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Ormonde Jayne's new refill fragrance lounge

Seven new perfumes have been unveiled and you can pick the colour of your bottles, the concentration, and even name your chosen perfume

Ormonde Jayne's new refill fragrance lounge: Image 1 Ormonde Jayne has launched a new personalised service in Selfridges London and Selfridges Manchester Exchange. Seven new perfumes have been unveiled and clients will be able to pick the colour of their bottles, the concentration, and also name their chosen perfume. Even more brilliant, you will also be able to refill your bottle and have it engraved and personalised on site.  
The intimate process of choosing a perfume cannot be rushed. Ormonde Jayne's highly trained staff at Selfridges will guide you through Perfume Portraits, a complimentary service to help you choose by smelling certain raw ingredients, seeing which provoke an emotional response or memory.

For the last 20 years, Ormonde Jayne has created original fragrances and is proud to have introduced Oudh and Black Hemlock into the world of perfume when Ormonde Man was launched 15 years ago. Using only the most rare and premium grade ingredients, the seven new fragrances will include blackcurrant buds, Cashmeran, Persian rose, orris butter, tangelo, rosewood, rhubarb and white wood. 
Once a fragrance has been decided, choose a name for your new perfume and also the exact concentration you would like it poured.  And now comes the exciting part - there are seven new colours of bottle including electric blue, vibrant green, grey and gold to choose from. You can also have your initials engraved in-store on the overcap as part of the complimentary service. Customers using the new refill service will also receive a 10 per cent discount.                     
While your new acquisition is personalised and beautifully wrapped, relax in Ormonde Jayne's new lounge. The team are on hand to accommodate you as quickly or with as much time as you need. A certificate will detail every aspect of your choice.          

Check out www.ormondejayne.com


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