these components to create a comprehensive routine intended for adult skin with blemishes. The range also uses a new bio-sourced propolis, which is more effective, more qualitative and more concentrated whilst targeting imperfections.

Institut Esthederm Propolis+ Concentrate and Serum, £48

Begin the three-step routine with Propolis+ Concentrate and Serum, £48. An SOS serum enriched with a high content of propolis and boosted with salicylic acid for a fast and efficient action on blemishes, it works to sooth and heal the skin. The ultra-light formula also reinforces the skin's ability to protect against oxidative stress, preventing and reducing signs of aging.

Use every evening, applying directly to the blemish.

Institut Esthederm Propolis+ Skin Perfecting Cream, £42

Next is the Propolis+ Skin Perfecting Cream, £42. A moisturising cream that immediately enhances the complexion as it works to visibly smooth wrinkles while reducing and preventing imperfections. It restores luminosity and mattifies the skin.

Use everyday, morning and evening. Two pumps onto clean, dry skin is all that's needed.

Institut Esthederm Propolis+ Purifying Mask, £28 Finally, there's the Propolis+ Purifying Mask, £28. With the combination of propolis and kaolin, this non-drying purifying mask gently removes excess sebum, impurities and toxins that clog pores for clear, fresh and smooth skin.

During the first week of a breakout, use the mask everyday, then reduce to once a week. Use the three-step routine for two months, to really tackle it's origins, then stop, as you don't want to overtreat. 

The range is available at www.esthederm.com now, on www.lookfantastic.com from the end of September, and in independent pharmacies from October.

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