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6 bridesmaid proposal ideas from Getting Personal

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 7 June 2024

bride and bridesmaids on sunny day walking through garden Credit: Photo by Joeyy Lee on UnsplashOnce you've said yes to your future spouse, it's time to recruit your future bridal party. To pop the question you can keep it short and sweet or go with something a little more elaborate. A bridesmaid proposal is the perfect way to ensure they know their special role in your life and, more importantly, on your big day itself.

There has been an 85% increase in Google searches for 'bridesmaid proposal ideas'¹ over the past year, therefore gifting experts at Getting Personal have shared 6 bridesmaid proposal ideas for those needing a little inspiration for asking their bridesmaids to be part of their bridal party.

bottle of fizz with personalised wooden box

1. Pre-wedding wine tasting

Amy Greenshields, bridesmaid gifting expert at Getting Personal said:  “A wine tasting is the perfect way to get all your friends together for the proposal in an unsuspecting way. You could wait until the end of the evening to present your future bridal party with their very own bottle of fizz complete with a custom label popping the question or serve up their first drink of the event in personalised drinkware which can be used on the day of the wedding too. There’s no better reason to raise a toast!”

silver bi fold picture frame

2. Picture the big day

Amy suggests: “Chances are you are asking your closest friends and family to stand beside you on your special day, therefore you’ll have lots of memories of previous occasions together. A bridesmaid proposal is the perfect chance to let them know how much they mean to you by presenting them with a photo frame filled with a precious memory. Asking them to be part of your bridal party will come naturally following this. You could take it one step further by giving them a personalised photo album ready to fill with pics from your wedding.”

post box gift box of goodies

3. Proposal in a box

Amy continues: “A guaranteed crowd-pleaser is a simple gift box or hamper filled with thoughtful wedding-related items. Fill the box with a mini bottle of bubbly, nail polish, sheet masks, and other sweet treats along with a handwritten note. If you are getting married abroad or in a unique destination you could add in some themed products that hint at the location of your upcoming nuptials.”

silver tin with jewellery and message

4. Bling up your besties

Amy said: “Celebrate the gems in your life with a gift of personalised jewellery. This is the perfect proposal if you can’t make it to ask someone in person, or they live too far away from you. Choose the jewellery carefully so the piece can be worn on your big day itself. Bonus points if you add a special keepsake box to store the precious accessory in until your wedding.”

poster of questions with chocolate bars on it

5. Slumber party surprise

Amy suggests: “If you are planning on spending the night before your wedding with your bridal party then give them a taste of what being a bridesmaid might entail by throwing a slumber party. During the evening you can ask your guests whether they would like to be part of your big day. This is where you can get creative with asking. A wedding-themed movie is a must so serve some personalised snacks to enjoy alongside. This could be popcorn in a bowl with a unique message or even in the form of a chocolate bar message!”

6. Floral workshop fun

Amy adds: “If an activity appeals to you then a floral workshop could be the perfect occasion to ask your besties to join your bridal party whilst experimenting with some blooms for your big day. If you arrange this with your wedding florist it could be the perfect occasion to play with bouquet styles and flowers, plus they might even do you a deal!”

Amy’s 4 bride-backed tips for recruiting your bridal party

  1. “For larger bridal parties, it may be cheaper to throw a group event like a dinner party or an activity rather than planning a separate event for each of your bridesmaids.”

  2. “Book in a date with your future bridesmaids weeks in advance if you have to so that you can ensure all of your bridal party can make the date.”

  3. “Be flexible if your bridesmaids would prefer a 1 on 1 setting. Whilst you hope the answer will always be yes, remember there might be a good reason why they have to decline politely and this might be easier in a more intimate setting.”

  4. “It's usually best to propose to your bridesmaids a year before your wedding day no matter when your significant other popped the question. This ensures that you can be confident you’ve picked the right people at that moment in your life and allows them enough time to plan the all important hen party.”

Whatever the bridesmaid proposal idea, Getting Personal has the perfect personalised gifts to commemorate the occasion.

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