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Don’t let your wedding decor go to waste: five creative ways to repurpose it!

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 24 May 2024

wedding reception top table rustic look with floral display Credit: Unsplash+ In collaboration with Kristy CruzWith the time, money and effort you put into creating the perfect wedding setting for your special day, it only makes sense to make the most out of it, don't you think?

If you want to give your decor another ounce of life but are not sure how, look no further. Experts at Diamonds Factory have shared five ways you can repurpose your wedding decor beyond the ceremony.

1.Get creative and repurpose your extra wedding invitations into a DIY project.
From extra wedding programmes to food and drink menus, a lot of stationery can accumulate, and become forgotten about after the celebration has come to an end. However, these items can become something you can end up using every day with a little DIY. Wrapping paper, notebooks, and personalised greeting cards are just some of the things to consider when thinking of ways to repurpose your paper items, and if you're stuck, all it takes is a quick YouTube search to find step-by-step tutorials on how to do so. Not only are you being good to the planet, but doing this can also save you some cash in the long run.

2.Light up your home with your lighting decorations.
From the lanterns that illuminated your steps as you and your loved one walked up the aisle to the candles that gave your dining tables an elegant glow, lighting plays a pivotal role in setting a mood, so why not bring that magic to your own space? When choosing lighting for your big day, take a step back and think about how you can incorporate it into your own home. From lighting up your patio to becoming a new centrepiece on your dining table, there are countless ways you can bring light into your home to create a whole new vibe. The best part? Every time you light them up, it will bring back memories of your special day.

3.Preserve your bouquet so it can be made into a keepsake.
For many, tossing the bouquet is one of the most memorable parts of the ceremony, and even with flowers being one of the decor items that have the shortest life span, they can come with a hefty price tag. Preserving your flowers will not only prolong the beauty of your blooms but will also allow you to cherish those sentimental moments for years to come, as they can be transformed into unique keepsakes like flower paperweights or even jewellery.

4.Choose tableware that fits your home decor, as well as your wedding theme.
When planning a wedding, a good wedding planner always accounts for the 'just in case' scenarios, and this would include having extra tableware in case of spills or mishaps. When choosing your table setting, similar to your other pieces of decor, you should keep your home style in mind, as this way, after the celebration, you will have some spare table lines that complement your existing home decor. If you don't need any more table lines, however, speak to your venue and ask whether they would like to take these off you after the event, as they could use them for other events.

5.Give it a new home- donate your decor to a charity.
If there is no way you can bring your wedding decor home or just genuinely have too much excess, why not give it to someone who can benefit from it and give them something to smile about? Chances are, your decorations can be reused, and charities like Gift of a Wedding and Wish Upon a Wedding specifically help those who desire to tie the knot, and every donation they get helps this to happen.

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