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Slow-fashion influencer Monica Marriott-Mills share her bridal styling advice

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 21 May 2024

 Monica Marriott-Mills putting on watch in front of mirror

Monica Marriott-Mills in pink dress with watch on Monica Marriott-Mills is a slow fashion influencer with a passion for elegance and luxury on a budget. With over 70,000 followers across her social media channels, Monica is a trusted voice in the world of luxury fashion, bridal, second-hand fashion and lifestyle.

Among Monica's favourite brands is Sekonda, celebrated for its value for money and elegant designs. She appreciates Sekonda's commitment to offering attainable luxury looking watches, making it accessible to a wide audience without compromising on style or quality.

With a shared commitment to offering sophistication without the hefty price tag, Monica and Sekonda are poised to make waves in the realm of affordable luxury. Together, they aim to showcase Sekonda's exquisite designs, demonstrating that luxury doesn't have to be out of reach.

What are the trends you are seeing for 2024 weddings?

  • Statement Veils
  • Flash and Film Photography
  • Highstreet and ‘Non wedding’ wedding dresses
  • Recycled wedding dresses upcycling preloved or mothers/family members..

What do you think about mixing old/new styles together?  How do you balance the two?
I absolutely love it! It brings so much character and charm to an outfit, it requires more thought and thus, looks so much more interesting. It’s also a much more cost effective & sustainable way to shop.
   Balancing the two becomes easier the longer you do it - you’’ eventually find the balance of which items you feel more comfortable buying new and which you feel more affinity buying preloved or old.

What tips can you share on the best ways to find your own style?
I love to make a Pinterest board of all of the outfits I love and then examine the board to make a list of the ‘recurring’ items, styles and colours that I have added in - this is then a good foundation to building what it is that I like in style. Eg. If I made a Pinterest board and noticed lots of the outfits featuring a pinstripe shirt and white trousers with statement gold jewellery, these would be items I would keep an eye out for, to integrate into my outfits.

How important do you think accessories are when styling an outfit?
They can be the difference of a complete vs. incomplete outfit! It’s all about the details, so it’s great to have accessories which are comfortable to wear and that work easily with your wardrobe.
   They can be used to style an outfit but change it from day to know, from event to meeting – they’re a cost-effective way to broaden your styling capabilities.

How do you style the different Monica watches?
What has made the Monica watch so essential in my wardrobe is that it literally goes with EVERYTHING. It’s perfect for dress down days, for occasions and for everything in between! It's elegant but not overbearing. It’s the perfect way to effortlessly elevate an outfit.

What are your thoughts on slow fashion and how to make sustainable choices when styling yourself?
  • Slow fashion is so important, it’s growing rapidly and this is because we are realising it's the future of fashion. There are so many ways to shop more sustainably;
  • Buy items because you love them not because they're trendy
  • Consider how many times you will wear your items, are they versatile and able to be worn/styled in multiple ways?
  • Buy better quality over quantity
  • Consider the packaging is the brand you’re buying from doing what they can to be more sustainable in terms of their packaging?
  • Mix secondhand with new wherever you can
Check out sekonda.com/search/monica  |  instagram.com/themonicaway

Monica, a slow fashion influencer with a passion for elegance and luxury on a budget. With over 70,000 followers across her social media channels, Monica is a trusted voice in the world of luxury fashion, bridal, second-hand fashion and lifestyle.
   Believing firmly that one can exude sophistication without breaking the bank, Monica advocates for quality and smart shopping. Her ethos revolves around the idea that timeless and wearable pieces are the key to a chic wardrobe, eschewing fleeting trends in favour of cultivating personal style.
   Monica's approach to fashion is refreshingly authentic; she combines second-hand treasures and antiques with carefully chosen new purchases, resulting in outfits that are both unique and enduring. Her curated ensembles reflect a blend of classic charm and contemporary flair, showcasing her knack for pairing old and new seamlessly.

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