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What will 2020 smell like?

What will 2020 smell like?: Image 1

New year, new scent. If you're thinking of picking out your wedding fragrance this year, you might want to know which scents are so 2019 and which are the most popular up-and-coming perfume notes to be ready for in 2020.

Luckily, the experts at www.showerstoyou.co.uk have perused the perfumes released in 2019 to find out which notes remain popular for 2020 releases, and which notes are new to this year too.

The research has been based on data from Fragrantica, compiled by www.showerstoyou.co.uk

What will 2020 smell like?: Image 1

The most popular notes to look out for...

Notes that were popular in 2019 and also feature in 2020 perfume releases include:

Perfume note                     % of perfumes
featuring this note
released in the last
Mandarin orange7%

What will 2020 smell like?: Image 2

Musk has been the most popularly used perfume note for at least 20 years, according to the research. In 2020 the trend continues with releases like Nomade Absolue by Chloé and Miss Dior Roses N'Roses by Christian Dior hitting the shelves this season.

The floral scents of jasmine and rose are also set to be popular in 2020, having been used in over 1,000 perfume releases last year. However, it is a new flower that makes its appearance in perfumes of 2020 – violet.

The two notes featuring in 2020 releases that were not in the top 10 notes of last year include:

  • Violet
  • White musk
Violet notes often smell powdery and earthy and are predicted to be a big scent trend for 2020 with releases like Gucci Love Edition by Gucci already available.

On the other hand, data reveals that amber and cedar notes may be on their way out. Neither of these feature in the top 10 notes of 2020 releases.

What will 2020 smell like?: Image 2

Most popular perfumes with violet notes...

If you want to get ahead of the trend, then consider one of these top 10 voted perfumes with violet notes (based on votes on 3,642 violet-based perfumes)

  • J'adore - Christian Dior
  • Euphoria – Calvin Klein
  • Lolita Lempicka – Lolita Lempicka
  • Samsara -Guerlain
  • Be Delicious – DKNY
  • Lacoste Pour Femme – Lacoste
  • CK One – Calvin Klein
  • Black XS – Paco Rabanne
  • Flower – Kenzo
  • LouLou – Cacharel


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