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‘The Speech Surgery’ with Speechy's Heidi Ellert McDermott

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 18 May 2024

Planning on having multiple speech givers at your wedding? Read these top tips now: 

guests at a wedding raising glasses Credit: Al Elmes via UnsplashWe're planning on having five speakers at our wedding. How do we make sure the speeches don't take over the whole day?

Great speeches can add so much fun and meaning to a wedding day – but you can have too much of a good thing. Guests don't want to feel like they're sat at a conference, so firstly, think about how you schedule the speakers. Perhaps have a couple before the meal, two before the dessert and one (funny speech) after everyone's finished eating. You want your guests to interact with each other on a regular basis, rather than listening to a succession of speakers for an hour!

Another way to supercharge the speeches and manage the speakers is simply to talk to them! A lot of couples just assume asking someone to give a speech is where their input ends but people like a bit of direction. Let's face it, it's not often you're asked to give a wedding speech so any pointers or advice will be gratefully received.

Send a polite email to the speakers a couple of months in advance of the day, thanking them for agreeing to give a speech and give them a head-up about what they can expect...

· INTRO – Will they be introduced by an MC or will they need to introduce themselves?
· FELLOW SPEAKERS & ORDER OF SPEECHES – Speakers like to know when they're expected to do their bit.
· EQUIPMENT – Will there be a microphone and what type (lapel, headset, or handheld)? This may affect how speakers use notes or cue cards.
· ETIQUETTE – Does any speaker need to thank anyone or acknowledge absent friends – or will you be covering all the usual 'to dos'?
· SUGGESTED DURATION – Recommend somewhere between five and ten minutes depending on the speaker. Be clear every speech should be under 1,300 words.
· KIDS – Remind speakers if children will be present so they can tailor their language and avoid anything sweary or rude.

So in conclusion, make the most of the speeches by 1) separating them so they're not immediately one after the other and 2) letting speakers know that all the speeches need to be less than ten minutes in duration. That way, every speech has the chance to shine and add an awesome moment to your day.

For more inspiration visit speechy.com

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